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  1. Vanishing Medals and Progress.
    Kevin Rasmussen
    I have played this game alot and it is a great little game! UNTIL ALL THE PROGRESS I HAD MADE AND ALL THE MEDALS I BOUGHT WENT POOF AND MY GAME WAS BACK TO ORIGINAL - START ALL OVER??? I have emailed EASY TECH. Have had no reply from them on this matter. Will update review if they ever contact me? Update Nov 27 still no reply from developer. Will uninstall this game. Shame as it is a fun game!
  2. One hour later
    Brandon Yates
    Please put a speed up option so you don't have to wait for ages for your turn and make the AI better so they don't just spam units that are weak what about they focus more on economy and defence. Also could you add a diplomacy option to the game.
  3. Good with one major issue
    Cameron Harper
    Friendly AI NEEDS to be fixed. Many levels are difficult and some are nearly impossible because friendly AI is beyond stupid. Sea lion is particularly challenging without spending medals because your ally mostly fortifies southern France when he should be going all out against Britain like you are. He'll also go out of his way to claim territory you were going to claim.
  4. William Collier
    I spent about 40 dollars for medals and now I had to switch phones so know I don't have all the things I had unlock please make it were we can sign in through Google and keep our progress
  5. Good game
    Clash Master
    People say too hard... Total bs. Just do the campaign some, then use some strategy and beat Europe 1939 as Germany. Get those medals and buy upgrades for troops types and commander. Get strong enough to take down the super overpowered america in 1945. Good game, requires strategy but not impossible
    Josh K.
    How does the enemy seem to just always pull random money out? And when they get new soldiers or vehicles, they just immediately spawn with attack and defensive art and a medal...? Can I do that somehow? And the computer ALWAYS singles me out from my terrible allies which whom play with no tactic or sort of knowledge. "RIGGED"is the best
  7. Its a good game BUT...
    Clare Reed
    Its good but alot of fixes need to be made such as i would like the option to choose what countrys are in the battles and of course the unfairness of the enemys needs to be sorted out (needs difficulty option) and needs an online mode or multiplayer mode
  8. Great game, really, a few suggestions
    Magic Tootillaz
    Quite frankly, I love this game. It was extremely difficult, but I kept playing and upgraded and now I am unstoppable. However, I do have some suggestions. For instance, an optional skip to your next turn. I don't care what the other countries do, I just want to get on with my turn. Also, the ability to make your own scenarious, if you just want like, Nazi Germany and the USSR to battle, or want to include or get rid of certain countries. This would not let experienced players get bored.
  9. Fun for a while but...
    Michael Marteney
    It's ok up to a point but your allies are basically worthless. I get that it's not supposed to be easy but it becomes terribly frustrating watching allies roll over without a fight which ends up causing you to get beat over and over and over again.
  10. Too unfair
    Ravindra Kumar
    All the medals I got...lost. The game need to have fast button , too slow. I am a student and have lots of things to do. The levels are need to be a bit easy ...I love this game first part and this part but need a lot of improvements. There must be a choice to which country we choose. Always u give us loosing country not at all fair . make a third version. World war 3 plz.
  11. Great....but
    Jack Burgers
    Great game. But Al is beyond stupid and every game i play is loss. The damage is wrong infantry do more damage to heavy tank than heavy tank do to infantry ?
  12. Best mobile WW2 strategy game.
    Rafael Mejia
    The game requires tactics and patience. AI aren't always logical, (like humans) Your allies will typically be dumber than the enemies, and this game requires a lot of grinding, but after some time you can level the playing field, and it becomes imo the best mobile strategy game. Would love to see multiplayer like on apple.
  13. Changes
    Renegade Ram
    The game NEEDS to be easier it should also have hotseat/Multiplayer, and Campaign missions need to have unlimited turns. The quickest and latest victory should give you medals and playing past the victory limit should give you no medals, but allow you to past. That way I could take my time without being rushed or forced into buying medals. Allies suck they're worthless second mission on the Axis campaign my ally got slaughtered by the French.
  14. Guys pls stop whining
    Philip Tse
    I know it is hard when it starts out but it gets better once you grind and upgrade, a tip is to stick to land conquests until you get navy medal I and the first medals you upgrade should be the infantry medals as they will become much better cannon fodder if you do so. The reason the AI is so unfair, like better aircraft range and troops is because it starts off upgraded. If you find it hard to kill artillery, use aircraft, kills it v.quickly. P.s trust me, i grinded up (without purchase) to all gold medal
  15. It is very difficult
    Edgar Moreno
    This game is very good and I enjoy it very much its just so difficult when your allies are just a bunch of idiots attacking ships instead of taking land and also people who keep whining keep grinding its really easy play the last conquest on Europe and play as the soviet union and you should do just fine from there if done correctly you will get around 75 or more medals
  16. Fun but not worth purchase
    Jeremiah Dela
    This game is fun to play for a little but there are a lot of flaws u notice after a little.First the medal system is flawed big time. Soldier medal gold is same as silver and a waste of medals. Enemy armies in campaign seem to not cost as much as normal. Finally allies are useless. Most if the time its better to steal their cities because they are going to lose them to the enemy in just a few turns anyway.
  17. Public Service Announcement:
    Evan Davis
    This game is as historically accurate as they could make it. It is supposed to seem impossible to win with small countries. The Nazis were just that strong. Beating them is hard. WWII was hard. Really hard. The game reflects that. So let me say it again so it will sink in: IT IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE FAIR. Generals from different countries had different approaches and a lot of times they worked against each other. If it looks like they are going in circles, then it is probably you not helping them.
  18. Its fun but not fair to player
    Having a Time limit, on Campaign!? Really!? War is finally going your way and you just kicked the last of the enemy out of your territory, and suddenly "GAME OVER" because some BS Time limit. I can't get past the third lvl because I keep getting beat due to time
  19. Unhelpful allies
    Ethan Adams
    The game is fun at first then your allies will block you off, take the ports you need to finish the mission and go on suicidal attacks. They also just move their units around in circles. How is that helpful in any way? Yet the enemy AI use coordinated attacks and specifically single you out before you even have the resources to do anything. The game also starts your allies with many units (which they don't even use to help or aid you) while you start out with only 3-5 units at most. I'd write more but..
  20. It's Awesome but...
    TheCake MuffinCrew
    It's an amazing game but it lacks a lot of fairness. For instance, in Defend the Moscow or whatever it was, you should only need to destroy the Germans, because there was so little the others did the in the war. I almost got perfect victory but I didn't because Finland took too long to destroy. Also in Sealion, the four-spaced Britain in France is stronger than France itself. You should only need to destroy Britain, because already destroyed France in Fall Gelb. It also lacks a multiplayer and detail.


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