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  1. Not bad, could use more content
    Cade Peters
    Not a bad start! Flying is solid! There are more controls than I expected for a flight sim on a mobile platform, very nice! However it needs a bit more in single player (or make live free) paying 5$ for the game is enough unless this was a fully featured flight simulator. Buildings need to be added to the runways at least. Also NPC plane traffic for single player.
  2. Great
    Max Dzhalovskiy
    Great game, All it needs now is some additional failures and such to the planes and some scenery as buildings, cars, trees, and maybe a map, radar, also make the maps bigger, in other words connect the states or city's together, but at the same time Great Simulation!
  3. More
    Kshitij Maheshwari
    Can you make all things free and we have already paid for this game if you con make it free my rating will go back to 5 stars.
  4. Bugs
    Kris Trayler
    Bug where the airport keeps disapearing and reappearing on samsung galaxy tab 3.7.0. When will the A320 come into the game and willl it be for free? Other people, do not keep asking for live to be free, infinite flight needs money to pay bills for the servers and it will never be free. Dont be scared to use you your money and maybe if you do, updates will come quicker!
  5. Amazing how difficult
    Christopher Turner
    Novice be ware! Physics and planes are very well done. Unless you are a airline pilot you will be confused.
  6. Galaxy s6 lag FC
    Shannon Misquitta
    Lags heavenly on galaxy s6 hangs also only on tapping the screen moves it plays then stops n hangs again ...gets stuck on 30% load then u tap the scene after few minutes then it goes ahead again tap again it will go ahead ...please optimise for s6
  7. Live is not working for me.
    Mr ireland
    I have had the game for a while now and I love it, I recently purchased thee live version but once I go on it let's me play for a moment, freezes and the brings me to the home menu. I hope thus gets fixed because I paid to be able to play live and so far I can't.
  8. Ikhsan Fikri Ikhsan
    Thnx matt for this game,i have idea for you matt can you fix users android,because we very boring for lagging..yeah...this a problem for android.not for apple user smooth not lag in airport busy....please matt fix lag...thank you☺
  9. Very slow FPS performance
    Benetton Song
    Hi Flying Development Studio, the simulator is giving me very slow FPS performance and its not a very pleasant experience for a $7 app i paid for. Im using a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (SM-N910G) which has a quad core processor which is brand new so is there anyway to solve my FPS issue? Please reply soon thankss
  10. The best mobile flight simulator
    Riswan Ahmad P
    Absolutely great game, combines the realism and 'noob-friendly' aspect beautifully. There are some rough edges but overall it's great. Very recommended
  11. Prince D
    Bought all the planes an regions. .. u guys still have alot to do like addin buildings, on/off engines an different an better engine sounds for each aircraft! An some better weather graphics (rain snow) an please you all should make live more free like seriously come on now! Smh
  12. READ CAREFULLY ALL TEXT! Price is high (plus in app - planes and flight zones) - quality is low. No purchases restore noticed. No camera angle from the back to see whole plane which is important for all games.
    Mykola Vekhbi
    I just purchased that game, but I uninstalled it. Limited flight zone isn't good thing. THERE IS NO RADAR, NO APU FAULT CONTROL AND NO ENGINES WINGS FAULT CONTROL, NO ENGINE FIRE INSTINGUSHERS. Besides, there's no choice of plane faults as real situations with planes and how to handle it. WHY HERE IS NO WORLD MAP??! Looks like the hole game have to be redone. CHECK OUT RORTOS GAMES - EXTREME LANDINGS FULL VERSION. Maybe it will help you to be more creative!
  13. Laggy
    Rama Soeparing
    Hi I have this game in IOS playing using iPad 2 no problem whatsoever. Here I play with Galaxy s6 but extremely laggy. Please fix thanks.
  14. Used to be amazing...
    Jacob Raptosh
    Now freezing constantly on both my galaxy s5 and s6. Fix this, and I'll give it the 5 stars it will deserve.
  15. Promising, but there's a lot room for improvement.
    Tom Pax
    I bought the app and don't regret it because I want to support this, but the app is in its infancy. The performance is pretty crappy, which, considering there are simulators with far better graphics and LIVE virtual cockpit (this one here is only pretty picture , but dead like in FS98) and much higher fps, is hard to understand and accept. Besides, there need to be more airplanes (more variety of their types, since much of what is on offer is redundant). Who needs 4 Embraers, 3 varietes of 777, 4 of 747 and so on, when there's no single turboprop airliner like ATR or Dash. One more thing, this will never be serious simulator unless you find a way to simulate the world, not isolated regions (which don't encompass the world even in their summary). I hope though this will become serious app some day, for now it's only experiment in simulation. My advice is to check out Extreme Landings and their engine. Of course their flight model is less realistic, but graphics is better and fps much more smooth. And they have some excellent solutions when it comes to user interface switching command panels, much better than in Infinite Flight. And they even have live virtual cockpit.
  16. Best app ever!
    Ronnell Donahoo
    I usually don't rate but this app is the best app in the Google Play Store! It's do fun and it's worth the price.
  17. Using Note 2
    Mackander Singh
    Awesome... on moblie platform the developers have done a great job.. Live mode is also a great addon... Sounds are great... more crisp and real.. keep surprising us with your good work.. cheers!!!....
  18. Nonsense
    vineet pillai
    Don't waste your money by buying this game...really a stupid radar,no back camera bored in just 2 minutes..much better game than this is extreme landings..
  19. Nice game but a bit of drawbacks
    Paulo Sagario
    Nice! This is one of my favorite flight simulators! The only 3 problems is when you hit the ground which a part that dose'nt have wheels, you just crash and that is not necessary! Still is it a very good game and I also wish there is a MD 11 that I have been waiting forever and make the MD 11 free. Still it doesn't mean it is down to 3 stars and also, I want to fly for longer ranges because you are only commuting cities, so please, add a world map and make us fly from countries to country rather than city to cities. Other than that, you still did a good job.
  20. Bad at the moment
    Ethan Elkins
    So bad it never loads up or if it does its a black screen which will then take me to my homepage. Sort it out becuz im not happy i paid my money for this app that dosent even work. I will just play x plane from now on because it accualy works!! Also their live play is free. Very dissaponted with this app. And this is on my new samsung galaxy j1. Absouloutly appaling.


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This update brings 15m HD satellite terrain imagery across the entire world, and animated instruments in the A320 series.

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