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  1. I was liking this game but,
    Sandra Mccartney
    When I started the game, it told you the objective of the level. Now it just says ready go. It needs to make the goal more clearer, Please change the voice also.
  2. Ok
    Catherine Parker
    I do love this game but every time I get to level 110 the game freezes up and quits working. I have reinstall the game and it does the something every time. I will give five stars if u will please fix this.
  3. The game just went black and stayed frozen
    inga dot inga
    At level 137. I'm assuming I will have to start back at level one if I uninstall it so It will work again. I will be peeved if I had to start over....AND, yes, I had to start over. Now I'm at level 109 (and stuck) or so and the stars just never came out when the should have. I lived the game. Please fix.
  4. My all time favorite
    Madam Nana
    3/23/15-2:38am Downloaded this game and can't go to sleep I have to play it ,this game is so additive don't know what the objective is to the game but can't stop playing it...Good development for a game... And I have things to do tomorrow love this GAME and you will to TRY IT;-)
  5. Farm worlds
    Leen Better Nazario
    Its not boring its nice it relieves your sleepy heads so fun love it!;)
  6. Fun.
    Susan Johnson
    I find myself playing this game a lot. I love the fact you front have to pay for lives or lose lives. Its not as easy as I thought.
  7. love love love love
    riya dash
    w0w u u u u u u u u u u mmmmmmmmmm a a a a a a a a a a from pal ¤that's me ¤.
  8. Amazing game!
    Gloria . Tugglr
    Exciting but don't know concept * Great way to pass time
  9. Sue M
    Susan Millin
    I do like this game but every time I get to level 135 it freezes fix it please.
  10. Farm world
    Barry Hurrell
    I on 99 level and dont seem pass this for month has anyone pass 99
  11. dave Swanson
    Kinda cute but what retarded dev thinks we want go hear stuuuuuuupid music all the time turn off music and lose all sound idiots
  12. done
    Bard Berta
    i must say very cool game but the way it kicks u off then cant get back on is agitating period. deleting it thats my final
  13. Cathy Behan
    I absolutely love this game and fly through the levels but it stops working far 2 many times. I have 2 keep deleting game and reinstalling only 4 same thg 2 happen again. I can't get past level 138 as game blacks out. Very frustrating and annoying. Would be my favourite game if not 4 this.
  14. Freeze
    Betty Bell
    Would have given it 5 star but it freezes up on level 130 every time I,am constantly uninstalling and reinstalling, the next time it freezes up it will not be reinstalled........
  15. Good
    daniel dsouza
    Only levels are limited dats y gave 4 get more levels i am update then full - BIG 5
  16. Blackouts
    Ali Abrar
    A very nice game, yet the issue of crashes seems to be universal in nature. This happens mostly after level 100. Please do something.
  17. Terri M.
    Terri M
    Game is fun to play, but it keeps turning off just as I am about to get final star on level 142. I am ready to uninstall. Please fix!!
  18. Poor rating for Poor game!
    Lyndsey Hodgson
    Deleted! As gave my phone nothing but problems.. As soon as I deleted THIS GAME, my phone was fine.. Flashing On and Off.. Kicked off the game n at one point shut my phone off!!
  19. Farm Worlds
    Caz Whittle
    Good game was on level 121 but now wont even let me back on please sort
  20. Da Review
    Cuddly Carrot
    The game itself is fine. However when I reopened the app, all it came up with was a black screen and the background music.


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