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  1. good, but needs playable hands
    Jake Greivenkamp
    Allow us to play straights and flushes, makes the game more interesting.
  2. Why Two Packs? Ruined!
    George Still
    What a complete disappointment. I'd been enjoying the free version and decided to upgrade to the paid version because the strategy of 7 players is so different. And what do I find ... with 7 players suddenly two packs are brought into the mix. completely ruins the strategy and means the random challenge isn't there. Shocking. It would get one star if I hadn't enjoy the 5 player version. In reply to developer comments, it really doesn't have to have two packs. Having a game of 8 where each player gets 6-7 cards means that you have to think long and hard about when to play out and the passing becomes very tactical. It also means having the player who came last start and just lost two good cards can turn the game around and be president.
  3. Needs multilayer
    Dylan Gendreau
    All my friends have this on their iPhone and they can play with other people, whether it's on their own phone or connect with others phone. Please bring this to Android. Until then, 4 stars.
  4. Great
    Michael Kowalchuk
    The options menu nails it. The flexibility is amazing. On top of that the game is actually too addicting! Good problem to have I guess and after all, playing it even helps my mind work quicker. It's a must have to ALL card game lovers.
  5. Passing Cards!!
    Austin Thompson
    Every time I have to give my high cards away I never get any I played 12 games and each time I had to give my ace away every time I got a joker I had to give it away. Either says give one high card or two high cards. I get no high cards passed to me I always give them away straight BS! EF this Game!
  6. Good!
    Michael Stodolak
    Plays sharp and fast although the AI does make some questionable moves from time to time. Doesn't the 3 of clubs always lead first hand?
  7. Fun, but...
    christian hamilton
    I like it for what its worth, but the coding in it needs to be fixed. The person to your left will almost ALWAYS have a hand that is identical/better than yours, and you will always be skipped if you are on a power play. I assume this is because the game is trying to "level the playing field." Unfair, and a major drawback of the game. Cards are never truly randomized, as there are plentiful dubs/trips/quads in the hands of the opponents. Lastly, would love to see multiplayer for Android, like it is on Apple
  8. How??
    Annis Ashwell
    How do you access the options? I don't see that anywhere I must be really thick. I also now keep getting an error message at launch (can send screenshot if needed), can't play anymore gonna try reinstalling...
  9. It's the best president app, please add this variant!
    Alex Lautenbach
    When I play, we have it where 3 is highest and 4 is lowest. Line how 2's beat a pair, 3's beat a triple. Joker still beats everything. Thanks!
  10. Game play is incorrect
    Andrew Wiid
    Once each player has played the round is closed and the player who won that round gets to play next. Joker is NOT allowed to fill in for any card in the deck AND IS permitted to win ANY round. If there is a triple being played then the joker can "kill" it. You need to update these things accordingly.
  11. SG4 - Enjoy this game
    Mandii Hodder
    Pretty happy with the game, 1 issue since update is after a hand is won occasionally my screen dims and it doesn't continue to the next round until I press my bak button. My friends & I learnt this game many yrs ago, someone also mentioned in comments here about allowing the option of some rule where Joker beat any card except triple/quadruple, and the ability to place triple etc on top of a single, I've never heard of the joker rule and the trips/quads on singles is defeating the point of the game..
  12. They got it right.
    John Tate
    I was very surprised to see that after flipping a bunch of option toggles, the rules could be tailored to fit the local rules I love. Impressive how flexible it is. Please make it online multiplayer and I will be in heaven.
  13. Really awesome game!
    Pedro Trigueros
    Finally someone got it right, its terrible playing other president games that just don't feel legit. This game is the real deal for any president game lover!!!
  14. Tyler Landa
    I fudging hate this game its rigged and cheap Nazi bullshit
  15. Gurkanwal Sodhi
    Good game but maybe they should have different versions with burns
  16. Nice memem
    Bronwyn Sherry
    It was really dabk it was ny fav app of the year11111!!!!1 XDddddddddd
  17. Freezes in landscape mode
    Lisa Voorwinde
    This latest version freezes my tablet in landscape mode after playing and closing app and I have to restart to fix. Very annoying for an otherwise good game. Nexus 7
  18. Awesomeness
    Ayofemi Powelljr
    I have played this on different app but it was nothing like this one. This app lets you pick your own rules and the computer players are not dumb I give this 5-stars. And no money is required.
  19. Nice app but is missing some features
    Sam Wouters
    App works great, but it would be nice to have multiplayer mode and access to Google Play Game Services.
  20. President
    Shauna J
    This game sucks! I feel like it's rigged


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