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Benan Arıgil | Co-Founder / Lead Developer at Duello Games

San Francisco Bay Area |

Ercan Caliskan | Co-founder / Lead Designer at Duello Games

İstanbul, Türkiye |

Baris Tumerkan | Partner and Developer

Caferağa Mah., İstanbul Province, Turkey |

ALPER PINARER | Multimedia Developer at Rabarba

İstanbul, Türkiye |

Reviews 162,398

  1. I don't believe it...
    Quad Maxx
    I had an idea for an app were you play as a mouse and get cheese by switching gravity and physics, and a year later, someone has made the app! It's not that I don't like it, I'm just a bit peeved that my idea has been made before I could even learn how to code. Never mind.
  2. Great App
    Daniela Rink
    Addicting and my children have so much fun playing it...until they get shocked or attacked by the cat, but seeing their faces when they do is hilarious.
  3. Awsome
    Diamond Roberts
    Its really fun and is an awsome game to play if any one dosent like this app there really missing out get this app and play it
  4. Nice idea.
    Melissa Hood
    Fun idea, but after a few levels it gets boring. Also, on the second part with the cats. It kept pausing and unpausing on me automatically. It got quite annoying. Besides the fact it gets boring. I just can't play like that.
  5. Cute. Easy to play.
    Tanya Smith
    Fun, quick play, with the requisite in-app purchasing options to make it "free".
  6. So adictive
    Nabait Teklea
    I cant stop playing this game it is so cool. Like when some oneloves this thing and you cant stop playind it well next time on the nabaits answers to a game I really love so much. I just can't stop playing it. Seriously I need help I cant stop playing it
  7. It so much fun
    Zuliana Zainal
    I play each level i score 3 cheeses . Omg . I play until my battery flat hahah .
  8. 3 stars. Plus 2
    Johan Tabique
    Haven't tried it yet. Let's see....will give more stars if it is really worth it.////i am engrossed
  9. Love it to to to to toòooo much
    Farah Zulfiqar
    It is an amazing game, i always play it at my free time an i have alot off fun playing it an my ipad but it is little difficult
  10. Endless Ads
    Steve Smith
    Good, potentially great game spoiled by constant interruptions from ads
  11. Awesome!
    Paul Kaiser
    I downloaded the latest update. There is supposed to be a new room called Game Room. Where is it? Not on my device! The play store says I have the Latest version, but still no new levels... So frustrating!!!! Finally found the new level. Had to uninstall the game & reinstall it. Good thing the game is fun!
  12. Great for toddlers!
    Keyshla Hernandez
    My 3 year old daughter can't get enough of this game. she plays all day xD. She already opened all the levels and I do wish there was more.
  13. Good game
    Ashlyn Ayala
    I love mice and this game is just perfect!It is very fun and cool. You should install it.I would rate ten stars if I could.
  14. Awesome
    Brittany Blythe
    I went to the phone store and I clicked on this app and i couldn't stop playing the game! my parents would have left me...
  15. Adware.
    Adrian Au
    Fun and frantic puzzle game. Unlucky for them they threw an ad right before asking me to review. So I'm in a foul mood and telling them what I think. Edit:just got hit by another ad right after posting a review. Lose another star. Edit2: Holy crap! How many ads can you pack into 5 minutes? Did you really have to put them after every round of gameplay (and the option to watch more voluntarily)?
  16. Fun, but stressful.
    Wilhelmina Aumann
    It's an amazing game, but not too much for people who'll get stressed or annoyed easily! I'm one of those sorts of people, but it's a great game otherwise!!!!
  17. Fun but not enough
    Sean Howley
    Maybe because there's a lack of levels, but I just beat what's available in both modes in just a few days. Collected 600/600 cheese and golden gates on all puzzle levels.
  18. Remove ads.!
    Nevine M.Touni
    Unfortunately uninstalled cause of ads but lovely colous so fast game nice but annoying with ads.!
  19. Best game
    Vinay Vinay
    I love I just saw it in the apple store that there was a boy playing I jus asked him that whats the name of the game he said trip trap the name was interesting I went home and downloaded it I love it just today o strated playing now I am in the 8th level it fun to play this game awesome
  20. More levels pleeze!!
    Kellie M
    Love it! I just wish there were more levels/rooms. Pleeze update soon.


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