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  1. Judy Martin
    I have moved forward on this game however I m unable to complete each level after level 3 when I receive 42700 points I only receive 1or 2 stars its a waste of my time if I can't receive 3 stars I stop playing
  2. Glitchy
    Tiffany Dashell
    I have progressed pretty far into the game and I'm noticing that when the ball carrier shows the color it's holding and the color up next, if I shoot the color it's holding, it will shoot a completely different color, not even the color up next. It seems that you can only get so far.
  3. Not Memorable
    Bev Buss
    Game progresses fine and you can skip a game if you can't master it, to a point, then you are stuck until you complete the game. You should be able to move ahead and come back later and complete the skipped games. Think I'll try a couple more times, then its time to uninstall!
  4. Challenging fun
    Nickolas Toy
    Fun and challenging. Some levels get too hard for me. Annoying add pops up before each level
  5. Awesome, addictive, and fun
    Andy Peter Leon
    Great, hard and elated. Sometimes frustrating, but pushing hard helps to get to the end. I completed marbled saga, and now I'm enjoying marble legend 2
  6. Fav game from yrs ago
    Danielle Wilson
    I had to down grade phone carriers so I hope it works as well on this warped "Warp"ph as it did on my Verizon phones... this game rocks!
  7. Ads are 2 much
    Russ Mullan
    The in game ads I can live with but 4 out of 5 times it screen changes to a full page ad after every game. Too much. Good game though...
  8. It's okay
    Shelly R
    I played the first marble legend and it was fantastic. I actually played it twice. The second marble legend was not as good as the first one. Having the ball dispenser at the bottom is kind of awkward. Overall it is a solid 3 but a bit too awkward to give it a 4.
  9. Marble Legend 2
    Linda Gulledge
    I like it! It is easy to play, but yet gives me a challenge to win!
  10. Marbles 1 n 2
    Malika Williams
    I loveeeeee this game. Its so hard to put it down. The levels are great and power ups n all! 5's
  11. Addicted.
    Patricia Otten
    Easy to achieve levels, not so easy to get three stars on every level!
  12. Loud ads
    Marcy L
    Good game but the ads are loud and turning off the game sounds don't quiet the ads. Good thing i have a volume control on the tab out this good game would be uninstalled
  13. Marbles
    Wendy Baumgartner
    I Love this game I will play it for hours on my cell phone and my kindle fire.
  14. Mary
    Mary Cutlip
    Dont mind the challenge but three stars on all levels are hard to get.
  15. Okay
    Karuna Gs
    Due to add postings game automically get. Quit, So loosing playing interest
  16. A good way to spend spare time
    Mimzarella Wadsworth
    It's addictive and more challenging than previous versions. Still fun and an easy way to pass time. Go for it.
  17. Marble Legend 2
    Rachael Rice
    Enjoy playing both one and two with several levels.
  18. Michelle Dunn
    To many Ads Can't Start or Play The Game. Something Has Changed!!!!!
  19. Too much crap
    Mark Symmonds
    Spend more time on gameplay I will pay for and less time on stupid ads and popups which make me hate your stupid game.
    Louie Ortega
    The Game Can Be Diceiving... I Love It!


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