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  1. Laura E.Casey
    Love it but keeps locking up saying problem w/Internet problem in reality. But then to close it registers a missed answer! Can never win at this rate, and I upgraded buying this week, made no difference.
  2. Fun Game!
    Jeanette Rein
    Love this game! Been playing with friends & family for 7 months now. Great exercise for the brain. But there are issues. I agree with many previous comments. Too many spelling & grammatical errors. Isn't there an editor on staff to check b4 the question is approved? Also, I rate questions, but there is no longer incentives for me to do so. Only in the beginning. Should be more achievement awards for your long term players.
  3. Good, but peer reviewing needs double-checking
    Todd Phillips
    Good game and addictive. However, the peer supplied and reviewed question system needs greater checks. Questions frequently turn up in the wrong categories, frequent spelling and grammar errors (incl. from native English speakers), and frequent inaccurate answers.
  4. Great game but...
    Brandon Chappell
    I love this game. It has a good mix of questions from easy ones to hard ones. Some have bad grammar but not enough to cost a star. Honestly, my biggest issue (and it's not really that huge) is that the creators are notorious for false advertisement. If you want to buy the unlimited lives it will cost you 29.99. Fairly frequently though they run sales at 50% off for 19.99. Now, for anyone that has passed 5th grade math, 50% of 30 is not 20. I wouldn't spend 20 for the lives but I might be willing to spend 15
  5. Mofo Jackson
    Liked it at first until I started writing questions and experienced the community! The concept is great as far as what this game could be, but exceptionally frustrating to write good questions that would be fun to answer and learn, and have them rejected because they don't have enough 'likes' by the community! I can't help but think a lot of people don't 'like' the questions when they can't answer them! I wrote a lot of questions on Science, History, and Geography. I put a lot of time into the grammar and way they were phrased! Just about everyone was rejected. Meanwhile you see questions come through when you're actually playing the game, that look like they were written by people who have no education, or are just interested in trivial things! It's a dumb system and leaving it up to people who only 'like' so many trivial questions, while leaving those who actually like learning not fair to a lot of us who'd like to introduce some intelligence into the game! If I gave examples of my questions, I think many would agree that they are quite worthy of game play! Sorry, just think it's a lame system for writing questions and getting them in play!
  6. Sick and tired
    John Mattey
    I just had 2 of my questions rejected for grammatical errors which were written out perfectly. Since grammar is the 1st reason listed I am certain people are rejecting questions just to reject them... Either that or they can't spell. Soooooo... Game on... I will be rejecting every question I rate. This is my protest to the game creators... You cannot give everyone the power to reject. That option needs to be removed.... Sorry, but I am frustrated to see the B.S. questions that make it into this game.
  7. Good fun.
    David Clark
    Good fun and great way to learn new facts. Would love to be able to rate questions by difficulty though, so you can say which questions are ridiculously hard to answer.
  8. Fun game
    David Risner
    Fun game. Only problem is some of the question authors really don't know how to write well. Poor grammar and ambiguous questions are fairly common.
  9. It's ok
    Douglas Thornton
    I think it's pretty fun not real hard questions I would change the way of getting the character pieces but that's just me.
  10. Great brain teaser
    Tracy Nigro
    I enjoy this game in the morning while drinking coffee to rev up my brain for the day. Other than grammatical mistakes, the occasional impossible questions, and opponents resigning after investing time and/or coins in a game (without a being rewarded for hanging in there), it's still worthwhile.
  11. Love the questions
    Mark Underwood
    Love the questions love the extra knowledge but I think the coins you earn are too low and extra spins would be good needs more to do while waiting for lives still enjoy the game
  12. Fun
    Catherine Roberts
    Great fun challenging friends and family. Great mix of questions both easy and tough.
  13. It's fun!
    Traci Wills
    They just need to eliminate how many clicks you have to make to take each turn.
  14. Great fun!
    Justin Suhajda
    This game is great fun when you have a few minutes to kill, or just looking to compete! Only downside is duplicate questions, but at least you should know the answer!
  15. It's Fun
    John Cassidy
    Level 20 and I'm still 100% in Sports, but I'm blowing it in others. Come On pigeons, I mean opponents. Let's see what you've got! !!
  16. Great fun!
    Q McQuarrie
    Really fun questions, some hard, easy. I play in Spanish and this is the most fun way to the improve a second language!
  17. Jim Lewis
    Great fun as long as you get the paid version, it has no adds.
  18. Michelle Stromme
    I would give it 5 stars if I could see what question/answers the person I am playing are getting.
  19. Trivia Crack
    Cheryl Whitling
    multiple choice trivia game,fun &educational at the same time!
  20. Fun!
    Steph Simpson
    I've learned a lot of trivia playing this game : )


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