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Stefan Wikstrand | Group CFO at G5 Entertainment AB

Stockholm, Sverige |

Vlad Suglobov | Co-Founder and CEO at G5 Entertainment AB

San Francisco Bay Area |

Alik Tabunov | Co-founder and COO at G5 Entertainment AB

Москва, Россия |

Sergey Shults | Co-founder and General Producer at G5 Entertainment AB

Москва, Россия |

Reviews 201,867

  1. Ok so far bit slow
    annabel rogers
    Hard to earn green gems. Prefered games 1 and 2 where you pay once rather than trying to get lots of money so you can progress
  2. Get it together G5
    Kathryn Carreon
    I received an email today about chests in the bank. So I figured the game is finally being continued! I reinstalled only to find I'm still stuck on level 10 with no update. A whole section of the island that there's no way to get to. Can't do anything with it. It's been months since the last update, and that was only to introduce the next island. Not even a complete update with the full island!! Don't put out partial updates and then ask for my money to get a free chest by buying gems to get a free chest
  3. Rip off
    Melanie Ford
    Game keeps freezing. I buy emeralds,game frrezes,when i restart i have no emeralds AND my acct has been deducted $! Not once but three times now! I keep requesting my money back to no avail!
  4. The Island
    Jessica King
    Love these games and the series, but the game is constantly freezes and closes and I have to start the game from where it was saved. Probably opened and closed the game more than a dozen times due to issues. A pain that the emeralds are so hard to gain and that they are the only currency for certain items.
  5. Awesome
    Paxton Watson
    It provides me with hours of fun but one problem could you make it so you can give them items you have not get them again I spent 200 perls to complete a quest other wise loved it
  6. Different
    Jenny H
    Just started playing again. We will see if fixed game or still freezes. Time will tell
  7. Not again!
    Mary Scherer
    I don't usually leave reviews especially bad ones. But, I have been waiting for the third installment of this game for a really long time! I can not tell you how sick I am of "pay to play" games. I have uninstalled countless of other developers games because of the greed factor. Now I can't even play this because I don't want to pay for gems to increase my inventory slots when in the other two versions I could earn them. That is just the beginning of the disappointments with this game! Thankfully I own the other two and will make do playing them over and over! UNINSTALL!!!
  8. Castaways
    Kelly Alford-Wiedyk
    Like the game but wish energy boosts from the fruit was more than one each. Also, the energy loss from the animals is ridiculous. I just get an energy boost and lose more energy from the stupid animal charge before I even know it is there!
  9. Fun game and addictive
    Tammy Norris
    Since the update sometimes I go back into the game to keep playing and not all the progress I've left the game at was there making me re-do it. As you move up in the game you need more storage and or more space in your inventory that you need to use gems to buy them. It takes forever to earn gems without spending real money to get them even when I don't spend the gems on anything but increasing the storage/inventory. It's annoying!!
  10. Samsung Galaxy Tab
    Cherie Charnley
    Could be a really cool game.....BUT....not enough green gems nor pearls to complete timed tasks or buy more slots for yr storage....Now thats quite DUMB! because of this I cant play as I dont have enough of the above and will take me weeks to collect! & Im only level 6!!!!!! Will be UNINSTALLING as its just NOT fun anymore :(
  11. So far
    Ryllae Sage
    So far its pretty cool. Asked really early on for a review tho. Tiny words on my galaxy s 3. Seems like diamonds are going to be hard to get but you need them for a ridiculously small inventory.
  12. Like it
    Lore Adejumo
    It's a cool game I just don't understand why you have to spend pearls to do timed missions
  13. Great game but....
    Tammy Clark
    It keeps telling me there are updates available but it doesn't give me the option to update. This is my favorite game and I spent a lot of $ on it and want to keep playing but it won't let me move on.
  14. Fun game, good sequel
    Anthony Scheer
    I liked the first two games, and I liked this one for the first five chapters. They added a real-money currency, which I'm not crazy about, but I get that they're trying to make money. But it makes things very inconvenient. After chapter 5, some (maybe all? I uninstalled) quests are timed, and it just became a nuisance, not fun anymore like it should be (it is a game, after all).
  15. Paywalled
    Jeremy H
    Adventure game exclusively filled with timed fetch-quests. Okay to progress until you get to one quest that is strictly pay-to-win [4th chapter, I think]. Then you're stuck. Uninstalled.
  16. Love Island Castaway Games
    jill davis
    Love the games. First one is my favorite . Would give this one a five star were it not for the in app purchases. Prefer to buy a game out right and then just enjoy it. The constant prompting for purchases takes away from the joy of the game, not to mention it is extremely annoying. Otherwise a good game. My only question is:WILL THEY EVER UPDATE THIS GAME!
  17. It's ok - lost all my progress
    Elizabeth Glasgow
    Logged in with my Google account when I started the game. After getting to chapter 4, next time I loaded the game it went back to Chapter one. I lost all of my green gems and progress. Very frustrating. Playing on Samsung galaxy. update- made sure to exit to the menu each time and no further resets. however the distance trophy is stuck at 200 km so I can't get the gold trophy and the 3 green gems. downloaded the latest update and still stuck at 200 km. Hope the new update comes out soon since I can't complete some of the daily quests without the sheep and other items from the first island.
  18. Good
    Amer Qureshi
    The game seems to have a good story line. However, being regularly charged by wild boars for no reason and the consequential energy loss is ridiculous. It takes away ones mind from the task at hand. Also, is there a way to discard its from my hand bag if I pick up something by mistake?
  19. Great game play however..
    Jonelle Sherwood
    Minor glitches. Missing graphics since last update (where did those mining rails go?), stuck on chapter 10 level 66. Unable to acquire items to complete quests (i.e. coal etc.) And half the characters left the island . Not sure if even the developers of this game are coming back to the island . Sigh, time to move on to another game. Aloha.
  20. sherry price
    Love the game but recently have done nothing but try to conquer giant crab,then all my energy & arrows are used up,so l have to start over...what's the clue on overpowering the giant crab? And l cannot accept friends or send gifts...I'm about ready to delete


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NEW CHAPTER – Unveil three locations: Depot, Excavations and Cave.
EEL FARM – Prevent starvation.
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PAIN FOR GAIN – Restore railroad stations.
NEW CHARACTER – Meet a long-time islander.
TOUGH ENEMIES – Fight a carnivorous plant and more.
MYSTIC OBJECT – Use it to save energy.

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