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Felix Shen | Quality Assurance Leader

Ying Cui | Development Director I

Samantha Du | Operation Manager III

Eileen Hash | Software Engineer

Reviews 45,298

  1. This sucks
    toodles toot
    As soon as I opened the game it said that the game does not support my Android device . What the heck?! It should support my device, I don't see any warning signs saying the game won't support some devices! If possible I would like to get what I can back.
  2. Don't work
    Junior Contreras
    As soon as I click on the game icon or app it pops up a notification saying that this andriod device does not support fiz this or I need refund
  3. Can't back up my achievements
    Giovanni-Dio Longby
    They should make the expense of their game worth it. And not being able to backup my achievements does not.
  4. Steering is broken
    arnold park
    I was playing all fine but eventually one day I was playing the tilting steering was broken and the other controls suck so fix it if you want a 5 or not if u want a 1.
  5. Jorge Ortiz
    We should be able to customize our rides more..we spend all that money and can't fix up our cars
  6. Doesn't work on my device. Nothing says it won't. Give my money back.
    Jared Marston
    I just want my money back. The game isn't supported and that is not my fault.
  7. NEED FOR freaking SPEED
    Jacksonjackson Reeder
    no telling why they call it need for speed
  8. WHAT?
    Keenan Kharrat
    I used to love it on my iPod... But now its says "device not supported" so now I lost $4. On my LG g pad 7.0
  9. Pretty good mobile racer
    Michael Carr
    This is classic Need For Speed - no exploration, just a lot of races, sprinkled with boss fights. The visuals are really good for the platform, if a bit bland in color terms, but the tracks all start to feel repetitive after a while. Still, the controls work well, and the six hours needed to beat this are fun overall.
  10. I need my money Back
    Kierdenver Maneja
    This game sucks it doesn't even let me open and play it wtf is this are u guys making money of this sh** it doesn't even play to my android what a waste of money fu***** developers give back my money.
  11. Easy to beat
    Domenic Cucinotta
    Awesome cars. Not too hard until after you beat most wanted 2. I have this game for the ps3
  12. Don't buy this game!!
    Austin Fry
    It doesn't work when ever I try to log on it wouldn't let me. I want my money back.
  13. Jeremy Darnell
    Unrealistic cops always right on you and only you. Cars appear right in front of you and they handle horribly. I want all my money back. Ea is not willing to do anything about it. I have been an Ea customer since need for speed II in 1997.
  14. Can't log in
    Matthew Zimmerman
    How come I can't log in to my origin account? I was able to before, but now I can't.
  15. Magically disappearing $
    Kerry Girard
    Bought upgrades that disappeared. Cant log in to orgins. Starting all over again from "newbie" aint worth the money or time I wasted playing this game. Please stop " renting" upgrades and do the right thing ... give us back upgrades we purchased and our rankings or give us back the money we we spent purchasing your virtual products that virtually dissappear.
  16. I lost all my cars and money!!
    Daniel lamper
    I got this game in the fall, spent alot of money in it. My phone crashed and had to Uninstall game, I reinstalled it and now all my cars and money ey are gone! Can I please have it all bqck now? Please and thank you!!
  17. Fun app
    Michael Florio Jr
    Fun, great controls, but the graphics are a bit outdated.
  18. Ughhhhhhh
    Jashan Jawanda
    Wow just bought the game and says device not supported ........ HELP WHAT DO I DO
  19. Rob Jackson
    But my tilt steering won't work properly, keeps turning right
  20. Who ho
    Team TDM does Ben
    I was recording the game for my YouTube channel and everything went smooth as silk. Loves it. I works on my tablet 10.1 and on the other Samsung Mobile


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