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Bartosz Brzostek | CTO, 11 bit studios SA

Warszawa, woj. mazowieckie, Polska |

Marta Fijak | Game Designer

Warszawa, woj. mazowieckie, Polska |

Blazej Zywiczynski | Producer at 11 bit studios S.A.

Warszawa, woj. mazowieckie, Polska |

Anna Hawrył | HR Manager

Warszawa, woj. mazowieckie, Polska |

Reviews 4,635

  1. Great game; not enough content.
    Zack Earthling
    Its a great game, great ideas and good graphics. Was done the whole game within 3 hours on hardcore mode. More levels more gameplay would be cool. If you could design your own level that would be cool too
  2. Awesome
    s Sung
    I usually hate these types If games and I've been contemplating whether to try this one. Have to say, I'm very impressed. I actually cannot wait for the next one. Nice work 11Bit!!!!
  3. Best defense game ever!
    Mariano Carballo
    This game is awesome. The graphics are excellent and the levels are very detailed. I haven't stopped playing it since I bought it. One suggestion would be if you could add a quick save feature besides having to re-spawn from the last check point. Some times I have to stop playing it but I hate having to lose the progress I've made because I have to quit the game. Especially when I'm on a small break at work. Lol.
  4. Only 2 playable levels!
    Setnakt Frost
    Game is unplayable beyond level 2! I just wasted $ on this junk, don't be fooled into doing the same! This really sucks because the 1st two levels were nice, then you hit a brick wall, no way to proceed. Maybe this will be fixed, until then the game should be free as It's only a demo. UPDATE: tested on 2 seperate Samsung devices (Tab 3 & Note 4), same glitch in both. Avoid this game If you use Samsung devices. Still no reply from the designer, VERY disappointed...
  5. Marketing alerts in wee hours
    Joseph Davidson
    This game was entertaining. But the file size is huge. Worse than that, I now am awakened by alerts on my phone marketing related games. This morning it was at 6am. For me, personally, I don't care how fun a game may be, if it wakes me up to send advertisements, it's not worth it. There are too many other great games available. This one is now uninstalled.
  6. Poor customer service
    Chirayu Patel
    The game didnt work in my nexus 10. So i emailed the developer, they said they will check the issue, and then after one month still no reply or no refund, dont even bother buying this game. I would rate it 0 if i could!!
  7. Wayyy too short!
    Russell Thornton
    I can't believe I paid for this...very few maps and then the game is over. If this would have been a longer campaign it would get a much better review
  8. GREAT!!!!
    Peter Anthony
    Great great graphics and smooth gameplay on my N7. Doesnt lag even when there is a lot of explosions on the screen. Only complain is that the game is quite short. I hope they made more levels for the campaign mode. The game is not complex. It has very simple gameplay. Although on higher difficulties you might need to think hard for your stratregies.
  9. Great graphics and concept, poor replayability
    Shawn Pauliszyn
    Graphics are even better than Anomaly HD. Interface is great and easy to learn. But replayability is lacking. An endless mode would be nice, possibly with random re-spawns and increased number of units.
  10. Archos gamepad2
    david brookes
    Fantastic !graphically superior to most games on store,doesn't feel like a tower defense game. seems more strategic .if you have a ps3 then try the original game on PlayStation store, they have a demo, its not very different from this version well, worth the money.
  11. Superbly Designed
    Wolfenkin Lore
    Runs super smooth on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, this device is a gaming powerhouse, the game awesome in every way, love it :)
    sharath kumar reddy
    Perfectly playable in samsung galaxy tab 3. There are no bugs in this game and this game have excellent graphics. Thanks for creating this type of game.
  13. Garbage
    Erik Nerheim
    Seems good at first but gets boring very fast. They could have done more...
  14. Extraordinary game
    Róger Aburto
    Outstanding graphics: they're so good that now it's my reference when searching for new games. Really entertaining. It felt short 'cause I wanted to keep playing. It's worth the money.
  15. Fantastic
    Andrei Niculescu
    Very good game. Nice strategic thinking. I really enjoyed playing, much more than expected.
  16. Its fun so far
    Omran Al-kandari
    Will make a final review when I finish it but I am enjoying it atm ;)
  17. Love it.
    Daniel Wise
    I'm not a fan of tower defense-style games. Anomaly KR is quite the anomaly with me, because I love playing it!
  18. Love it but
    Kostas Kaidantzis
    It runs great on my htc Desire but it force closes very often.please fix it.
  19. Nice game but...
    Maxx Tan
    Update to have functionality with Google play games, maybe?
  20. Crashes and loops the intro.
    Daniel Cederkrantz
    Won't start, crashes after the intro and then loops it and crash and loop... You get the idea. Clearing app data does not help. Please fix or refund. Works on my Nexus 7 2013, but not on the 2012 version. Very nice when it works...


What`s new

1.03 - fixed the issue with additional file being downloaded.

1.02 - Minor app improvements.

1.01 - Minor downloader improvements.

Known issues:
1. If you encounter a black screen after launching the game, please try to wait 2 minutes (length of the intro movie) for the game to start.