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  1. I like this just fine. 5stars
    Paul Aubuchon
    Good little drag race game; but not if you can't drive a stick shift.
  2. Bland.
    Neil L-L
    I loved a flash version of this when I was younger It was far better than this and 100% free). So I completed the game in 2 days without buying any cash or diamonds... just farmed the second city exhibition to 220k gold which didn't take that long. The rest was super easy as my car could beat anything. The "one time only" offers in game are simply to get you to spend real money and will never appear if you own enough cash to actually purchase the car. Terrible cash grab game. With stupid p2w boss races.
  3. Ok
    tracy booth
    Its ok I suspose, but its completely different to other racing games I have tried, all seem to be in straight lines, & it took me a few trys to figure out the gear stick, I never had to worry about them before. Its seems has though it could be a very repetitive game, if all races are in straight lines, in which case I knos I' ill soon get bored with it.
  4. Love it but there are problems
    Kainoa Semana
    Ok so first there is this weird coloring everytime I play, like strange lights that block out about half the screen and cant see through. And second it keeps force closing for no reason. Can you guys please fix this problem.
  5. Loved it
    abhinav rawat
    It is very intersting game i beated all the racers three times and i have the last car fully upgraded it takes about 5 laks of rupees and i am waiting for update or new version
  6. Zulu boy
    Very good game i so love it easy to play and so fun like the need fo speed most wanted very excellent game so loving it
  7. Pretty much a reskin
    Kristian Ivanov
    It just looks and feels like yet another reskin of CSR Racing...the changing "perfect shift" spot is a nice change, but not enough for me to call it "inspired by" instead of a "clone".
  8. Closing
    Munyutu Njuguna
    Affter pressing start it starts loading, al of a sudden it closes. Please fix. I would like to see whether this compares to CSR Racing. Thank you
  9. Nice Game
    Wayne Nicholls
    This is an addictive but fun game. The only reason i dont give it 5 stars is that their is only 3 bosses to beat and then game over. I hope that more levels/Bosses will be added in the future as i have a large amount of cash & over 200 diamonds to use up.
  10. David Diaz Doee
    Its a good game nice racing and stuff. The problem is that, when i try to change the decal and color it dosent change. But I love this game its alright to play.
  11. Great Game
    Mz Wish U Could B Me
    I would give it 5 stars but the game was released in 2013 and nw it is 2015 and the game still has not been updated... I have plenty of games on my phone and they updated frequently so honestly they is not going to update it...... Great game to play 5 stars. But wishful hoping to get more racers n city 1 star for lying
  12. It's ok
    Tasha Dillard
    Nothing too great, but not bad either. Pretty good game. Very nice graphics
  13. Awesome
    Adrian Beard
    This game is great it could be a little more graphic and start you off with better cars and make it easier to shift then this game would be even better but other then that its pretty cool recommend it to friends
  14. Very nice, but…
    Konstantin Vlasov
    In-game sales and "after-boss" races seem to be specifically designed impossible to get w/o real money. If it were said so explicitly, it wouldn't be so disappointing, but as it is it looks like cheating. So, sorry, no more than 4 stars.
  15. Nice game
    Benny Adityawarman
    Hi there, it's a great drag racing game, if you like drag racing then you should try this
  16. One of the best drag racing game I've played
    DChosen Damian
    Love the graphics on this game, the 3d views are great, a great cinematic view. Haven't gotten into the customization as yet. It only been three races and I love this game already......
  17. Love it!
    Latty W
    Awesome game! Only thing I would want is to be able to sell my old cars to get some more money. One love!
  18. Best game
    Saad Ali
    It wotks quick on my mobile nice graphics and nice creativity
  19. Luv it
    MadMan 5645
    I've been looking for a game like this I just wish it had drift instead of just strait roads is there a way to beat tito sanchaz final challenge ? Wut duh hell
  20. Contender
    David Blake
    Great game. Its def up thair with the top drag games on play store.


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