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  1. Not perfect
    Paul Mauro
    This level pack has more levels then just regular impossible game has itself, but the background music doesn't always sync up with the square (this does ruin the epic music effect with the course/level). I also find that this should have been included with the "full" game. This level pack does run smoothly though, and having 3 distinct levels makes playing each of the levels alot of fun. If your a fan of the Imposible game, then get this level pack.
  2. Great way to waste your life!
    Alec Roseland
    This game is great fun and formidably difficult. I only wish that all of the levels were on a single app. I had no trouble with it not being synced on my S III.
  3. Amazing game i love it
    John Doe
    But it kinda lags to much and makes me lose to much also i have a high end device a galaxy s4 so there should be no lag and please put the first impossible game track that has my fav song please devs i beg of you then ill rate 5
  4. Keep on!!!!
    Octavio Arrambide
    Love this game since I bought it for my symbian a long time ago. Please make more levels! I can go trough level 2 and 4 totally blind (if u master this game u know why I cant make it trough the 3rd level blinded) And would be nice to have a fast forward button, u know, for an actually impossible version :D
  5. Please fix or update to hd
    Sean Barfield
    Fix the lag issues, the game is fantastic but way too laggy on hd screens. This should be an easy fix... I would even be willing to re-buy if there were an hd fix or remake. It runs choppy on my one x, one x +, atrix hd, optimus g pro, and HTC one. Will certainly be 5 star if fixed
  6. Frustrating, but fun.
    Gregory Opera
    Just like the Sony PSP (PlayStation Portable)/PlayStation Vita version, this game is frustrating as hell... But at the same time, It's addictive and you'll just keep coming back for more, especially with the awesome soundtrack! My only complaint is the lack of support for the Google Play Games Services, which adds support for achievements/trophies, social networking and more. Otherwise, this game is highly recommended.
  7. Awesome!
    Samuel Hemmings
    This game is absolutely amazing there is one little bug that when you open it sometimes it says licence check failed if that happens you have to click retry 21 times I don't know why but it works.But apart from that it is such a brilliant game especially when you complete phazed level 5 it feels amazing and is very tricky to over come it.SO WORTH THE MONEY IF YOU BUY IT THEN GOOD LUCK!¡!!!!!
  8. Level 2
    Arturo Alvidrez
    Level 2 is glitched and wont allow me to move on.. also the game isnt in sync.. please fix for 5 stars
  9. Brilliance
    Soifur Whoopsie
    Most of the reviews on this game consists of 5 stars. But upsets me to see that people voting it down due to lag issues I have a Galaxy S4 which it works perfectly on. Now onto an actual review of the game itself. To put it bluntly this game is beautifully simple. Absolute addiction. Very fun. As you play more and more you go farther and farther making you want to play it more and more. I've sat down on the toilet for over an hour playing this game (sorry tmi). All I have to say is; good job FlukeDude.
  10. Great
    Matt hew
    Music is as good as, if not better than the first one's. Gameplay is strictly superior. 3 levels.
  11. impossible
    Robert Spartten
    i really enjoy the game, but i have a serious problem with lvl 2. some blocks and triangles do not switch sides when the screen flips, and so the blocks it requires u to jump on r below the black line of death and impossible to jump on. plz fix this, as it remains the only lvl i have yet to complete.
  12. Ehh.
    Aaron Doyle
    I'm have now bought this game 3 times because it says my license is wrong, so not a happy man. And then it go to play it and all of the music is way out of sync with the game. Would have given 5 stars but the music is so important and it's been ruined. PLEASE UPDATE AND FIX THESE PROBLEMS!!!
  13. Good, but
    Jacob Rolfsen
    the game is very good and fun, but I really hope that they can fix the speed so that the square and music is synchronized. The speed for the game isn't as fast as it is on xbox or I phone. Please fix this!
  14. Good
    Dan Wilbourne
    Its a good addictive game for when you're bored but sometimes your square lags and goes slow please fix!
  15. Time killing machine
    Enes Cerah
    The best paid game that worths its money. Fun to play and even more fun watching people fail. Just watch a video or two about this game, if you find it a little fun than you'll love this game
  16. Love it
    Jordan McCormack
    Works well on just about any device. Way better than any free knock off of this game, this is the original and the best. It's well worth dishing out a little cash to purchase this game. You'll be at it an unimaginable amount of frustratingly awesome time :) get it!!
  17. Unplayable lag
    Calvin Qi
    I had this game on apple devices and was quite the fan of the great music and gameplay, but now on the HTC one it lags almost constantly, making the game unplayable. Please fix this.
  18. License check failed
    Lester Dockery
    I just got this recently about 4 days ago every time I open the app even though it clearly says it has been purchased
  19. Great Way To Waste Time
    I found it to be great, its quite addicting you will find yourself spending countless minutes trying to get further then last time and it can also be extremely frustrating at times, but it is very enjoyable overall. I just wish all the levels were on one app.
  20. Why isn't it in the main game?
    Jonathan Fisher
    OK, so in the apple version the bonus pack is added to the main game. But this one is its own separate app. Can you change this? I love the game, but I have to exit the game if I want to play the original levels


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