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  1. Terrible AI
    Shane Woody
    If you plan on playing against the computer, be prepared to be frustrated. They start every round trading resources with one another at 1 for 1 rates until they all have significant stacks of development cards, then they will alternate all the knights they receive between your various properties constantly and steal your resources. You can still win, but it isn't the least bit fun to play against.
  2. Device gets very hot
    tal shehtman
    Game makes my phone and tablet very hot and kills my battery 100% to 0% in 2 hours
  3. Why does it lock up when moving the robber?
    Jennifer Wright
    Just got the game and I can't figure out why the menu disappears when I roll a seven to move the robber. I get him moved and confirm, then the menu menu disappears and I can't do anything. Have to shut down the game and re-open. What is the deal? So confused :(
  4. Eats up memory and lags
    Nick Savchenko
    The game is great, but after one-two games starts eating up the battery and causes system lags. Also dialogs content disappears, e.g. dev. cards, which makes it unplayable. Now it just hangs, nothing can do - no clicks, nothing. Clean android, no 3rd apps at all. Using android 5, nexus 10
  5. Really nice game but...
    David Knickerbocker
    The robber really is a little overwhelming. My suggestion is a robber mode where the resources aren't entirely blocked and the robber lands on your settlement or city and takes 1 of every 2 resources received from adjacent hexes. This would keep the game from feeling like a grudge match. It gets a little frustrating at times. I wouldn't purchase expansions as is.
  6. Still waiting on bug fix
    Elmo Milton
    It keeps crashing when i close after each time i play and i need to re install every time. This has been going on for literally over 3 MONTHS now. Not happy. Please fix!
  7. Robber ai makes game unplayable
    Jon Gidley
    After playing thus game for a week, I have decided to stop playing. The robber ai makes the game unplayable. You regularly get robbed 3 times a round making it extremely unlikely that you can do anything for several turns other than watch the computer play... The computer players seem to choose the human whether he is winning our not
  8. Campaign reset to stage one!
    Tuesdays Juliet
    I love your Android App so much that I bought all the expansions AND bought them for all of my friends, but today I am heartbroken. I've been playing through the campaign mode for weeks and was about halfway through but today the game completely reset and now it shows me on Scenario 1! I've emailed support and will happily change my review if they can help me!
  9. Accurate ai reviews
    max schneider
    As soon as the lead is secured the ai target the player. After stealing all your resources you will go turns without getting enough to build and by that time the ai will have too many development cards to compete with (this is the easiest ai settings). Hopefully this problem is fixed soon.
  10. Jack Purvis
    Have to "register" by providing an email address AND the actual password for that email address... then confirm it through that email. [EDIT] Got a comment from the developer (I guess) claiming they didn't need my password. I must have tried the typical approach 50 times (random numbers, names etc.) Nothing worked until the ONE time I created a fake email and provided the password. Weird, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. That being said I have played single player, and I'm hooked, it's a great game. Sometimes the rolls seem a little too convenient for the opponents, but that may be a way to balance their poor decisions. I know they claim it's random and even show a normal pattern, but the ORDER of the rolls seem fishy to me. But it's probably just my confirmation bias...
  11. Good for fun.
    Thomas Wardley
    Hard to fault apart from the AI are never as much fun as playing with real people! I really enjoyed the campaign however.
  12. You have to pay extra for the whole game
    Nicholas LePar
    Already personally thinking this game was a little highly priced but I went for it anyway just because my friends like the board game.... Bought the game just to find out that you are only buying about 30% of the game. You have to spend an additional 10-15 dollars just to unlock features like the campaign mode and all the maps. Clearly packaged as an incomplete game, and this company is looking to vulture money where it can. However fun you thought this game is, don't support such a terrible buisness model.
  13. Good game but... The AI too hard to beat!!!
    J Baker
    I spent countless hours trying to win the first campaign, but lose to repeating 7 rolls while the computer laughs at you while it gets ahead in resources. Expect frustration but celebrate if you do win one against the computer.
  14. I'm sick of re installing!
    koala SK
    Soaks up all my data for nothing...settler scum!
  15. Game is a joke
    Travis Beetsch
    Whatever numbers you are not on will roll to an extreme. Why would they do that? Makes the game stupid and unplayable. Don't waste your money.
  16. Constant force stops
    Edward Fewell
    Samsung Galaxy 5 with Lollipop. Game is now unplayable, constantly stops (force stop). Tried to reinstall, but still doesn't work.
  17. Good but needs some tweaks
    william faughnan
    I agree with many users that the rolling/AI modeling is rough more times than not. However, I have managed to make it through the 16th seafarers scenario fairly timely, winning about half the games I play. It appears as though there should be an additional 7 scenarios but no matter how many times I beat 16 it doesn't roll to the next one. Not sure why or if those don't actually exist but the whole 16/23 at the top of the page is misleading if not.
  18. Help
    Tabitha Perkins
    I first played the board game i love it so much i paid for it but i can not log into online tells me my user name or email is already in use when i put in my email for forgot password it says invalid data i tried both my emails same problem please fix its not worth the money if i can only play with the frustrating ai
  19. Crashed, got it figured out
    Andrew Tabar
    Used to work fine on my phone running 2.3.6. Now that I'm on 4.0.4, it won't start, crashes phone. I managed to fix this by turning off WiFi, removing the app (it showed up in the Play Store, so I clicked Uninstall), restarted the phone, got it thru the store over the cell network, works fine now. Update to my review: Still a great game, but the new version with the online features killed the battery on my Tab4. I left it running in the background and my battery went from 85% to <5% in less than 24 hrs. The game also takes much more battery when playing, too.
  20. Fixed annoying google play best app ever
    Brad Wasabi
    I love this app way better then cpu or xbox version


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