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  1. Samsing Galaxy Mega 6.3
    Derek Crane
    Gets better after every update. Not much tweeking to make it 5 star.
  2. Logged out
    Devon Vehlow
    Logged out just as I needed my cards with no Internet signal
  3. Really hard to set up and use
    Brent Williams
    I just bought new Samsung Note Edge. Samsung Wallet has pre-linked with this app and company. Their App does not translate into English speaking users well at all. For example, you have to enter your address. While the fields are labeled in English, it uses European sequencing, no state, and the countries (in English) are sorted in alphabetical order based upon French - US is Etats-Unis. I opened my first loyalty card starting with America Too bad that Samsung doesn't have a better way to offer passbook
  4. Nice but sometimes difficult
    Tatyana Mechkarova
    It's useful, but sometimes did not work. In general good appreciation :)
  5. Simple and efficient
    Omar Sebti
    It does the job + get my registered card when I changed my phone simlessly
  6. Avoid...
    Neil Brown
    Especially if you have an S4 with Mobeam which works a treat compared to this.
  7. I like it
    Luis Briceno
    Though I don't understand why the linking with the Samsung wallet, both programs do the same right?
  8. Back up function not solid.
    Carlo Geminiani
    Had to factory reset my nexus 5 and only 4 out of 10 loyalty cards were backed up when I reinstalled Fidall. Most disappointed.
  9. Cards only show on one phone
    David Pickles
    Doesn't back up, when I log in online or new phone no sign of my cards.
  10. Wish it was good, but it's Useless
    Andrew Delashaw
    As much as I wanted this to be a handy app, it was much the contrary. When you choose your card from the list (Which is a pain to scroll through because there is no school bar. So you have to scroll through the hundreds of cards to get to your desired one.), there is no way to scan your card's barcode. Even if you enter the card in manually then it won't generate a barcode for it like it does in the blank card creator.
  11. Can not open it on s3. All my card details are stored on it already. Now I cant access them!!!!!
    stella cooper
    Saranne J avatar image
    Saranne J January 19, 2014
    So far so good. Clever app
  12. Synchronizing
    Helene Boisvert
    Some of the pictures no longer fit the card number. Trying reinstall to correct situation. Otherwise, I used it already in a store, it was great but since latest Samsung s4 firmware upgrade all my cards are messed up. It was working great. I'm sad that it no longer works like before.
  13. Good idea
    Andrew Gordon
    Needs work. Make it eastier 2 scan barcodes
  14. Its ok.
    Paul Mills
    A bit of a pain find and putting ing cards.
  15. Very disappointed
    Kofi Lash
    Frankly and I objectively this is a very poor attempt for an app if all its able to do is store a copy of your store/loyalty cards without the ability to scan the converted bar codes at the till or check out.
  16. Can't validate
    Rob Hindmarsh
    Still waiting on email to validate! 24 hours still nothing. If this is how slow the app will be then no thanks...uninstall time.
  17. Slow and buggy
    Stephen Jones
    Keeps alerting me to something in French and is abysmally slow.
  18. UK - Forget It
    Stuart Lusty
    This could be a great app, Except that when you come to validate your account it will NOT allow to put put in letters for your post code. Numbers are only accepted. Great if you live in the USA. BUT Crap if you live in the UK. Please sort out this minor issue. Would have been 4 stars But NO more. Galaxy S4 user with latest firmware.......:-(
  19. Brilliant App
    Andrew Smith
    I like this app doesn't make my pocket over fill with cards.. But there is a issue I am encounering. I am trying to make a profile but it won't let me do my postcode but has UK as a country.. Only let's me put numbers in. Can you please sort this one little bug :) Using S4 with latest firmware.
  20. It works
    Gil Alowaifi
    Didn't have any issues with the app. I managed to insert almost of my cards in it :-) My wallet is lighter now ;-)


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