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Monthly active users estimation: 175,000


Elzbieta (Ela) Kubiak, PMP | Project Manager at FlightView (formerly RLM Software, Inc

Greater Boston Area |

Mani Ramachandran | Senior Software Engineer at FlightView

Greater Boston Area |

Lorraine Gaglione | Business Manager at FlightView

Greater Boston Area |

Robert Ingalls | Senior Quality Assurance Engineer

Reviews 9,120

  1. Not As Accurate As FlightTracker
    Bud Makelke
    I did my own test; FlightTracker posts updates much faster than FlightView. Provides accurate info, just many minutes later. (Galaxy S5)
  2. Good info, poor design
    Noel J
    This app seem to have good flight info, but the user interface makes it very hard to use. The alerts work well if you can get them set up. Hard to use. Can't zoom maps. Can't search for a flight then add it to a trip. Hard to use. Just a jumble of pretty good features that don't work together. Edit: support seems to think that the wildly inconsistent interface is a user problem.
  3. Gets stuck on flight map
    James Tweedie
    Very poor - sits trying to get flight map. Last attempt was 5 minutes before I closed it. Installed, tried and uninstalled in 15 minutes. Samsung Tab Pro 2
  4. Very Good App
    Ricky F
    This flight tracking app is very good. It is my favorite app to track flight with. I love the option to make trips because it makes tracking much more organized. The notifications are also very helpful. The only feature in which I wish was improved is the map. The ability to zoom in and change the terrain on the map would make this flight tracking app the best one on the market by far!
  5. Flight View Free
    michael ince
    My daughter's flight has not departed Orlando yet, over two hour delay if it departs at all and Flight View Free shows that it is on time to arrive at Baltimore then to Little Rock. Glad I didn't pay for the premium Flight View.
  6. Mingqun Lin
    I would give 5-star ranking if the annoying keyboard popup doesn't open with the program every time. We do not search for flight every time, instead, we're checking for the status from the saved flights.
  7. Love it
    Milan White
    Very very accurate and simply very easy to track. I tracked several flights for my family coming from overseas
  8. Great
    bill rueschaw
    Easy to use. Get your information fast and was very accurate. Told me when the flight was due and it landed when it said.
  9. Steven Roberts
    It knows gate information and flight changes before the gate attendants do at the airport.
  10. Always seems to work great and is accurate
    Jamie Jeffrey
    Wonderful and helpful when picking up people from airport
  11. It works
    Daniel Acevedo
    Notifications of my dad's flight worked great.
  12. Gary Olan
    Flightview up to date information and always on the mark. Couldnt do without it.
  13. Great, easy to use, clear, well designed app
    Andy Parker
    Wanted to see where my daughters plane was so decided to look for an app that could do that for me. Well, look no further, this is it. Well done to the developer!
  14. Doesn't quite fully work
    Sean Bradley
    It finds flights quick, but doesn't load the map. I can go to the web and get the info without wasting space.
  15. Wouldn't use any other app
    Savannah Hovis
    My husband travels for work and this is my "go to" app. It is so accurate and definitely gives me peace of mind!
  16. Mary Jones
    Love it, very accurate and super helpful. Thank you!
  17. Flightview Free Flight Free
    David Hebden
    Can't' get inflight map anymore used to.
  18. Donald Billingsley
    Works very well! It is pretty accurate.
  19. Can't use it yet.
    Lynn Scarbrough
    Said it was free. Second time I used it it said I needed to leave a review in order to unlock it.
  20. Amazing app
    Robert Vardanyan
    This app is very good! Used it to track over 10 international flights for family and gf, never failed once. Always accurate and provides timely notifications! Amazing!


What`s new

- fixed slowness and crashes