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  1. What a great and entertaining game
    Adam Yeong
    It is a very enjoyable game, but now I hit the billion cash now and it's very troublesome to click on the 1 million coins to reach maybe around 100 million. It would be great if you can include 100 million coin or 1 billion coin, cheers
  2. Good, but needs more.
    Adam Hill
    I love the people who say it's cheating that don't know how to play. Why would they program a game to cheat when it costs them nothing? You can't buy coins, so they can't make money, therefore: it doesn't cheat. I do like how you can buy different backgrounds, but it needs more, and possibly the ability to buy card designs as well. I like the design but it needs to at least have the option to zoom out a bit, the closeness hurts my eyes. Well made, but takes up too much space for what it has.
  3. Ads every 5 hands...annoying
    Melissa Garrison
    Well it was fun while it lasted...nothing ruins a winning streak like the interruption of a stupid ad..don't these developers know gamblers are superstitious?
  4. Was fun until it started cheating...
    Sandy G
    ... I had 21 and so did the dealer. It took my bet! Can't split aces and when I had two aces & hit, I got a 9, which should have totaled 11. Said I lost and took my bet. Uninstalling.
  5. Joshua Stinson
    Has an old style card game setup. Better than other apps I've had
  6. Good
    Choronzon Void
    Odds seem stacked and few options where the could have jam packed it also things could do with better explaination(the coin system) This is good but the autocount throws me off, im used to feeling my way through to a winning play i dont like handholding. Graphics are great though
  7. Fun but easy
    Rob Lundin
    It seems to easy or you need bigger chips. Over a billion chips now and biggest chip is only 1 million. It's nice to win but can't see this happening in a live game....update! Maxed out at 2,147,483,647 chips. If I win it just stays the same
    Larry Jackson
    INTRUSIVE AD EVERY 5 OR 6 HANDS . Oh, found a problem with the card counting, the program calculates two aces, a 7 and a 3 as 22. If memory serves me, an ace is 1 OR 11. And the dealer will only give me 5 cards. That's not Hoyle is it? Barbara Bertschy - if the game cheats, how have I won $15,000 in the week I've had it installed? I don't hit on 12,13.14,15. Hold and let the dealer go bust! Basic Blackjack strategy. Check Hoyle card rules and playing tips. Now 6/10 and won over 125k but still uninstalling due to ads. bye
  9. 21 Double Bets
    Donnie Adkins
    Good app! But I'm pretty sure I've got way over 21 double bets but I haven't got the award yet.
  10. Most realistic black jack game!
    Daniel Fill
    Thank you soooooo much for making an actually realistic black jack game, the only reason I gave this 4/5 is because there is a limit ad till how many chips you can have. Please increase and I will give 5!
  11. Another Billionaire
    Venky Vaiyapuri
    Wish this performance could be replicated in a real casino with $$$$$$$
  12. The best.
    Toma Gabriel
    We need more backgrounds and cards decks.
  13. Need an all in button
    Jack Driscoll
    Love this game!!! But I've made a billion coins but now I have to press the million chip a thousand times to go all in. Would be great if there was an all in button
  14. Good game
    Keith L
    Really like the old west looking graphics
  15. Dale Ward
    Terrible app so many ads and shuts down all the time don't waste ur time I deleted it after 10 mins
  16. Stuck and disgusted!!!
    Barry White
    Can anybody tell me how to get by the 2,147,483,647 mark? It will not go any higher??? It will go down but not past this mark??? Thanks
    Barbara Bertschy
    Constantly cheating! I had 2 thousand dollars I played four one hour and I had 158 dollars left because the game cheats DONT PlAY THIS GAME PROGRAMED TO CHEAT
  18. RufStack McGrip
    I believe in this theory called the "Laws of Average". After a few loses in a row, u will win. And after a few wins in a row, u will lose. The table will always continue to turn. So, based on this understanding, i can controll my wagers so where ( when i know im about to lose) ,i bet a minimum wager. And so is the same for the otherway around. With real cards in a real situation i always tend to win at the end of a session. Fun at first. Boring afterwards. I will now uninstall this game. ALOHA!!!!!
  19. Its Blackjack
    Steve Arnold
    Could use some more options to enhance appeal of game.
  20. Black jack
    Marco Polo
    Good time pass . One Should try it out .


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