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Pavel Zhdanov | Software Developer в компании FIVE-BN GAMES

Ukraine |

Andrey Demenikov | C++ Developer at Five-BN

Ukraine |

Aleksandr Frolov | COO, FIVE-BN GAMES

اوكرانيا |

Станислав Цыбенко | Game developer, C++ programmer

Ukraine |

Reviews 4,213

  1. I loved it at first but...
    Whoopsidaisey Flower
    The game is so short! I was just getting into it & then it's over! Grrrrr not cool! I finally found a game that I love & its over
  2. JD
    Jacqui Donald
    Brilliant! Good story, good length both main and bonus game. Great graphics and response to tapping. Good mixture of mini games and hops. Best game I have played for a while, excellent value for £2.99 will be buying more.
  3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S
    M Hite
    Played the demo. The graphics are soooo good! The story seems coherent - more than I can say for a lot of games. Can navigate by the map. I liked the idea behind the 2 HOPs in the demo. Find items & use them within the HOP to get a final item. I really hate the silhouette clues though, that's enough to make me not buy a game. Mini games ok, nothing new. Didn't like to have to hit the little back button instead of tapping at the bottom to go back. That is irritating after a few times. There was a lot of stuff to find and do, I liked that. 'Extra' objects, several kinds. Some morph, some don't. Several places were too dark to see them so you just spam tap around until you get bored & give up & don't bother with them. Lots of choices in the difficulty settings. Very nice. To me, the minuses out weigh the plusses for the price.
  4. Good
    Maria Cosmidis
    Pretty good, most puzzles were quite similar so that was a bit annoying.
  5. Vicky Stephenson
    Well i did rate this game 5 stars but they have completely removed the bonus chapter which i think is out of order as the price is still the same. SHAME ON YOU GUYS now you get 3 stars
  6. Unbelievably good
    Sven Boden
    I m playin digital games for over 40 years and bout 3 years on my tablet...this particular genre is one of my favorite and this particular game the best of the genre by far:smooth and stunning graphics...excellent voiceovers...gorgeous cutscences...innovative and refreshing puzzles..brilliant game play overall...I hope the dev.stays in business for long time cause I b buying all there stuff if its anything like this....worth ten stars really....
  7. On tab 3
    Nathalie Proulx
    Good story line, great graphics, puzzle games not too easy, perfect, want more
  8. I want refund
    Anthony Lund
    Can't finish game. There r no more areas with actions and the hint button doesn't work at all. Try beta testing u scumbags. I will never play ur games again.
  9. Very very good, but expensive
    Katya Nichitina
    Another great game by this developer. Interesting story, challenging HOGs and puzzles, smooth play. Only wish it wasn't so expensive! Although this seems to be the trend lately in this genre of games.
  10. Fun; not too hard; has interactive map
    Tara E
    But 2 stars off for having to deal with ads after paying for the game. Lame!
  11. Good game
    Patrick Rheinbolt
    Excellent game easy to play no glitches good graphics
  12. Linda Wood
    Superb game with superior graphics. Great combination of puzzles. The only thing I didn't like was having to jump back & forth between so maNY scenes. Would definitely play more 5 games.
  13. Rosie O'Brien
    Pretty good game. None of those 'how was I meant to figure that?' moments. Had to give up on a couple of the puzzles as they were too frustrating. (esp the elastic band one). Looking forward to more games from this company.
  14. Disappointed
    Cora Gray
    The game lasted a short time and require another purchase to proceed. There is no way of even replaying it...Not worth the money, many free games offer so much more.
  15. Mixed bag
    Emily Crimmins
    Story is weird. Majority of mini games are way too hard. Good graphics and find and use hidden object. Love the collections and phantom objects but some were impossible to find. Good interactive map. Okay length but not worth $5.
  16. Amusing intriguing game loved it
    Shermally Naldoza
    It is an awesome game the tasks were amusing. But when the bottle dropped it told me to purchase part 2 of the game which I will do because it is an awesome game.the graphics were amazing. Everything was amazing
  17. Very intriguing!
    Rosana Marte
    Got me hooked! too bad you have to pay to keep going any further.
  18. So awesome bt I don't know how to open the next level
    Susannah Wist
    Please someone tell me how to open the next level
  19. Good long game
    Diane Westerfield
    Main game and bonus chapter both pretty long. Engaging story even if the mafia bit is somewhat tenuous. Only annoying thing was pop up ads even after I paid for full game.
  20. Enjoyed the free version, but $5 too steep!
    Kelly Auld
    Story line has a different twist; this time, the mafia disappeared! Realistic graphics, the map shows where to go next & teleports. The HOS are all silhouette images that all interact & lead you to the last item. I prefer HOS with the items listed by word. I would've loved to finish the game but $5 too much. I own every Big Fish game (they cost $3 & under) & several Artifex Mundi & a G5 games, but only on sale. I won't pay more than $3 for an Android game. If you lower, I'll buy all of your HO games!!


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