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gmod ttt
ttt gmod
كورة عزوز


Reviews 17,162

  1. Far from good
    Hatlábú Farkas
    Why u need those permissionz??? Add more map, or a map editor. No one car get any dmg, only mine
  2. Good
    Rupah Sree
    Or bad bad or good or bad
  3. So long
    Nicholas Taylor
    To download it took a hour so long but good game!
  4. I like it
    Cooper Whiteshield
    Before this update, I wanted to rate it a 2 or 3. I would rate it a 5 if it had real car Brands
  5. It sucks
    Matthew Thompson
    Make it more realistic then ill play
  6. Pedro Gonzalez
    This game should win a prize or something
  7. Hated it
    Bennett Minahan Pomering
    Doesn't have all of the other cars in your other games and only my cars got damaged. I'm going to uninstall it from my phone.
  8. D Foxfire
    I love to freely drive any where I want
  9. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Pablo Mesillas
    SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. FNAF FAN! /wizard101 fan
    It keeps glitches every time I try to play it glitches and I can not see a thing on this game so maybe fix it and add more cars please
  11. I love this game
    Amsal Momin
    This is totally awesome when u see it when I drive these new cars!
  12. Not bad
    Eric McPherson
    To those complaining about this game and other FREE games on here if you think the game is so bad go make your own masterpiece because its not a overnight process it takes time to make even the most simple game be grateful that its free don't expect a ps4 game on Google play and stop bashing others work a honest opinion is fine but to trash talk like that is just dumb
  13. Not worth it
    M Son
    I can see the programmers have tried here, but the options are truely terrible, controls are clunky, and all vehicle sounds are the same, seemingly with slightly different pitches. Needs much more work before it can become worth keeping installed. Uninstalled after 1st go.
  14. Trash
    Bruce Delmont
    Absolute TRASH! Thank You Brilliant Games for wasting my time: long load, 1st screen letters large and jumbled, low quality graphics, low quality movement and sound, option buttons don't make sense, and more...this is garbage, don't waste your time.
  15. Crappy
    Michael Fitzgerald
    There is no way that is realistic damage. And the only reason why I got it is because it said realistic damage in the discription
  16. Rubbish
    i am The Blade
    The steering is shocking and you can't drive over the kerb without flying through the air.
  17. Fun
    Jamie Favot
    Very fun game, but: 1. Please make the graphics more realistic so the car doesn't look like squished origami when it crashes. 2. Please add a button on the screen to repair your car during the race. 3. Please make the Sport Truck faster. Other than that, good game!
  18. Needs some improvements
    Jordan Smeltzer
    Would like to see a better damage model, different car sounds, a race track to race the ai, and fix the buggy, then it is obviously 5 stars
  19. Not about the game sorry
    Christian Couto
    Sorry this isn't about the game but I hate how people just don't like the game and is like do not download this is trash or like do not download this is boring or something like that and I'm like omg if you find it boring then don't tell other's or if you thinks its slow and glichy ITS NOT THE GAME ITS YOUR PHONE OR TABLETS YOU IDIOTS sorry
  20. Oh My Goodness
    Esdras Sanchez
    Man you have get this game, it is so bad its good! Hahaha It's like Big Rigs 2.0!


What`s new

- Added ATV and a Old car
- Added Repair car button
- Fixed other bugs


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