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кристаллы игры взрывные


Monthly active users estimation: 20,000,000

Reviews 91,318

  1. Fun distraction
    Stacy King
    Played through all the levels, a few are quite challenging and require luck to score three stars, but there's enough skill involved to be entertaining.
  2. Jewels Star 2
    Calvin and Lynn Kennedy
    These type of games have nice music etc.But at the end of the level they are so snobby they usually give you only 1 or 2 stars without saying what was not "good enough" for their uppityness. Is it because I'm not fast?
  3. Jewel star 2
    Albert Oliver
    It is a very addictive game. But, with almost all popular games like it, it tends to grow old on you. Four stars is great though. If only something in it could change. But, it is a great app, and thanks u guys 4 the work u put into this great game. Please try it if u haven't yet.
  4. Jackie Long
    Little hard to see the squares needing cleared, but love the change when no moves are left compared to first game.
  5. Prefect Playing Game
    Rexiled Jicer
    I almost forget all my daily task for this game it so good and addict I cant stop playing
  6. Winnie mudau
    Winnie Mudau
    I enjoy dis game so much and im addicted to it bt please can u ease level 57 & 84 bcs ive been stuck to them for long now.
  7. Nicole C
    In a matter of seconds I got two of those star burst like stones beside each other. They cleared the bored completly and seemed to stall with lightning strikes at the star at the end of the game. That rated two stars for that move. not fair.
  8. Judy Wilson
    I don't have trouble finishing other game but after 59 it get frustratingly difficult
  9. Time to kill
    Tyrone Carter, II
    This is fun activity that makes you really think of where you need to choose. It can be addictive yet fun.
  10. Gwendolyn Gilmore
    I love it. First problem showed up on level 63 and has continued for next 4 levels so far. It's started hanging up when you achieve the level. Screen goes dark. Have to go back to desktop and move something or just do something. Then you can tap the app and it starts back up where you left off. It has really been a great game up until this problem, but it's continued on each level. Hopefully it won't for much longer.
  11. Addictive!
    Carmen Avogaro
    Even though it's not too hard, it's easy enough to spend a lot of time playing it
  12. Small board view
    Comparing with the Jewels 1, this second version is awful, the pieces are small in my cell phone, I played 3 games and I decided yo uninstall.
  13. Love Hate it
    Stan Massengill
    Took me about 100 tries to beat level 58. Not sure why it should have been that difficult.
  14. Addictive
    Cheron Phillips
    Really enjoy playing. Very easy to understand. Levels all very different and just enough difficulty to keep it interesting. Only problem is that it keeps stopping and going to a blank screen. Please fix
  15. Jewels star two
    Susan Haynes
    Like all jewels games but they keep stopping on me please fix l never had this problem until two weeks ago
  16. Jewel Star 2
    Geffrey Jewell
    It's "a blast" and a little addictive. ..just dont open it at work or your day will be shot.
  17. Love it
    abinetha coore
    The main reason I do it is to get the game trust me u must be thinking she nuh ave nothing fi do
  18. Challenging
    Snapchat Friend
    Lots of variety. Never boring. Definitely time consuming so be careful not to spend too much time on this and neglecting your dreams.
  19. Jackie
    Jackie Mckenzie
    This game just keeps getting better, I join player if hours
  20. Cool, interesting and a big fun......
    Wessam Wessam
    Can't say in words bcoz i love everything about this games


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