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muchas vidas muchos maestros


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  1. ruchi gupta
    The game WAS fun earlier with all the boost ups and stuff before the latest update.. now it just keeps on crashing and the game closes on its own. I would have earlier given it 5 stars but now I would give 0 star if possible.
  2. Too many glitches
    Dora MB
    Once again this game of glitches striks again. Level 202 I've passed 2x and it tells me I've lost. Wasting several boosters. Very disappointed, will not buy boosters for defective game, total waste of money. Maybe not be so focused on constant real money buying options, instead make sure this game can actually function correctly.
  3. Like it
    Honielyn Grace Deasis
    But .. when i connect it on facebook isnt work please fix it
  4. Pet circus
    Melanie Reitzel
    Fun cute game but Every time I try to play the bonus level I get almost through to the end and it always stops unexpectedly then I can't go back and Play it for 24 hours unless I pay .
  5. Glitches
    Irisa Leary-White
    I was enjoying the game got to levels 135 something changed. Scores are not accurately recording, not getting bonuses anymore. Frustrating WHEN you purchase EXTRA in game. !!!
  6. Naomi Mason
    I really like this game....sort of like pet rescue... Only thing is why after.. every level you play you get the ads. I mean 1-2 ok but after EVERY LEVEL... Come on
  7. Good matching game.
    Julie Stokes
    Challenging and addictive. Good way to burn a few hours.
  8. Try It
    Sheila Harris
    Really Really Fun Try It You Will Love It !!?
  9. CarliGirl Deutsch
    keeps crashing! !!!!! I did do the update. I'm on a galaxy s3. Still crashing. Very upset
  10. Sonia Moreau
    I gave three stars cause when u have left over move they go to wast
  11. Cute & Familiar
    Sharon Kelly
    LOVE the circus theme! Graphics are bright & colorful. Just difficult enough without being frustrating. Ads aren't too bad. They are in between each puzzle but close quickly, so ok. It's very similar to Pet Rescue Saga but cuter.
  12. Nice game
    Bishop Micheal
    Pet circus is my favorite game but level 50 up wards proves hard,and not rewording.
  13. Update erased collected lives
    Michele Miazga
    6/23/15 since last update all the lives( I had 77) I had collected disappeared and put me back to 5, what a bunch of cheats
  14. I adore this game it is a lot of fun!!!
    Sonya Chance
    I would have given it 5 stars the only reason I didn't is because every time I play the special level I get all the way down to 1 row left then it ends. Please fix this!!!!!!!
  15. Kyie-Mikaela Clark
    Why is my pet rescue not working.. its not opening
  16. Pet circus
    liz dandridge
    Its great u get hooked and can't stop playing
  17. Pet circus
    Tan Jit San
    Very interesting n point deduction is easy to understand unlike king,s games
  18. chalita ross
    Why can't I enjoy this game without paying for it bye, bye.
  19. Level 173
    christel pratt
    Since the update when i try to click on the key to unlock bricks it doesn't do anything and i have to start the game over.
  20. nice
    ajaymeera naik
    well why my pet is not opning,


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Fixed some minor bugs

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