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  1. Great game
    John Moyo
    I have immensely enjoyed the game, BUT after formatting my phone and reinstalling it I found myself back to the 1st map even though I was in the "hell" level.
  2. What's wrong
    Jessie Pineda
    It won't let me on the app, every time I tap on the app it's just goes back to home screen?!! Please fix
  3. Ace level not incrementing?
    Stephen Cobb
    Love the game. I have finished it four times. The guy that lets you reset doesn't seem to recognise that though, last time I finished it he told me I was on Ace level 1. The lady in the garden does recognise it correctly though. Is this a bug or am I not understanding what that guy is doing?
  4. Vast improvement!
    Eden Seymour
    I enjoyed 10000000 immensely, and this expands upon it in just about every way. A must-have if you enjoyed the predecessor, with additional replay value that the first lacked. There used to be an issue of graphical glitches with this game on higher-end drvices, but updates were pushed swiftly, and they have been fixed!
  5. Doesn't deserve 4+ stars
    Cory Steinmetz
    I was suckered into buying just to try, and it's disappointing. It's like candy crush for dudes or something. It's only saving grace is "no permissions". Save your money.
  6. Perfect Game for Short Play Sessions
    Brandon Hoffman
    Great game with cool pixel art and catchy soundtrack. Perfect for picking up and playing when needing to kill a minutes.
  7. love it
    Christina Marohl
    addictive, fun, but needs more to it. I already beat it and found 1 secret but repeatedly playing gets boring. Needs distance challenges and special quest tasks from the monsters that fight for you. make em happier ya know, and give more crap to achieve.
  8. WiNoJoE sez:
    Kenneth Madrulli
    Not really sure why I bought this app, as I didn't like their 1st one either. Got suckered in by all the glowing reviews I guess. Uninstalled after playing a few levels, maybe I just don't get it, but now sorry I wasted my $$$ (again) . Lousy graphics should have been enough to warn me away.
  9. Dreadful waste of 2 pounds
    James Filby
    Frustratingly difficult. Most of the time the game simply doesn't provide you with the tools you need to defeat the current enemy, and tiles are mostly scattered uselessly across the board. Not that much fun.
  10. Match Three
    David Meinhart
    A no nonsense tile matching game without special permissions or in app purchases. Fun quests, nice retro inspired visuals, and good sound effects. Perfect pickup and play mechanics. Item and skill leveling is included and feels satisfying to get through tough dungeons. Highly recommended.
  11. Frustrating, but fulfilling.
    Timothy Mattson
    This game will enrage you, but given enough time away you will miss it.
  12. So much fun!
    Raphael Lebron
    I love this game.. it's so nice finding a great gem of a game that finally does not get boring. You guys did a great job. I am happy I spent the $money$ on this game. Keep up the good work Awesome job! Devs!
  13. Harder to play (physically) than the original.
    Jade H
    The vibration/shaking as the tiles are first set up hurts my eyes, and it seems like the visible playing area is somewhat smaller? Update: I am now on my third playthrough. Please, could you fix it so we don't have to go back through the tutorial when we repeat the game? Being slowly told to match three tiles for the third time is kinda old.
  14. Love it
    Tom Tranter
    Love this more than the previous game unfortunately though on my Samsung Galaxy note 10.1 2014 edition I can only play a few runs before having to quit because the tablet overheats.
  15. Bugs bugs bugs (no more)
    Geen Idea
    Buttons don't work half the time. And I couldn't finish the game because of a bug. It's a great little game, if they manage to fix it. *Edit: All fixed now.
  16. Fun game, dumb quests
    Justin Russell
    Been stuck on the quest that requires 10 blocks destroyed from a bomb. Ran it 30 times so far, had 11 bombs, all did 4-7 blocks. Can't progress. At least let us count multiple bombs with that amount! A dumb and poorly tested roadblock.
  17. Great game
    Matt Cummings
    Could you guys add stylus support for note 4? Not sure if that's a big deal but my fingers would appreciate it if it's possible!
  18. Won't load
    Christopher Roman-Tuttle
    I sent an email to the company about it never loading and I still haven't received a response. I loved their previous game and I like to try this one
  19. Fun game
    Bonnie Creevy
    Defeated a few times, the level doesnt increase like it says. Hopefully they will add more
  20. jacob voges
    Simple matching game with a lot of outside content. Passive skill tree would be a neat addition, easily re-playable.


What`s new

- Extra Skins - New skins to unlock in Daily Challenges
- Skin Manager - Change your character skins
- Localisation. Hello World!
- Improved Resolution handling
- Performance enhancements & bug fixing
- View your achievements in game
- Fixed an issue with missing saves on ace resets