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  1. Link Local doesn't work
    Russell Jones
    I've been trying to trade pokemon on Pokemon Silver on this app. It is being met by a ton of errors. I paid money for the upgraded version and might get a refund. Please fix this!
  2. Pokefail
    Zackary Smith
    I try to trade pokemon on two deferent phones from gold and silver version's and thay pair up go in trading room and it tells me I have to have both gold and silver version on each phone fix for 5 stars
  3. Doesn't work
    Shawn Mccullough
    I loved it at first now all of a sudden it shuts off on me and won't turn back on at all. Every time I open it it force closes. Until then it was great now it's just a waste of money since I can no longer use it. Fix this or refund my money please
  4. Connections issues
    Chris McMahon
    I love the emulator but I can't connect with friends through WiFi or Bluetooth... Connection error after 2 min on Pokemon TCG 2..... But other Pokemon games work fine... Edit. Also playing Pokemon TCG 2, it utilizes the infrared port.. Is that not emulated yet??
  5. Excellent !
    Steve Lee
    Everything functions well. The only issue is the link cable capability being non functional. Other than that this app is perfection.
  6. You did it again.
    James Vance
    Love the gameshark add on. The ability to control the codes so quick and fluently is deffinatly a break through. Dont even get me started about the shaders. Took it to a new level. The bluetooth cable corad fixed onto the wear is brilliant as well. So id have to say in short. This is exactly what i was looking for. Thank-you F.E!
  7. Great but one issue
    Lauren Mondrow
    It's been fantastic until the local link I'm stuck in the trade room in pokemon red and cannot exit just wanted that gengar ya know really wish there was a fix for that(UPDATE) made it.out of the trade room had to do an ingame reset and continue now I am unable to trade between pokemon red and crystal oh well hopefully I am able to fix that too
  8. Immersive mode
    Richard G
    It doesn't work. Editing control layouts with immersive mode on is next to impossible. Fix this one issue and I'm a happy customer
  9. Great game w/ suggestion
    Mitchell Luckinbill
    I love this but it would be perfect if you could change the theme of the buttons and backgrounds to resemble the old gbc's or something cool. Please implement this.
  10. Best GameBoy Emulator
    Sosanya Pok
    Very easy to use with many options. Give it a try before purchasing it and you will still be happy! Just be careful not to accidentally hit the menu button while getting into a game because you may inadvertently quit the game while doing so. Other than that it's a great app for when your actual gameboy color gets too old or broken.
  11. Best Emulator I've Ever Used.
    Peter Rogliano
    Heaps of features and great performance. I've used many emulators and this is by far the best. Local and remote link works for Pokemon, never had any issues and it works in fast forward speed too. Video filters and colorise work together to make original gb games like Pokemon red look modern. Play speed up to x16 ftw. Fully customisable controls. Quick save/load and rapid fire buttons become something you cant live without. No adds etc. A bit expensive, but soo much better then other leading paid emulators.
  12. Good interface, average emulator
    Fabio Spelta
    It looks like the perfect GBC emulator has to be created yet. This one has a smart UI (although not perfect, it's the best I found and I tried them all), netplay worked fine - at least, on tetris - BUT rhe emulation itself is inaccurate. Playing Nemesis II has plenty, plenty of glitches (especially with the laser beam) that another emulator with a crappy UI doesn't have, and it runs perfectly there.
  13. Excellent
    Dave Wear
    Ive been using this for a while now and i found this really good. Ive used the bluetooth connection on some of the games with my girlfriend. We did gave some trouble connecting over wifi (i don't know if that is because we were on the same network or if her routwr needs to be configured) but as a whole the emulator hasnt failed on me once, the quick saves are very useful (saving time and skipping the intro an start screen an saving at places u cudnt) money well spent in my opinion
  14. Few Problems
    Sean Hart
    I have had hours of fun using this product. That said, the local link works, but it isn't by any means easy to use. You pretty much had to switch between games every 10 seconds the last time I tried to use it. Also, I'd feel safer if there were some notification as to when you quick saved a game. Otherwise, it works very well, and I feel like it was worth the money.
  15. Works great
    jacob Peskoe
    The emulator works great and I love all of the features. I havent tried using any cheats, but I love being able to control the speed of the game at various rates between .2x speed and (what i believe is) 32x speed. Its also great being able to save any game at any time and have several save slots. I think the coolest feature is using the link to either link up with other players remotely or to actually link up with your own device while running 2 instances of the game. Its like having two gameboys!
  16. Best GBC emulator
    Jun Jie Tan
    I have tried many GBC emulators, but none can match what this emulator has to offer, emulator functions worked perfectly fine for me, definitely worth every penny, great job!
  17. Freeze
    dale fresco
    The game freezes every few seconds and for.the game to continue i have to constantly press menu for it to work. Please fix.
  18. Nice emulator...
    Franck JAÏT
    ...but poorly optimized. Frequent micro lags on Xperia SP and impossible B+A actions (AKA run+jump) made me eventually turn back to GBC.emu which runs flawlessly. Still it has nice features such as gyroscope support and a perfect crystal clear sound output
  19. Could be better
    Bible Mendiola
    Cant connect pokemon blue or red with pokemon yellow this is a big problem the only reason i got the app....its now a waste of time highly disappointed i expected better from this app how sad and pathetic
  20. Not able to connect to other Pokémon games
    Riley Quinn
    Will not let me connect with my friend who is playing Pokémon Blue when I'm playing Pokémon Yellow. I PAID MONEY FOR THIS!!!! This should easily allow us to battle and trade with each other. They are practically the same game! RIP OFF!


What`s new

* [core] Fixed an opcode.
* Fixed menu not working on certain devices.