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ezjoy games


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  1. This game sucks so bad
    Charlotte Randelhoff
    I battle with this particular stage for 2 days. When u make an explosion with a sweet the whole game freezes so u have to start all over again and again. This problem is on going and ONLY with cookie mania.
  2. Cookie mania
    Bonnie Baker
    Too dam many ads and sales thing a mabobs popping up and takes forever to play the game other than that its a good time passer
  3. Cookie mania 2
    Cindy Keller
    I really like the game but tell me how the pet works.
  4. LaTonya Hardy
    The game is really fun to play. I played this game last year. Got a new phone so I'm starting over, why does it still have Christmas a theme. Its Summer. Change it
  5. Ok
    Lesanne McGuirk
    Good game but has 'stopped working' a lot recently. Easy to use
  6. Great until it no longer opens
    Rosie Black
    Game is great. Have to uninstall and reinstall at times to get the game to open. I could live without that issue.
  7. Crashing Issues
    Vicki Forrester
    I like it until, I have no moves left...thrn when it does the change of crashes
  8. Cookie mania 2
    J. garrett Groshong
    Still crashing. Cleaned game cache, reinstalled 8 times, nothing works. It's been well over a month since you said you would fix crash problem in a later update. Am uninstalling game permantly . Tired of the problem. Running android on samsug galaxy 3 tablet.
  9. Cookie mania 2
    cellador Bryant
    This game is a very good game. Its very challenging. But i don't get what the pets do. One time they do something and maybe 2 or 3 tries down the road it'll help again.
  10. S.L. Bullock
    Thanks for the update, now I can look at ALL NEW ads every 3 seconds. Other than that, it's a fun game. Would give more if game had less ads.
  11. Level 173 and others
    Kellyn Hubbard
    It would not reset the board when there was no possible play/ move for me. It has done this several times on many levels as well. Of course it was a few times when I was going to advance to the next level!
  12. Don't Get me Wrong...
    Leslie Goldstraw
    I REALLY like this game! A new twist on the "Matching" games. Some levels are quite challenging, but you'd better take notes about what each booster does bcuz there's NO reminder ANYWHERE!!! Which would come in handy for those hard levels. Also, more ads than necessary for in-app purchases EVERY TIME you press a button to continue in the game!!! EVERY TIME!!! Addhints for boosters & remove some ads & you'll get .
  13. Sarah Davis
    Every time I get in the 30 levels the game starts closing out I've had to reinstall about 15 times its starting to get aggravating
  14. Jacynta Strong
    Ever since i updated the app in the middle of my game i get unfortunately cookie mania has stopped other than that i love the game please fix
  15. Fantastic Game
    Thelma Cozens
    I first discovered this game two years ago, & after playing it for about 6 months or so deleted it to make room for some new games; what a colossal mistake, I missed it's great fun straight away, so installed it once more where it has remained ever since with me playing it as much as possible. In short,a fabulous game.
  16. Keeps shutting down :(
    joyce hanzlick
    It's a fun game but have reinstall all the time.
  17. Traci Warren
    Fun game. I'd give it 5 stars but haven't been playing long.
  18. Cookie mania 2
    barbara Lloyd
    This game needs to be fixed, every time I go to play it shuts off..I uninstall. And reinstall... Does no good.. Please fix it. People are wading on me for lives!!!!
  19. Yvette Graham
    I like the game a lot but I don't understand the pets and they cost too much so I won't use them,but it's a fun game
  20. Cookie jam
    Shareese Johnson
    I love this game its so fun I can play it any time try it out very cool