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  1. S2
    S clausen
    Great game! Fun and challenging, don't run out of lives/attempts. I haven't had to buy extras to beat levels so far (on level 45 now) not too easy the farther I go, paying attention to how pieces start or evolve is the fun puzzle solving aspect :-P I haven't had issues with freezing/force closing and I can play without internet connected
  2. Worst app ever
    naimisha arabolu
    Thisz the worst app ever developed. Takes a hell lot of time to open and after opening, freezes the phone. Had to be force closed always. I'm uninstalling it. Do not install this app. Such a waste!!
  3. It's is a great game
    Alfonso Martinez-cruz
    My wife got me hooked on this game but I haven't played it in a while and because of that it wouldn't open. But I installed it again opened it back up because I love to play it and I get to do it all over again. Oh it would be nice if you put more levels please so I can keep playing. and my 5 year old and 2 year old loves playing it too they fight over it LOL. Won't open anymore why is that
  4. This game is fun but...
    shayli cooper
    It keeps cutting off in the middle of the game haven't even got past lvl 2!! Sad sad i don't know why ppl like Me for one even rates th dam game you developers won't do anything about it!! Uninstalling Now!!
  5. Sarah Flannery
    Its slow but very addicting. Need more levels i cant play anymore cause I am at 67 and thats all the levels u have. Also need to fix daily bonus. Very rarely I get it, if its not a daily bonus change the name.
  6. Susan Smith
    I love this game!! The good thing is that there is no energy to stop you from playing it. Every now and then it doesn't want to open but I still love it.
  7. Serious Ad Issues
    Nina C. Martinez
    Too bad I only got to level 6 before an ad issue occurred... Some banner ad covers the body of the game, and is unresponsive to any clicking or resizing (since the margins are not in the viewing area). A layering issue happens too, as the game's tutorial cursor is above this glitched ad, but also unresponsive. It's a shame, considering I liked the game beforehand...
  8. Love the game but do not like starting over every time want to play.
    Joanne Gruver
    Help. What am I doing wrong. No one else seems to have this problem.
  9. Tara Coffman
    YOU ARE MISSING OUT IF YOU DONT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!! If you have a brain… you will have no problem. Whats up with lots of people and their bad grammar??? Im not the only one who went to school... Right???
  10. Keeps stopping
    Christina Martinez
    It was ok at first then when I got to level 4 it stops and then it kicks me out and won't let me play when I go back in please fix this. I just try to open and it won't open the game it's sad I really liked this game. :-( ok I have installed this game again and now I'm able to play and get passed the 4th level it's doing good so far and I like this game a lot. At first i gave it 2 stars now I'm giving it 4 if no more problems I'll give it 5.. now 3 it keeps kicking me out again :( updated on 3/3/14
  11. Pet Pop
    BillieJean Chambers
    This game has been real challenging especially level 27 havent been able to pass yet, they need to add more moves to it at least 5.
  12. Its good!
    Nuur Laila
    The game is interesting and joyful but only one that there's a problem that always it comes that unexpectedly stop that s only the problem otherwise its good!!!
  13. Force closes everytime!
    BA Lim
    Cant even start playing. The game works fine on Galaxy Tab 2. But why not on my Xperia ion?!
  14. Brutal Adsense spamming
    Mate Slugan
    I hope this guy gets banned from Adsense because of brutal spamming during the game play.
  15. fix bugs!
    D Taylor
    Happy that new levels were finally added but I get all animals out of cages and game doesnt recognize that level is complete! Stuck on 57 with no more tasks to complete and game telling me I failed. No fun. Stuck on 56. I enjoy game so much I reinstalled but disappointed about lock up.
  16. Lovin this game
    Sally Moore
    Had a freeze prob to start with but seems to have resolved itself. Good fun but time wasting!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Fun fun fun!!!
    Rebecca Engert
    Love watching them wake as a row pops, so cute! My nephew giggles a lot when he plays.
  18. Pet pop
    mikaela jerue
    It never even opened this games sucks and I am disappointed because I really like it on my ipad...
  19. Good
    Mark Anthony Ancheta
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  20. Tonia Cook
    I reached level 67 but there are no more levels. Am I missing something or is that as far as it goes? I paid $4.99 for 20 more extra turns but did not get credited. I will not spend anymore if this is not rectified.


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