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  1. Ridiculous
    Keyz Karanza
    We are going to throw a chain at you that gets halfway to the pit before you can get a shot off. We will be sending subsequent chains every 6 seconds. We will also make a habit of giving you marbles you can't possibly shoot anywhere without lengthening the chain. If you want to see the next level, just keep the marbles from reaching the pit. Oh, I almost forgot, you will need to set up a combo of 4. Twice. If that is "Easy Joy" what is the hard kind? Does it involve someone pouring water on a towel covering my face?
  2. Marble blast leg.
    Terri Taylor
    Fun and entertaining for the entire family. Yeah, that's right, you too mom and dad. !!!! LOL, seriously, is great. Too many advertising things going on though.
  3. Marble Blast Legend
    Ken Lee
    At the moment like have reached level 15 and it's really the best Marble Game that I played so far Thanks
  4. Marble blast legend
    Karen Moore
    I enjoyed this game but HATE that it won't let me uninstall from my tablet now that I've beaten all the levels... what's with that?
  5. Mindless a good way!
    Debbie Hembree
    You can multi.task watching tv and playing. Love it!
  6. Angela Mcdonald
    Very addicting. Love it. The power up's are cool and collecting jewels. Some ads you can't skip but not to bad for free!
  7. Addicting!
    Brandie Ragsdale
    I love playing this game... and so does my 4yr. old daughter!
  8. I'll be there for you to be honest with you and your friends and
    Julie Camilleri
    I'll be there. I like my job. It will work for me
  9. Does not recognize a win
    Carol Hall
    More than once, and just now in level 46, I accomplished goals and it did not recognize it. I played on at a cost of 1500 points and it still did not recognize that I exceeded the goals and passed the level. Fix this or I'll uninstall.
  10. Erica Trott
    I don't like the fact thst every time you pass to the next level you have ads popping up.
  11. Loretta Beck
    Stop putting that stupid circus app ad up . If I wanted to play it I would download it. Stops the game and have to restart everytime!
  12. vkarr154
    Ads cover power ups, not worth the time in later levels. Deleting...
  13. Marble blast legend
    Nancy Rychel
    I love love love this game sometimes yes it is a little hard to get a shot off at first which just makes it more of a challenge which just makes it more fun the only thing I don't like is that the advertisements come 1after every game I wished I could find a paid version however I still give you 5 stars
  14. Love ,this game ! !
    Ralph Decenzo
    I love some of these,Google Zuma style Games! This one in particular,didn't think ,I would like it, because the graphics weren't that great like, some other games. But I would still give , this Game 5. Stars. Its pretty interesting,to Play ! !
  15. Marble blast legend
    Renee Antolik
    This game is awesome, entertaining. I can't stop playing when I start. Addicting.
  16. Can't use boosters
    Nicola Sherry
    Great app but I can't use the boosters during the game as they are down the bottom of the page and get covered up by the ads. Very annoying!!
  17. Sonia Young
    Finish all the levels excellent game. Please add more games
  18. Yes i like this
    Pia Mehta
    Please help i cant do the level 45 its difficult to collect 2blue jewels
  19. Fun game
    Carol Stanhope
    So far not too hard so I'm enjoying being relaxed.
  20. Margaret Warren
    Would be great if there wasn't so many advertising pop ups for other games.


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