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  1. Nishchayata
    rashima anand
    Know if you have any questions are you are the sender by reply to see you can you can get a few days of a bit and look for your help me know if lovely day to see
  2. Uninstalled
    karen williams
    blue bar @ top of screen gives very little time when trying to complete the level. not worth being on my phone. probably better on someones elses phone
  3. Only 2 issues
    Paige Kent
    To the reviewer moaning about the blue bar relating to time, it doesnt it relates to progress ie. How many more balls are yet to come. Anyway my first issue is the scores. It ruins my game experience that this star based level system doesn't show what your score is while you're playing so you can track where you are (star wise) & improve. Secondly, there needs to be a google+ sign in option to play this game across all of my devices & upgrades... I've started from scratch 3 times, not again.
  4. Good game
    Maryanna Williams
    This game is fun its not too easy.not too hard....Enjoyable all the same..only problem is that marble shooter sticks and locks up at times ruin ING the game.Would als9 like to try other worlds regardless of the previous ones being completed..A little too hard for small children but superb for nongaming dummies lime me!Please come out with a Marble Ledgend 3 or add more levels to 1 and 2.I've completed them all and now trying fir three stars on every level but getting more levels please, soon!
  5. Its Great
    Tranessa Riddick
    You wont ever get bored playing this game, I love any game thats time consuming and helps you block everything else out lol
  6. Adds block game
    Tina J
    I can't play all ads prevent me from getting past front of app so im unable to play i used to love this game do something about ads and ill redownload
  7. Marble Legend
    Michelle Prince
    It's a lot like the game named Zuma. Thrills around every dip and curve of the game layout.
  8. Marble Legend
    Linda Gulledge
    Like it much better than the other Marble Legends. Took off my phone because it was so addicting. Then played the other Marble Legends! Went back to this one after 2-3 days. Still so addicting!!!! Other games seem boring!
  9. Halley Robinson-Reyna
    This game is awesomeI play it all the time and it helps keep me focused and is something I use to distract myself when I'm not in a good mood
  10. Time pass
    Myron Balabalachandran
    You won't get bored while you're waiting, when you have this game on your device.
  11. Marble Legend
    Harry Dacalion
    Why would you allow adult mannered ads on your game is beyond me. Is the money so important to you that you would allow this? Kids play this game!
  12. Marble legend
    Dean Magnusson
    Very long chains, some levels seem to never give you 3 stars, no matter how many times you complete the level.
  13. Get Rid of the Ads
    Gina Anderson
    I love this game enough to buy it...and I would pay for it just to get rid of the extremely intrusive advertising pop-ups. If an ad-free version was available, I'd give it 5+ stars.
  14. Too gud game :-*
    manisha akolkar
    I hv completed full game. Total 108 levels l. Super addictive game. I liked it very much :-)
  15. Darcy Hartline
    I love this game but I really hate how they have the ads in the screen, basically right on the edge so if I accidentally hit it, which happens frequently, it takes me to that ad's thing! Very frustrating! I wish something could be done to change that!
  16. Reg Krachkowski
    Great game so far hopefully it gets tougher cause I have a black belt at this type of marble games
  17. Marble legend
    Jan G
    You now have security issues with this game Your Ad's have a virus please FIX so l can continue playing this game that l love if you fix this problem l will be back to enjoy this game l must uninstall
  18. Unstoppable
    Pedro Negron
    Fun and challenging. I can play it all day
  19. Michelle Dunn
    To Many Ads Can't Start or Play The Game. Something Has Changed!!!!!
  20. abdullah arfan
    at all its not a boaring game,I am now enjoying it


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