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  1. Fun but flawed
    Tanner Crowson
    I can praise this game for being historically accurate and fun. But there are a few annoying aspects like rules that the tutorial does not explain to you.
  2. Good but could be better
    Bill James
    You see you nailed it by a 10/10 but you can add a total war mode that allows you to make alliances, disband alliances, declare war, make peace, trade, etc. I would love to see something like this.
  3. Flawed but fun
    Tyler Moore
    Developers, game crashed and I lost all my progress! Is there anyway to get back my work? Update: Emailed developers, no response after three days. One star until I get a little customer service.
  4. Galaxy s4
    Mariam Chaudhry
    Too cheap graphics plus doesn't give you much info have will to play
  5. jason kane
    Great fun for the price. If only it had networked multiplayer.
  6. Very intensive
    Chandler Beland
    Feel of victory is even greater with the time consumption needed to play.
  7. Image quality is low on Nexus 9
    Image quality is very low on Nexus 9 , can you fix this ?
  8. Kaden Jones
    I wish you didnt have to purchase war medals evertime you start a new game.
  9. Change
    Renegade Ram
    It's okay, but I'd like an easy mode it's a little hard. And with multiplayer; I'd be better if you could play with a friend and a computer. I also like how there's no turn limit.
  10. Horrible
    Matthew Paul
    Game is decent, but too many bugs. Always crashes, and recently it deleted all my progress and medals. When the app developers get serious, this review will go up. Until then, 1 star
  11. All Medals Lost
    Tong Gideon
    Every time I restart the app, all medals gained & the unlocked war are lost. It wastes my effort & time!!! Plz fix it asap~!
  12. Ronnie Clements
    Easy tech makers of the best games :)
  13. How great...
    fevzi ozalcin
    What an addictive game... my wifes not gonna like me soon. Very intuitive controls.... i just picked it up and kind of knew exactly what i was doing... Only fault i can find is, sometimes a glitch happens where you cant pinch zoom or pan the screen. But pause and resume fixes its. But everything a phone game should be. Gs3
  14. Dull game
    Antonio Giorgio
    This product is not worth spending time explaining why it's bad. There's very little strategy involved and you quickly become bored. If I could get my money back, I would.
  15. Cheesy Graphics/ Doesn't Work
    Nicolas Caporale
    This looked promising but there is a sliver of the screen that is cut off. I have to assume there is some kind of "Go" button there because all I can do is browse the menus but not actually start playing. Droid Maxx, Android 4.4. I literally just did a factory reset and was looking for something new to try. Maybe it's my phone or OS. The graphics reminded me of an old Sega game but I may have overlooked that if I could play it. I should have tried it during my refund grace window. Oh well...
  16. Bad, bab, bad....
    Ricard Carreras
    I was played for moths in my old iPad. Now with my galaxy note 10.1 has been the first program that I dowload, But it is imposiBle to play, always the game show the map with zoom (only I can see four elements, infatry to artllery, if I want to see the rest I need slide the screen. It' s imposible a good vision of the countries, only three territories of south of japan and two from korea. What happen!!
  17. Immersive game but has some probs
    Ariff Wm
    Developer please take note! I just paid for this game last week. Firstly, game sometimes crashes when AI is about to attack. I have to wait about 4-5 mins for it to return to my android home menu when this happens. Has happened 5 times already. Secondly, the gold medals go missing in next mission. This usually happens when I restart the level and find that the gold spent on improvement is gone AND no improvements recorded. Once these are fixed it would be an incredible game - even though it is one of the priciest on Google play. I was tempted to purchase medals but then this problem started. Not very confident now! Would rate 5 stars if not for problems. Motorola Xoom.
  18. Best strategic game on the Android platform
    Stefan MIteski
    The game is what every Risk, history, Civilization and Age of Empires lover would enjoy. It has good historical background, it is easy to pick up and the AI is good. The game has been what I have expected Android developers to do for ages. Really addictive, have spent lot of time on it. Great job! What I would add to the game is: 1. Diplomacy, when I attack my allies they should turn against me 2. Small historical Wiki that would additionally make the experience of the history lovers even greater 3. The addition of some functionality for multiple units (let us say "art of defense") is too much tapping, make the interface better. 4. Add numerical value to the health 5. Make some research time dependable not only money dependable (money can speed up the research) 6. Experience points from campaigns do not add up to the total experience 7. Make some of the units country specific 8. Touch sometimes is not working correctly (zooming when I want to move) 9. Add mode when user does not have good mode (see everything, know everything) Can't wait to see a game in the period from Peter the 1st to Napoleon era, the Colonization and the Boston tea party.
  19. I imagine there might be a good game somewhere here
    Joe Loutzenhiser
    But the tutorial is near useless and other resources on how to play are scant. The verbiage also suffers from awful localization, which while initially amusing, eventually becomes annoying. This is a shame because otherwise it would be a polished offering. As is, an inscrutable disappointment.
  20. Might be better if i knew what was going on
    Stephan Beal
    This game has a lovely presentation, but is plagued by opaque rules which are not explained in the tutorial, and a non-interactive tutorial which simply gives one a vague overview of the game. Once it's time to play, one has to figure out most of it himself, which makes strategizing extremely difficult to do. Additionally, the text is sometimes confusing (it was obviously not written by a native english speaker), giving a slightly less-than-professional feel to an otherwise beautiful interface. After playing for about an hour, i still have little idea how the combat system actually works (sure, i can partake in combat, but don't have any feel whatsoever for what the outcome of a battle will be, so i'm not a terribly effective commander!). i'm quite certain that this game is much more fun once one figures out how exactly the mechanics work, but i'm not willing to invest so much time in figuring all that out for myself - the tutorial should have _walked_ me through that info rather than just providing me with a few non-interactive/read-along screens which don't explain the basic things like how to deploy troops.


What`s new

1. Added Immersive Mode support. (KitKat or higher).
2. Added language support forTraditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean.
3. Improved the processing logic for the Back key.
4. Updated to the latest Google Billing services.
5. Add support for x86 device. (Intel inside)
6. Added automatic screen orientation. (Gingerbread or higher)
7.Fixed system crash in Android 4.0 or higher when locking screen.