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  1. Senator Sipes
    Hey,G5 you wanna know why you're getting 3 stars for a 5 star game? Because I paid $4.99 for a game without ads (one would hope) and your incessant pop ups for me to review the game ARE BASICALLY AD POP UPS. Fix that please, it does not encourage repeat patronage.
  2. The Cursed Ship
    Susan Gantert
    I enjoy all of G5's games. This one amoung them. The story line always keep me in the game till the end. Keep the games coming. As always I am never disappointed......
  3. The Cursed Ship
    Ivan Bousfield
    Held my interest right through. I've only a cheap tablet but the game played faultlessly. Ending was a bit weak and sudden, but great game even so. Will definitely try other G5 games.
  4. Cool but...
    Irene Jung
    The fluence of story was kind of lacking... also, there was not enough explanation for the whole story. But, the background was detailed and creepy. It was okay.
  5. Fun game & excellent support
    Alice Edwardson
    Bought this game a week and a half ago & couldn't get past the launch screen. Customer support was quick to respond & although we discovered it was a compatibility issue w/ my phone, I was impressed with their speed & professionalism. Had already planned on upgrading my phone, & now I've got the game working & am pleased to find it was worth the wait. Love creepy point-&-clicks, & this one a gem, with higher production values & more original tweaks to the tired sorts of puzzles in others of the genre.
  6. Scary fun! Lol
    Keyosha Smith
    I love this game fun to play and it's scary but in a fun way! Its scary fun for the whole family and a game that the whole family can play together on a big screen tablet or computer! So thank you :-)
  7. Tiffany Andersen
    Loved the game! Puzzles were challenging and fun, storyline kept me interested, and the extra scenes at the end surprised me but finished the story off nicely. Absolutely worth the money!
  8. Addictive
    Dawn Everhart
    I'm loving this game. Very time consuming but in a good way.
  9. Help
    Carissa Skuse
    Fantastic game but I already paid for this game through the game roughly a week ago but just accidentally bought it again through the app store. How can I get refunded? Also, it always says the game is not licensed. Help?
  10. Another Good One
    Kaitlyn Spaulding
    The concept was intriguing and creepy, but the twist warrants an apathetic shrug from me. I do love all of the G5 games, and I definitely think the full versions are worth the few dollars.
  11. The cursed ship
    Leiann Larocque
    Loved this game. Lots of hours of playtime good story line. Enjoyed it very much!,,
  12. No developer backup..disappointing.
    Helen Lang
    09/10 :Really enjoy working my way through this game. Not yet finished but in no hurry to do so anyway as I am savouring it. Well done to the developers. I am adding this on the 23/10. Little perturbed as game keeps telling me it is not licensed and to purchase it from Google play store. However, there is no pay option and now the game has reverted to the beginning and I have lost all my progress. Please could the developer advise on this. Thank you. 29/10/14...Really? You are going to totally ignore my request for some feedback, after all the money I have spent on your games?
  13. The Cursed Ship
    Debbie Kelly
    An awesome game. Enjoyed some of the challenging puzzles. Sad I have finished.
  14. Darren Edwards
    Amazing atmosphere and a decent story. Very colourful looking game on the Note 4. Puzzles are ok, nothing too complex. Remembering where you saw certain bits is the main challenge. Good fun game and well worth the money, do it!
  15. The cursed ship
    Liezl Smuts
    Excellent! Nice graphics - challenging but not too difficult.
  16. One of the better hidden object games
    Millie L
    For once, the story actually feels worthwhile, and the gameplay is very good. Only reason for not giving 5 stars is that often on opening, the game would say I was not not licensed (even though I paid for the full game rather than the free/upgraded version), and the end of the game feels tacked on and just adding length for the sake of it. Other than that, highly recommend.
  17. Love it
    Carol Hinton
    These games are always so beautiful and full of great puzzles and mini games. The HO scenes are really good too.
  18. Loved the game but..
    Roxanne Henry
    There is a huge glitch near the end. And I can't manage to get past it. Very mad that I paid money for this and can't even finish the game.
  19. Great game!
    Stacey Kempkes
    I have yet to play a G5 game I didn't love!
  20. The Cursed Ship
    Ethna Brown
    Love this game. Good puzzles and fun adventure


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