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张晓晖 | 上海地奇网络科技有限公司 - 市场总监

Yangpu District, Shanghai, China |

郭新涛 | 上海地奇网络科技有限公司 - 市场经理

安徽 合肥 |

董可晨 | 上海地奇网络科技有限公司 — 城市经理

Hefei City, Anhui, China |

丁伟峰 (david ding) | 商务拓展总监 — 上海地奇网络科技有限公司

Zhabei District, Shanghai, China |

Reviews 2,621

  1. Nice game but...
    Kun Min Lim
    Pls fix the connection problem, im in server 6... Loading screen followed up with connection error message pops up very often nowadays. And hope english language can be included.
  2. Stupid update
    Aya Brea
    After the update the blood battle went insane! You can never win even upgrade all armour to full. Rather don't want the stupid update. Before was fun. Now i will never invest this game cos the gm also don't listen to the player feedback!
  3. Worst game!
    philip chin
    Need to restart everything again. Update don't link with the previous game. Thing you purchase just were to the drain.
  4. K.L. YEOH
    Link to Facebook each time log in need re-login no auto connect
  5. Log in problem
    Jun Wen Tsang
    Great game but having problems logging in. Area 4
  6. tang matt
    I'm already do a payment for monthly vip,but until now I'm not yet receive it...please fix it as soon as possible,thank you
  7. Haha
    asus SL101
    Hahaha brapa lama lagi aku terus meñharap daring cinta dia lagi selagi aku tunggu dia, dial akan tetap tidal pandang aku pun.. mungkin sakit ini suda dot mass aku
  8. Great game!!!
    Dennis Winata
    Please make a english,because i just understand chinese language...
  9. Quite entertaining
    Patrick Chiam
    Anyone know how to use the second skill技能?
  10. Phising Your Facebook Account!!!
    Saipul Bakri
    This Apps try attack your android with Phising Facebook Account.. I know about this apps from WHAFF!
  11. Efun is sucks
    John Kiong
    Guys I have playing this game around 1 month plus. Till today still no updates yet. I am almost max lvl with no guild war or any other interesting things. Some more I spend 4 k sgd plus. Yet they tell me still on testing since 3 weeks ago. I know they are cheating me. I am quiting. So hope no other get scam by this company efun.
  12. Ozzie Edwards
    I may not read or understand Chinese but it speaks my language in but kicking.
  13. Good game play and support!
    Dave Tan Junsheng
    Try it! The game is in mandarin.
  14. Good game
    Mohd Hairi Abu Bakar
    But this game language chinese. Not everyone can play it. Hope this development can make english version. Really like it this game good graphic. I am another one like wuxia novel and movie.
  15. Can the admin email me the contact to change account?
    Nghee Guan Ng
    Can the admin email me the contact to change account?
  16. Sony Arco S
    Richard Cheng
    They have bugs to steal your hard earnt gold!!!!!! 偷我们的金!!! Nice to play with the characters and skills of those nice novels and movies!!! Can be better!!!
  17. Great
    Jeffrey Xu
    Very nice game but in app purchases abit too expensive
  18. 好玩!
    Edmund Quek
    有办法 把facebook account 还成efun account 吗? 现在facebook server down.我就玩不了。。。。
  19. Item drop rate fking sucks
    Zeff Tang
    这游戏跟刀塔的差不多 , 不过差在物品掉的机率接近 0% ... 等满体力了刷几十次都不掉一个\"碎片\".... 是要充值了机率才会提升是不? 如果基于不是充值玩家就不多加理会你这个游戏就差不多是时候了...
  20. Eric Chua
    2nd skill all those is auto. Only first skill need to click.