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  1. Samsung galaxy tab
    InsaneGiggles EmKat
    Ads bs Went to the survey site to get 10050 food. Never got it, all i get now is spam in n my email..then I do my credit score for 10,000+ n I get the email but no bonus, got car insurace quotes galore, nothing your full of crap n so is your games, wouldnt pay for it if it was only a dime. This game has caused more spam in my email, have to change my phone number too because of it. Removing all ezjoy games
  2. Game crashed and can't be loaded
    Tan Kang Shyan
    I bought some meats using money but now the game crashed. Don't allow me to load. My other handphone that downloaded this game facing the same problem. Crashed twice, first time have to uninstall and intall again to start every thing from zero. When my level high enough for 2nd time, it crashed again. I paid money for this game. Can developer please fix this bug? It happened to your other game marble blast 3 too. Ezjoy, please do something about this. Game is nice but when I addicted to it, now crashed.
  3. Fun but flawed
    Daniel B
    The levels are good and challenging but I often find myself getting one star even with two of the more powerful monsters, and the fact that if you go back and beat a level to get the 2 stars you missed you usually only get 25 coins making it pointless to go back. But the biggest complaint is half of the offers for free meat dont work even with valid email and address. Now I get junk mail from these places with nothing to show for it...
  4. Edvardas Sakas
    Great game, very addicting. But has one flaw - obnoxious ads. I don't mind adds that pop up after you finish a stage. But the ads on the bottom take up whole bottom line of the board so it's very difficult to sellect pebbles that are at the bottom. Please fix it. Otherwise superb game.
  5. Fun but
    Julie Strauss
    I liked playing - but it's barely playing when you have to X out ads all the time. I don't mind ads - BUT FULL PAGE ADS BETWEEN EACH & EVERY LEVEL ruins a perfectly good game for me!!! So sad you all can't find better ways to do full page ads, if even necessary - maybe after 10 levels or more. Uninstalled after 5 levels. A GAME to play & get involved in is what I want NOT Xing out ads! If the full page ad thing gets fixed I would install again & rate higher.
  6. Wont give me my meat orize for downloading other games like it asks
    Kerry Willmann
    Downloaded castle clash like it said and did the tutorial and it wont give me my 3124 meat it said it would for doing it
  7. Good
    Midori Wilson
    Very fun game perect for kiling time and very addictive. I like al ezjoy games but this game is a little aggravating at times cause it can get expensive and hard to beat certain levels but it an all round good game
  8. Potential to be great, much needed improvement
    Francine Bennett
    I really like this game, however, the transfer of data is lacking. I've gotten a new device, the score and the levels did not transfer from my SD card so I have to start all over . If you can help me with this, it would be great. I'm suggesting if you can link the game scoring to Google+ /Fb to save the game lvls. The higher the lvls, the more difficult to obtain meat. Otherwise than that, it's a very addictive game. Kill the ads pls
  9. Samsung galaxy S3
    Tabatha Mitchell
    Addicting cute little game! Luv the endless lives! Wish you got more meat in return for levels completed bc some of the higher levels are rly difficult and nxt to impossible without extra help :-(
  10. Too bad for a nice game
    Flor Cartuciano
    Disappointingly suddenly crashes on my first 2 levels. This might not be the first comment bout crashes but hoping for some actions about this. Thanks!
  11. Good combination of games. FUN!!!
    helen chan
    I love puzzle games but this is even better with the monster attacks. Love it!
  12. Caveman story
    Marilyn Hammond
    Absolutely addictive, fun,but twice I have downloaded this game. Continuously stops, have to reopen or start. Can not just play on. This I don't like at all ..I cannot figure out why, can't fix it. The only flaw. Which is a big one.
  13. tea luv
    Was a great game until I tried to earn extra meat with completing the free meat offers. I tried several offers but never got the extra meat the only thing that I received was a pile of junk mail in my inbox which sucks. I'm going to Uninstall and warn everyone I know that the developers of this game and all others that they have is a big rip off..if I have to post every day on all social media sites I will and warn everyone that if you don't spend money then this game is a big waste of time....get it right
  14. Nice App
    Shelli Coleman
    This game has bright, appealing graphics and easy game play. What more could you ask for?
  15. shaila john
    It's fun and entertaining. Gives me a feel of being in a jungle. Easy rounds and quick moves. I just started to play today and so far it's good.
  16. Fun, but sometimes TOO hard
    Bron Fotheringham
    Sometimes the levels can just be too hard... Seems you need a lucky break to win them. But this game is FUN, rules are SIMPLE to learn.
  17. Addictive
    Love the game. I love the endless lifes that you get, not like some where you have to wait 30 mins for each life. I don't know what happened!!!! I added some meat and now it won't load at all!!!! Very very unhappy!!!!
  18. Help! My game cannot open.. Im already at level 63 and i love this game! I dont want to uninstall it.
    kim satana
    Please fix it, and reduce ads its kind of annoying when the ads pop out and cover everything else below. Thanks..
  19. Fun game but the ads ruin it
    Cat Hess
    Some challenges without being too hard. But the ads @ the bottom block part of the gameboard. Would be 5 stars if that didn't happen.
  20. Enjoyable
    Samantha Rose
    Offers for free meat dont work. Good game though, although its impossible to beat some of the levels without extra help. Been waiting patiently for new levels!!!


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