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Bartosz Brzostek | CTO, 11 bit studios SA

Warszawa, woj. mazowieckie, Polska |

Marta Fijak | Game Designer

Warszawa, woj. mazowieckie, Polska |

Blazej Zywiczynski | Producer at 11 bit studios S.A.

Warszawa, woj. mazowieckie, Polska |

Anna Hawrył | HR Manager

Warszawa, woj. mazowieckie, Polska |

Reviews 22,466

  1. Arus Threepersons
    Just purchased game and it has huge white blocks and flashing lights which I cannot bother to stare at all day. It says this was fixed but its not on my Dell Venue 7 with 4.2 android version. I have played the PC game so I will give this a 4 because its that's good but thoroughly disappointed with the android version.
  2. Excellently done.
    dimitris avlonitis
    Visually great. True that it is sad but I can't put it down. Very authentic
  3. Great game
    Laurent Pierre
    Survival in a sad realistic way. Make me think of the game Rebuild. Worth the money and time.
  4. Emotionally Charged and Superb
    Ryan Edsall
    Games like this come around once in a lifetime. A very different character class takes over in This War, the civilian. This is the person most all of us would be if we found ourselves in a war. And it takes a lot of critical thinking. You're going to die a lot at first. And so will your flatmates. But somehow you'll be so invested in caring for your crew that it will devastate you when they die. This is a classic offering in my opinion. But I suggest you read some forums and take note on the items you need
  5. Brilliant but depressing
    David Kiy
    I find it hard to play this game. It makes me stressed. It makes me sad. It is amazing. Deserving of the hype and worth the money. Looks and sounds perfect. Easy mechanics, difficult decisions. A real gem.
  6. Overpriced
    David Yarnell
    Been waiting a while but finally got this game. Poor save mechanism, as yet I cannot see any way to save the game, seems to save after every night and return to the shelter, not great, would be nice to save before a scavenging session. So frustrating when you think you're controlling one character but really its another. Right now I'm struggling with my characters and they cannot eat the cooked meal, have had to leave game and redo that day. Time consuming which is great but not with the current save setup and at nearly £11 2 stars is what I feel this game is worth. And would've it had killed you to have the most basic of tutorials?
  7. Google play games is ruining this
    jimith thystrong
    Google play games is saving corrupt saves to cloud causing infinite loading and black screen. Deleted app data but the next time I connect google loads the corrupt save. Can't figure out how the hell to delete saves from cloud.
  8. Veronica Orozco
    I have spent quite a few sleepless nights playing this on my computer and I'm so glad it made the transition to Android. It's one of the best mobile games I have ever played, well worth the price. This is the full game you get on PC. There are no in-game pestering purchases and you can complete the game without having to spend real money on it. The replay value is high because the outcome can always be different. If nothing else, support this game just because there are no in-app purchases.
    that_Derpy_Gamer :D
    Thank you this game is so awesome and great no bugs or glitches its the best game of 2015 keep this up in loving it :3
  10. Awesome game. Battery drainer and a few crashes tho.
    Johannes Nyman
    Drains battery really fast. Also crashed a few times, once forcing me to wipe the app data to play again and another time shutting down my tablet. I'm currently on a samsung galaxy tab pro 10.1. Other than this, really awesome game! Glad this came to tablets!
  11. Great Game with issues
    Lemuel Houston
    Sounds drops and goes away. Freezes at loading points. Running this with Nvidia Shield Tablet. Should be a 5 Star game.
  12. Luis Cardona
    The game does not allow me to do anything besides enter the contextual menus. I am using a Nexus Player and it is as if my controller is not connected and issuing commands to the game. Update* I cleared the app of all information and it works as intended!
  13. Great Port!
    Levin Gomez
    I'll keep it short. This game is breathtaking. A great example of gaming as a form of emotional and artistic unity. I do have the problem of sound dying seemingly randomly forcing me to restart the game.
  14. A Masterpiece
    Muhamad Gilang
    With great visual,music,and gameplay,this game nearly has no flaws.Calling this game amazing would be an understatement.The best 10 bucks I have ever spent in my entire life.
  15. 4 star
    Magdalina Lustrata
    I wanna give 5 star but i keep on crashing (sony xperia c3) my phone has almost nothing but it still crashing. Please fix then i recommend this to my friends and rate it 5 star
  16. Unable to play
    James Cavin
    Once I start day one it cuts back to war child
  17. A masterpiece!
    Роман Александров
    Great visual novel about cruelty of war. Touching experience
  18. Superb
    Martynas Sabonis
    Well done, can't wait for part 2
  19. Warning
    filthyrabbit 670
    This might sound really weird but u should add like if they need to use the bathroom to make it more realistic
  20. Still has rendering problems
    Nick s1027
    Please fix game looks epic just has the white boxes on my dell venue 8 please fix soon. Thank you for helping me hope you continue with the support you have been giving.


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