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  1. Crystal Machado
    Great game, great mind puzzler/strategy. Occasionally lags, can't do speed round.because my phone or the app can't register my moves as quickly as i would like it to. But it's fun, and I've spent half an hour in one round (so far high score is 11.5k)
  2. Drains the battery and runs my phone hot
    Aaron Moss
    Likely some sort of infinite loop (that or it's mining bitcoin)
  3. Drains my phone's battery
    Supriya Salunkhe
    I own moto g and every time i okay this game my phone's battery drains quickly.. Please solve this problem.. Other wise I haven't played such an awesome game in a long time..
  4. It's sad that the copies of this game are better than the original
    Alex Iribarren
    Still too show and laggy, lots of wasted real estate on the screen.
  5. Great game
    Asjad Hasan
    My only grime is the ads and the small grid as compared to the other versions. All the credits to the original creator, but the other versions of this game have surpassed this one, clearly. No ads on those with a larger grid and better animations. Although I think that this game employs better algorithm. Can't beat the original with pretty only!
  6. Unnecessary App
    Daniel Hernandez
    The website is playable on mobile, so I see no purpose for this app, especially due to the slow response rate, which makes time trial more annoying than challenging.
  7. Great game
    David Stafford
    Have enjoyed playing this game. A few little bugs, such as the screen jumping when on more than 100k points and it can't put the decimal point value in next to the controls, but otherwise quite stable. The ability to adjust time trial mode speed would be nice. It's too fast on this phone. Ghost swipes were a small prob initially but worked out how to avoid them. Perhaps app needs to be more hardware aware, to allow for different device capabilities.
  8. Low responsiveness limits the fun.
    David Lieberman
    I like this game a lot, but end up always playing the non-timed version. The controls aren't very responsive on my phone, which makes the speed play tough for the wrong reasons. Droid RAZR M.
  9. so BAD
    Quốc Bảo
    when I finished the game in 2048, the app freezes and does not appear in 2048. should have a higher level as the unofficial app.
  10. Good app
    Emily Hughes
    I've not experienced any problems with it, it's a good game to play to make time pass or just for the fun of it.
  11. I wanted to get 2048 but there were so many copies i didn't know which was the official app
    Joe Fischer
    So i googled it, and this is it.
  12. Original 2048: needs improvement
    Samantha Williams
    I'm happy that the original developer of the game has branched out to apps, but the app still leaves a lot to be desired as far as touch reponsiveness and over all appearance. The animation looks good, but the touch lag is really frustrating, and the objects almost look blurry on my screen for some reason.
  13. Sluggish and no high score table
    Chris Thomas
    Swiping most of the time does nothing, its slow, sluggish and unresponsive, ironically, the unofficial versions are better
  14. Copies are better...
    Melody Soriano
    It's sad when the imitations are better then the original... The game lags to hell and beyond, the ads are intrusive and there is so much wasted space on the screen it's stupid.
  15. Ghost touches ruin the fun.
    M Neman
    While I love the web-based version of the game, this Android version is buggy to the point of madness. The game suffers from frequent ghost touches (or false swipes, or however you want to call it.) What happens is, very often the intended swipe will be in a completely other random direction rather than the direction the user intended, and thereby frustrating the intended strategy. I can almost hear Gabriele (the game's author) laughing out loud that "It's not a bug, it a feature! For added challenge!" I would add some optional sounds for when combining larger numbers. The larger the number the longer and more elaborate the sounds. Maybe add a user-selectable threshold number, beneath which the combining tiles remain silent.
  16. Fun game, bad app
    Seth Holmes
    I enjoy the web version of the game. But suddenly, there was this blurry bar appearing. Despite not being able to read it, it took me to the iTunes store. But I'm using Android. Clicking another unreadable location took me to the play store. The game itself is laggy. On a phone it looks fine but on my tablet it's about as big as it would be on the phone. The clones are designed much better but I'd really like to see this one improved.
  17. Great game, not so great app.
    Irbaz Ahmed
    I love this game. Thank you for creating it. I'm in college and I'm gonna rewrite this game in C++ as a part of my course's final project. And don't worry, I'm gonna give credit where its due. The web app as well as other play store apps are great and flawless. But this app doesn't perform well enough compared to others. It somewhat lags while other apps work just fine. I read your blog and understand that you're not experienced in Android. It's fine. This app is still very good and playable. I mean I just scored 5k+ in my first turn. It just needs to improve over time. Peace!
  18. Better Operating Versions Available
    Michael French
    Touch area needs to be entire screen, not just puzzle area. Game can not keep up when making quick successive moves in any mode. I do like the simple addition of a timer. Would like to see top personal scores list with time.
  19. Newest version is great
    Kacey Parkinson
    Game is brilliant. A bit like Rubik's Cube meets sudoku. Very fun to play, and oddly relaxing in a zen sort of way. If you want this one because it's from the original dev, I can confirm that on my LG Volt phone it's absolutely playable with the performance improvements in the latest patch. The battery drain issue may still be trouble for some folks, but there are other games out there far worse than this one in that respect.
  20. Slow but fun
    Jesse Street
    The game runs slow on my Nexus 7 and Moto G GPe. Also it shows up on a small window on tablets and phones and should be fixed


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