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benji bananas
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  1. Love it but stucked bec of a bug
    Miissch Yd
    Hi! I love this game very much. What I wonder is that, at level 85 it says you have to earn points but there is no bananas only peppers which when u get 1 is equal to 1 point and I got to have 300 pts but peppers are limited like 10 or 15. I couldn't pass the level bec pts are not enough even though I have passed the distance required. Dev please help T_T
  2. Most awesomest game ever
    Demetris Pressley
    In my description I would describe this game as the most awesomest thing in the world you get the swing like a monkey from vine to vine on the game it is so fun and from vine to vine and also dropping very fun to the doom the bestest game ever even the bestest is not a word I'm going to use it
  3. Very fun and addicting
    Brian Duda
    I hope they keep expanding this game because i love it. Some levels are annoying but it's very satisfying to finally finish them. I hate having to unlock levels though every so often. Waiting 2 days to continue on is a bit much. Also, i got to level 100 and the game froze. I hope this isn't common. Starting over is painful because the first 50 levels are a breeze.
  4. Fun
    Simona Forcato
    Very fun to play! Great during boring moments! But please take the forced commercial videos away! I agree on commercial shown as pictures or slogans but being forced to watch a 20 sec video is annoying!
  5. I hate the controls
    FNAS tephen
    The controls are stupid! Make it where you can swing by holding and release on any part of the screen. It makes it so difficult. I will rate 5 stars if you do this.
  6. Garbage is an understatement
    delmar odegaard
    The original game was amazing, i have a feeling i would like this game a bit better, but those ads kill it so fast.
  7. tapas roy
    Awwwweeeeeessssssooooooooommmme game.... cute cute creatures... the monkey is tooo cute..... i would lyk to giv a thumbs up to dis game..... its too addictive... my favourite game...i spend hours playing dis... bt would lyk if there would hav more lives..... wat evr... in short i luv it
  8. This game is real nice I love it.
    Raymond King
    Other then random ads popping up when I start to make my first jump,and after every turn,and jus random sometimes, I simply cant get enough of it. The game is well put together. Its easy to play but can be difficult to beat at the same time.
  9. I ReaLLy loved this app, but...
    KaLaMitY Powers
    Because of the 15-30sec advertisements, this app uses more data than my internet use & top 2 apps I use combined! That is just ridiculous! I really love this game, but am forced to delete it or have to pay overage fees, which I'm not doing. I have 6G to use & typically only use half. Since installing this app, I've used 75% in less than 2 weeks! Not realistic without wifi
  10. Best timepass game
    Yogesh Valeja
    Nicccccccccce game awesssssssome. Its a good game whenever u r borred or u r frustrated. Best swinging game. One should download it for fun
  11. NO NO NO !!!
    megan Taylor
    This game is a complete disaster and it is so hard don't download it's a wast of time .rather download the original benji bananas .I'm only on level 14 and I am already board :-( T_T
  12. Great Game
    Jas Singh
    I think its really fun and like to play but there should be a way to tell if the monkeys holding the trampoline up are still there.
  13. Hmmm
    Zubair Jan
    This games is good but I can found grand paa glasses he take 20 hours that's to much time plz fix it thank you
  14. Amazing
    Yariel Calloway
    I find it pretty amazing. Only thing I don't like is losing lives and having to wait for them to reboot lol. But the game is amazing.
  15. Cool
    A cool and awsome app is my favorite
  16. Ads Are Bananas!
    Kevin Flanagan
    This game could be fun if we weren't forced to watch 20-30 second ads every single turn of the game. I'll uninstall for this reason alone.
  17. Crazy monkey
    Liyaqat Ali
    When u play this game u really want to fly like Benji . It is really nice .
  18. Renee p.
    Great game..I would give it 5 but it Could do with out so many video advertisements. Otherwise I love it!!
  19. More levels
    Nick Hogue
    Awesome game but I finished it like 9 months ago. Where's the new levels????
  20. Favorite game
    Michael Wittemann
    I love this game I have just beaten it for the second time. I also play the original game and wish you would make the power ups more like the original by buying upgrades with bananas. I also hope you have more levels coming soon. Like I said I've beaten this game twice now and feel like I've been waiting for way too long for more levels.


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