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Stefan Wikstrand | Group CFO at G5 Entertainment AB

Stockholm, Sverige |

Vlad Suglobov | Co-Founder and CEO at G5 Entertainment AB

San Francisco Bay Area |

Alik Tabunov | Co-founder and COO at G5 Entertainment AB

Москва, Россия |

Sergey Shults | Co-founder and General Producer at G5 Entertainment AB

Москва, Россия |

Reviews 947,791

  1. Kinda poor graphics
    Eric Leopold
    Cool game but its just kinda ahh.. nothing extremely interesting
  2. Mandy Trueman
    Wanted a hidden object game similar to secret society and found it in this one not been playing this for very long having said that i am really enjoying it fact i have lost myself in time
  3. Not sure yet...
    Toni McCray
    I don't know if I the game yet because I just started playing. But the graphics look great and I haven't had it freeze or glitch so that's always a plus. It takes you step by step and there is a lot to read so I'm not sure I like that.
  4. Timed games... UGH!
    Good game for killing some time & story line keeps the attention but the timer on the hog ruins it. There should be a casual mode or a choice to toggle on/off.
  5. Extremely entertaining!
    Ashley Drew
    I didn't really read through the description when I downloaded it, so I thought it was just a typical G5 HO game. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised that it was much more, and very fun!
  6. My favorite game at the moment!
    Cary Staines
    I've been playing this game forever and am super excited it finally updated a number of weeks ago. I am disappointed it doesn't sync from my iPad to my android phone. Many other developers have figured it out. Also, the two most annoying things in this game is if you have G5 friends that play other games and try to delete them from games they are not actively playing you delete them from EVERY G5 game. The second bummer is the expedition mini game. It sucks big time. Get rid of it G5!!!!
  7. Karl Clement
    Game looked brill but every scene is just a black screen.. Can't see anything on the page, please fix
  8. Great Hidden !!!
    T- N - A Bevis
    It was pretty good and I enjoy it better than Secret Society. Loving this one !!!
  9. Want to like it but...
    Laurie Kiser
    It seems like it could be a great game, but it's just too dark, can't see anything.
  10. So far so good!
    Tracey McIlhenney
    I haven't been playing long but I like what I've played so far ...
  11. Interesting concept
    Kimberly Cusack
    I am not typically a fan of straight hidden object. I like the puzzle/adventure/HOG style more. This one has been addicting because of the different styles of HO like silhouettes, words, puzzles, etc plus the fact that the screen is not littered with items making it annoying, I have continued to play this game. I would recommend this game to others, but the reason I didn't give 5stars was due to the lack of tools needed to solve the games. I wish there would be more of them won as rewards.
  12. Jan Tweety
    Very enjoyable. Excellent music and graphics. Objects are rather easy but since this is early in the game that may change. If difficulty of HO's changes then will consider a 5. Think it is unfair to request an evaluation so early in the game. Story line keeps your interest.
  13. Just started
    Rebecca K
    Seems fun so far, a bit cheesy but entertaining.
  14. Can't restart
    Bryan Gray
    items are too small to see on my phone.
  15. Shadows
    Barbara Buscher
    Having just started I am not sure what to rate it. Seems enjoyable enough but time will tell.
  16. Dean Holmes
    Excellent hide and find game. Wicked graphics and different all the time. Rated this a 5star cuz i like a good challenge
  17. Cute but challenging on a phone
    Skinny Gnome
    Very like Secret Society and can be tricky to play on a phone as the objects are small and dark so can be difficult to see on a small screen and the time limit can get frustrating. Fun though.
  18. bryan wilson
    The game is good when I can actually play. I have had to Uninstall and reinstall a couple of times because the game wouldn't let me into any locations or do anything but look at the screen or look at locked locations. Please fix this and I will rate higher.
  19. Just started
    Heather Klein
    Just started playing this game & I absolutely love it. The graphics are great & I'm really enjoying the story line. Can't wait to see what else this game has in store. I highly recommend downloading this game.
  20. So far
    Syxx Nine
    It's enjoyable..just can't rate pass 3 stars yet