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  1. ellin singer
    Used to love it but can't change the background picture with out getting an error message, can't resize the picture in the background and it's all blurry.and can someone tell me if I uninstall and then reinstall will I have to purchase again?
  2. Stop freezing!
    Christopher Borelli
    I can't add multiple pictures because it constantly freezes.
  3. Photo Cube Live 3.2
    Charlie Garland
    I purchased this and it is most definitely worth the $1.60 cost to download the full version. It is fun and interesting and makes for a very unique, engaging wallpaper. I do wish that it gave the user a bit more flexibility, however (realizing that you can't have everything), but here are a few improvements I'd love to see: 1. To allow user to change the orientation of any given image on each side of the cube. It seems to place them randomly (oriented), and I wound up having to go back to my original photos and rotate them, then re-save them, to come out in the final display correctly. 2. To allow user to set and maintain the axis of rotation. For example, I would love it if the cube would spin around the vertical access, with the opposing corners of the cube "pinned" to that axis. 3. To allow for a "double-tap" to bring up a user-specified page of text. 4. To allow user to see clearly and precisely how the background image will be displayed (currently, the "crop" frame does not capture the proper shape or size for my Samsung G3 screen). Otherwise, I love this app!!
  4. Galaxy Note3
    Da Boss
    You can't crop the pictures to fit the whole picture in the screen for background and cube ... fix the problem please!!!
  5. Xperia z1
    Crystal Cm
    Does not set as wallpaper. I set it up and it does not set my wallpaper.
  6. Sugestións
    Oswaldo Sanchez
    Please ad customized frames tnx in advance and wallpaper crop
  7. I really like this app be
    judy johnson
    I really like this app but some of the premium features don't qorf for me like the custom feature it shuts the whole program down
  8. I love it!!!
    To Hip Charlie
    This is by far THE VERY BEST APP on the market. It's extremely addictive. (In a good way.) You really deserve far more than that. Say 'bout 15-20!!!! Thank you so much. ~ mello~yello~.
  9. Great. Worth the price
    Ron Forsythe
    I REALLY like this app. Creates a very nice 3D moving photo album. Simple to mix and match your photos. EZ to use. Recommended
    Cindy Stone
    Would be even greater if u had choice of cube shape n transparentcy and/or bee able to load regular cube on inside that would rotate in opposite direction. Thanks so much.
  11. Stunning
    Philip Rylatt
    This is a visually stunning wallpaper. Worth every cent. Highly recommed


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