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  1. Mick Seyler
    Nexus 10. Horrible, wasted my money. I love risk style games but this is not good.
  2. Very nice strategy hybrid!
    erin tapley
    I One of the best risk and axis and allies hybrids that I have found. I had a little trouble with the instructions but figured it out. The english is a little rough but if you have played strategy games this wont be a problem. AI is a little sporadic but overall decent.
  3. Not the best game
    Eric Lim
    It gets annoying when you mess with the screen size. Also the tutorial teaches you not very much about the game. The sequel is more intresting and easy. Basically risk.
  4. Someone copyed the game
    Ruben Garcia
    Payphone copied your game and are scaming people to buy a fake full version that doesnt work i think u guys should get to the bottom of this. Great game though
  5. Very nice and hard
    Joseph K
    This game is very nice and strategic very nice for a challenge and there are fun campaigns more than ten campaigns very nice even excellent.And you can set to about 5 difficulties.
  6. Good game
    kevin galdamez
    Can please fix the zoming in beacuase eveytime it's my move it zooms in all I have to fix it
  7. Strange dice rolls
    Jeremy Bowlby
    The algorithm that determines the dice rolls is unfairly slanted towards to AI player. Always. Makes for frustrating game play. Great potential though.
  8. Need to fix map issues
    Daniel Guiney
    Droid DNA. Map will occasionally start zooming instead of scrolling need to patch !
  9. Love it
    brycelyn Breaux
    Would give it 5 stars it just needs regular updates AKA: needs updates
  10. Great Game with Poor Graphics
    Matija Milenovic
    I have this game on my iPad and it has pretty good graphics, but on my nexus 5, the graphics seem like theyre made for lower resolution phones.. Fix for 5th star :)
  11. Great Game
    Terry Hesticles
    I love this game. Played it all through my senior year, and finally picked it up again.
  12. My favorite
    Brandon williams
    I have many games. I enjoy playing this one the most on my phone. Can play for hours.
  13. Risk Hybrid thats not bad
    Rodney Lee
    The game is done well no complaints its a Risk slash Axis and allies hybrid done right.
  14. Need high resolution!
    Wai L Ip
    It's a great game, but it needs high resolution for the latest device!
  15. It is the best
    Cody Stewart
    Best strategy game I have ever played
  16. Fun game, but buggy.
    Chase McCown
    This game is really alot of fun, which is why it's a shame I can't reccomend it to anyone because of its crippling bugs. Half the time when scrolling around on the map it just bugs out and randomly zooms in and out while not letting you do anything but click on menus. Please fix this and I'll give it five stars.
  17. I enjoy this game!
    Kevin Rasmussen
    Reminds me alot of Axis & Allies (Favorite game ever)! Only big complaint is the AI - it has no idea how/where/when to do what ;-) IMHO A mode where you could play without any AI on your side would be great!! Make it so their units are player controlled. Also the map glitch where it wont scroll or let you buy/interact with units is annoying but easy to get around.
  18. Fun Game
    Roy Blackwell
    If you have ever played the board game Axis and Allies, this game is similar. I found the the game to be both fun and interesting. I'm playing through each country to see if I can win. So far I've won on the first try with the Germans and Italians. Took two attempts with the Japanese. Based on the fun I've had with this title I've also purchased European War 2.
  19. Boring, even though I am a strategy lover
    David Tall
    If you like watching paint dry, this game is for you. Otherwise best avoided.
  20. World conquerer 1945
    John Lyons
    Sorry developer, but this game makes me comatose. I am so sorry for you and me. What were you thinking, that 8 year olds would play? Please try again, as a couple of your games are getting close to playable with enjoyment.


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