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farm games
hae day
taonga the island farm
веселая ферма 3
весёлая ферма
город и ферма
зеленая ферма 3
моя ферма
нано ферма
ферма весёлая бесплатно
ферма на русском
хай дай
хей дей
اامزرع اسعيد
العاب بقر
العاب بقره
العاب سنفور
المزرعة السعيدة بدون انترنت
المزرعه السعيده
سمكة السعيدة
كمبيوتر العائلة
لعب مزارع
مزارع السعيد
مزارع بدون نت
مزارع جديده
مزرعة السنافر
مزرعة سعيد
مزرعه السعيده بدون انترنت



Chen Qi | COO at FUNPLUS

中国 北京市区 |

Chao Ming Chen | Operations Manager at FunPlus

北京 海淀区 |

Chao Li Chen (陈超黎) | Operations Manager at FunPlus

北京 海淀区 |

Dawei Lu | Product Manager

San Francisco Bay Area |

Reviews 1,518,341

  1. Morne van Rooyen
    I like this Game BUT I have reached level 54, and for some reason I can not see some products on my farm like on the windmill, island I can not get into my workshop to make nuts and bolts or any othere things I can plant on my island,can feed animals on my island even do orders but can not make nails,nuts and bolts please help, I read up on someone sugested to go to settings->appmanager->familyfarm->cleardata but will that delete my farm and all my levels so I have to start all over again
  2. Not working
    Sandra Bridge
    Why does the game freeze almost every day? I have to switch tablet off and then download the game every time because it will not store. I'm a daily player level 66 but really, its getting to the stage where I cannot be bothered anymore
  3. Samsung s2
    Aola Ismaiel
    It's second time won't open ..first time i erase it .. When i said ok give it another chance its happened again .. Its loading till 98 then nothing ..i sick of it ...
  4. A few tips and also a question
    Courtney H
    Question is how in the world does the warehouse work?One make it ask if we want to use our rc's I've been trying to save up 8 and I keep accidently using them. Make it to were we can get them easier you don't always need to pay for everything on these stupid games. Also make it a little easier to expand the land that's what I need the rd's for and I keep accidentally using them
  5. Be prepared to spend big real $ of your own
    Bek Fuller
    I loved this game until I got to a point where I can't progress any further due to needi g to spend my own money. I play a number of other farming games that are free to download where I can "earn" RC with putting in work. In this game, the ability to earn it is almost non-existent. If this doesn't change soon, I will be uninstalling this from not only my device but that of my 2 children. Very disappointing
  6. Seaside
    Mandy Johnson
    I really love the game. But now can't load. Says no internet connection, which I have. Please fix.
  7. I'm having a few problems
    Celina De La Cruz
    I love the game and have enjoyed it for months, but everything requires so much, I don't mind buying RC but everything is so over priced and takes so much money. Please fix this!!!!!
  8. Can't get my rewards
    Shannon Harper
    I have completed the gelato quest. I can't get my rewards because when I push the get reward button it sends me to share in Facebook. And won't go beck or give me the reward. I didn't push share. It just goes there. Every time. I've tried six freaking times. I even uninstalled, and reinstalled. Please fix it.
  9. What the ????
    Emily McAlister
    Have been loyal player for 160+ days and try to log in today and it goes to blank screen. Attempted to open in Play Store and same thing. Extremely unhappy at this point.
  10. Worked great until....
    Hunny Bunny Bee Farm
    At level 20, the game will not load. If have tried everything, to no avail. I am not happy with this game. If/when it is fixed and working properly again I will give 5 stars.
  11. Update disaster
    Sunny Matzenberger
    I have to re install evry time i want to play.and it only lets me play for five min and gets stucked n closes n wont open again i re install's just getting on my nerves.wont play anymore
  12. Sucks!
    deborah schlinger
    Hell, it wouldn't let me collect the crops!!!! I was able to touch on the cow, and collect the flour, but not the crops! So I wasn't even able to play!
  13. Heather Claygon
    FBVSWJT unfortunately my phone broke and i can't log in to my old farm, fyi you guys should have that option. Sucks i have to start all over, lost all my neighbors not to mention stuff i actually spent money on so thanks. You should be able to recover your game if something like your phone breaking happens. please add since i now have no neighbors.
  14. don't waste your time
    Amanda Patterson
    although I have enjoyed the game it has now become a game where every task nearly requires you to use rc dollars which you buy with real money. the promo item they were selling the other week was falsely advertising what you got for buying it and despite writing to them at the start of the week its now sunday and they have not bothered to even contact and there is no way to continue the game without going through a heap of money so don't waste your time
  15. Christina Shirk
    (if i could rate zero i would)I love this game, and have been playing for almost a year, it's a great go-to when I'm bored and very entertaining ... But.. Ever since the update the game shuts off, before it finishes loading, every time I've tried to play... I have to reinstall it in order for it to load, once, then it shuts off when loading every time I close the game and try to reopen. Sad times! Will go back to five stars when, if, it lets me play without the hassle. (7/21/15- More hassle clearing data)
  16. cant share
    Lucy Gonzales
    love the game but i can share rewards or save my game by goin to gettin cheated out of rewards everyday... help
  17. It's a beautiful day on the farm . . .
    Mali Holdaway
    I have cleared out some more neighbor slots . . . So please stop by and visit, feel free to like my farm while u are there and my gold package decorations are looking kind of dirty so if u would be so kind as to lend me a hand and give them a scrub . . . I would be happy to share some rewards with u, thanks . . . See u there. My ID is: CWCBUTI
  18. Poorly programmed
    Kyle Moyer
    What I have been able to play of this game has been entertaining... But the game crashes while loading unless you clear the data first. This results in 4MB of data being downloaded each and every time you want to play. This is completely unacceptable. If this is fixed I will happily rerate.
  19. Limited Free Play
    Andrea Bormotova
    With all the extra equipment you need to EXPAND your lot quite quickly. But you can't because if you don't have the equipment you can't go past certain levels. Accessing EXTRA lots you have to make dishes but it seems you have to start from scratch each day and annoying also because it also requires extra equipment which you have no space for. Extra RC coins you can pass these hurdles but you must buy quite a lot and earning is difficult. Destroys game play very quickly. UNINSTALLING!!!!!!
  20. Ranch Rush
    Sarah Wayne
    I used to play this game on my pc years ago, but it was called ranch rush. This game is very similar except there are challenges now based upon completion not just speed. The game hardly ever crashes. Updates include fun changes nothing frustrating so far. Not a huge fan of the flower garden addition, its slow and boring. I wish there were constant order board orders instead of just a few daily. Sometimes I finish all my daily and weekly tasks while in between cooking stand and others Playing on Samsung S3.


What`s new

New Features & Improvements:
- New crop Timothy Grass & new animal Icelandic Sheep are available on Seaside Farm!
- Wrap Machine is available in the Seaside Store!
- More seaside farm missions are ready (only for those who have finished all seaside missions)!
- UI Improvement in the Store, Lighthouse, Lab Storehouse and Avatar Frame Panel.
- A brand new activity will be available in the Activity Stage! Guess who’s gonna take you on an adventure! Stay tuned!

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