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tiger woods golf games 2015


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  1. Hours of entertainment!
    Roger Valencia
    Just flicking my finger to see how many times I get a hole in 1 is lot's of fun, but then I started to compete with myself, that went to a whole new level.
  2. I already bought it....
    Haden Randle
    Why do I have to pay to unlock things when I already bought the game? Game also freezes and closes occasionally. Other than that game is pretty fun
  3. Above Average Game Can Be Very Addicting
    Travis Lee
    The only reason I am rateing 4 stars only because it sometimes randomly crashes but I unistalled and then reinstalled and it seems to work Great and have had no issues since or else I would've rated 5 Star's :)
  4. Great
    Jorge Narvaez
    Very fun on my top ten google play game list! Other nine..shadowgun, ten pin shuffle, expendable rearmed, alien breed, nba jam, gta 3, after burner, asphalt 6 only, and dead space.
  5. Constantly Crashes
    Donald Stefanko
    The game is fun when it works but it only allows a few shots before it crashes. I have tried reinstalling it to no avail. Hopefully they fix the bug otherwise it was a complete waste of money.
  6. A great, simple good game to while away a few minutes!
    Will Rudolph
    This is in no way a complex, full golf match, but still great fun to pass some time in the office or during a few minutes whilst having nowt else to do! :-D
  7. Simple, fun and low on ads
    Daniel Mounter
    No issues, quite well designed too. Does not function how I expected it to but is great fun overall.
  8. My favorite time killer
    Chad Monden
    On my iPhone, I would play tiger woods, but it's $4.99 for android. This was .99, and is so much better for killing time while waiting in line. I really enjoy it as does my five year old. Enjoy.
  9. Addictive!!
    Graham Lowes
    Really enjoying this game and it's very addictive. Just downloaded the Extreme version! Only negative point for me was that if you choose to pay extra to unlock all the courses you aren't really sure exactly what you're getting (are these just the courses you can see in the game or are there any extras?). Still, overall I highly recommend it!
  10. Quick and fun
    Adam Nicholson
    I don't like long and involved games... so this is perfect, I can play for a few minutes and have a great time.
  11. Keeps crashing
    Stefan Green
    Good game for about 2 mins until it then crashes on my note 3.... Considering I paid for it and doesn't work, it is annoying!
  12. Abandoned app
    Lance LaMee
    Hasn't been updated in a while and keeps crashing on my Note 4.
  13. Simple yet fun.
    Dan Mercier
    Loses 1 star because long term replaybility is not as good as some games.
  14. Dies on Samsung Galaxy S4
    William M.
    Can't shoot more than a dozen balls before the app dies. Every time. It was so good on earlier phones.
  15. Very fun
    Chantal Vonner
    This game is super fun and relaxing it doesn't make you frustrated. Its worth the price.
  16. Yeah, thought I bought the game too...
    Jeremy Audritsh
    What's up with that? Did I only buy 'part' of the game? The developer should be more forthcoming about that ahead of time, like in the description. I wouldn't have bought the game knowing I'd have to keep spending more and more. A shame, really; it's actually fun to play.
  17. Great way to kill time!!!!!
    David Clayton
    This game has been very fun to play. The graphics are very good and the swipe response on my Galaxy Note 2 has been great. It can get alittle frustrating when the wind starts up but it provides some challenge to the game. Buy it you will not be disappointed.....
  18. Already paid
    Kurt Lester
    I bought this game a while back but now I have to pay for unlocks? The devs are a bunch of greedy money lovers! How can you change to an IAP model AFTER people have already paid for the app?
  19. A shame
    John Werfelmann
    This could be an upper-tier golf game. The fact that the devs stopped at a simplistic flick to the hole is a shame. It's so well done. Devs...finish the game, making it a real golf experience!
  20. Fun but...
    Michael F.
    It's fun, but maybe too easy? I feel like I could keep going forever. Also, sometimes when I'm in the middle of a good game the app just force closes, which is really annoying.


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Improved graphics
Fixed purchase and restore purchases
Improved compatability with Android 4+
Reason for additional permissions - work around for backwards compatibility with old versions of android.

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