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age of kings



Cristina Dumitrascu | QA Team Lead @ eRepublik Labs

București, România |

Ali Nahaboo | Internship

Other |

Daniel Lupascu | Game Programmer

Thalwil, Canton of Zürich, Switzerland |

Florin Duban | Programmer

Romania |

Reviews 72,830

  1. Exact play of GoW, less features
    Thomas Geiger
    Age of Lords has the exact same gameplay as Game of War, but less features. As of this review, there is no rally, no crafting of gear, no gems or other type materials ,and only kill events. You can't see another players profile, and, as far as I can tell, you can't private message someone. That being said, the graphics are nice and the game plays more smoothly than GoW on my Galaxy S4. What remains to be seen is how money hungry the developer is. GoW is way to expensive to play (free to play, yeah right). If AoL goes the same route, I am done with it.
  2. Age of lords
    Rob Rottluff
    The time based game is fun, but this tittle lacking even saying so in-game options is bothersome. All the troops have the same movement speed, Your economy to production is way off balance. Fix know bugs for a four star rating. ALSO... More then four marches at a time. Your b.s system sucks!!!! You got the troops, let em march, fool's.
  3. Promising,
    Nur Muklis S
    Need more feature...and make event more frequently
  4. Christopher Miranda
    Lol empire z being sued by game of war yet this is an exact duplicate of game of war! Not empire z
  5. Please fix
    enot kadmayer
    Found that i cant build my troop as i want at barrack after last update. Thank you.
  6. Would have more
    Jinndal Davis
    The one suggestion i have, please make it possible to build 2 troops at a time, and cut some research time down a little. ..
  7. Nice game
    ishan shukla
    A little slow the game is meant for people who are in it for long time. Overall nice and fun way to pass free time.
  8. Lovely Game
    M.Rizwan Raza
    But Please Extend The Time. Main Problem is You Can Build Building At One Time and please please please please extend the levels 19 to 30. Awesome Game. Keep up the good work Age of Lords Team
  9. Amazing!
    Matthew Coughran II
    I've never had so much fun using my phone!
  10. Keeps loading
    Johnny Engle
    I can't play it keeps loading. And its making me mad. I spent money on this
  11. Messed up
    Betty Greene
    I've been playing for over a month and love this game. But recently it has locked me out.ive force stopped, uninstalled, reinstalled you name it. I've also mailed support with ss of my issue and no help this far. Will change my rating when I am helped with this simple problem.
  12. Good game, BUT?
    Jason Rattan
    Why everytime when i logged on this game they are doing maintainace, its very annoying and i cant handle that
  13. Game of War copy cat
    Joshua Allen
    Basically identical to Game Of War but not a complete game... why even try? Make something new people!!!
  14. Nice game
    Novie Viajar
    This game is nice but I see only u can construct one at time
  15. Age of Lords
    Kelly Cain
    Only problem having is it would start a loop and would shut down.
  16. Build
    brandon hardy
    When we be able to build multiple buildings....I mean one at a time is a killer already
  17. Played one...
    Mark S
    15/05/15've played 'em all. Don't know why I put myself through the agony to be honest.
  18. Need to create login and link my profile to email.
    AJ Hillenbrand
    So I've been playing this game for a long time now and I have yet to actually set up an account, how do I set up a login password and such. I've spent money on the game and don't wanna lose it. Well the event going on right now to train troops for points didn't give me any points for training 7k exact t3 templars... WTF!!
    Razen Delvo
    I like it but can you make rally available... And need more improvements.. Why theres another person playing my account even its connected to facebook and google play...
  20. Need more improvement but be swift
    after update for Tier 3 patch, the game keep bounce out saying need to update, but it is already updated to the latest, HELP!


What`s new

- Welcome the Spring season in your Castle
- Fight Savage Rabbits and rally Rabbit Huts for great rewards
- Compete in the special Spring Event for a chance to win exclusive Easter Gear

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