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  1. Give it a chance...
    Heidi B
    At first, I was bored because there really isn't a storyline or any interaction with people. But, it's challenging, there are numerous scenes, and it really tests your memory and puzzle skills! I don't think it's short either.
  2. Great Game!!!
    Xenolia M
    Amazing game...beautiful graphics and entertaining puzzles. Just loved it and wanting more.....
  3. EGG HUNT!
    Adkins Loretta
    Grisly Manor, The Hidden World and The Lost City have egg's hidden in them. Find the egg's go to the website that is with the code. At the website tap on the egg enter the code. All three game's have beautiful artwork and great puzzle's.
  4. Lost City
    turnbull smith
    For those who can remember it's a new version of Zork I first played in the late 70tys took years to finish, not this game,good graphics and interesting problems, can drag on a bit at times, but good hints during the game.
  5. Darn
    leah hartley
    OK I really wanted to play this game but it does not want to work!! I'm so annoyed! Please fix or give a re fund . what happened was I'd turn it on and the fire maple sign came on then it turned off!!
  6. Awesome graphic, storyline, and price!
    Katherine Baker
    Not only is the storyline fun and interesting but the graphics are exceptionally amazing! I didn't have a single problem with this game and the price is really fair. Can't wait for the next game, keep up the fantastic work! Loving these games! :)
  7. gamer
    Dan Setzer
    Only one issue. When you find the hidden egg the info is noted in your diary. Make note of it on a piece of paper. I did not. When you finish the game you can't get back to the diary. You can use the egg info at the developers website.
  8. Nice and enjoyable
    Olga Kusmina
    4,5 stars. Beautiful graphics, never crashed. They seemed to fix after i've reported that i couldnt open it before. Good puzzles, intersting storyline. only the hint loads way too slowly, and its only 1thing you have to do that unlocks the next step. So lots of waiting. And its stressful to run through a labyrinth of pathways cause you cant tap on the map to be transported. Fix this! But all in all good work!
  9. The lost city
    linda bloomfield
    What a great game lots of backwards and forwards but that's all part of the story.
  10. Pretty game yet too simple
    Nicole Vojnovich
    The game's story line is rather lame and the game itself is way too easy. It's mostly tedious going back and forth to different scenes. Same for the other two games with the same company.
  11. Loved it
    cest la vy
    My daughter and I loved playing this game together. It was fun and calming to play
  12. Awesome
    Chelsea Barry
    It was short sure, but it was entertaining as hell for the few hours I played it. I loved the concept and the clues weren't too hard to figure out. Best .99 cents I ever spent.
  13. Love it!
    Ehlon Wilson
    Wish it were longer but I still love it and wish you made more games!
  14. Cool
    Lilly Nilsson
    It is so cool no ads like most games .I no it cotes but it is so cool
  15. Love the game play.
    But the huge "home" button in the corner was distracting, and you had to wait way too long between hints. Still, it was fun to play.
  16. Fun and gorgeous
    Linda Clement
    I've become a real Fire Maple fan. They're a lot of game for a little memory. If you like puzzle adventures with beautiful graphics you will probably like them. Don't forget to write down the egg code before you finish the game!
  17. Fun!
    Tava Paulsen
    A great quiet game, and just challenging enough.
  18. Esther Clement
    Absolutely loved it! There are hints built into the game. The puzzles aren't so difficult as to be unsolvable. The only prob that i can see is when i pull up the map to see where I've been, the screens are too small to see what is on each one, and i can't zoom. Quick solution was to screenshot and then zoom. Other than that, fun, relatively quick game
  19. Where are the eggs?
    Katie Triffitt
    Im 3/4 's way through this game & i haven't found one egg yet....
  20. I love it but....
    Stacie Leech
    I'm on the screen the hint tells me to go to, but the item it says should be there is not! Please Help!!! I really don't want to have to reset progress!!! I'd be more specific but i don't want to give away any spoilers


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