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  1. Best Risk Simulator by far
    Ralph Huffman
    Best graphics, Great gameplay like the info screens that keep you informed of key stats. My previous review acussed this game of cheating but it is winable. You just have to up your game. I am buying full version and hope you do the same.
  2. Great
    Thomas Lyons
    Great game. I have played it for years (when it was called drisk). Only problem now is I upgraded phones (Kyocera Rise to LG G2 v980) and probably the fault of the phone (super slippery screen from anti-scratch coating), but I'm hoping a looser "long press" detection could be implemented in general, or at least for this model and others like it. Annoying to tap 20 times or swap deployment increments (I usually use single or hold to deploy all). Only reason I dropped a star.
  3. Great game ruined by cheating
    Brian Rottman
    Constant cheating by the computer ruins this great game. I will control 3 territories and only reinforce with 12 troops, while the computer reinforces with 24 troops, despite holding zero territories, and defeats me. This just happened in the game I was playing after only 5 turns. Until this is fixed, I cannot justify purchasing the full game.
  4. Well....
    Andy Wills
    Tried the free version to see what it's like... It's not bad, general structure is there. However, when you start off you can be pretty much annihilated before you've even had 1 turn which is just awful, I appreciate that sometimes this may occur, however, it can be more regular than you think and there is nothing you can do about it which is a shame but such is the game I suppose. But it can kill the fun not being able to get organised before being wiped out. - Edit : thanks for the response, will try this
  5. not bad
    Dare R.
    pretty good for free version. closely resembles risk in gameplay. drawbacks are only 3 maps to play & ai logic isnt quite right .it doesnt recognize when to take a continent or eliminate a player. die rolling ratios ok but certain territories are sometimes impossible to take despite odds(ex.9/2 ) no online play in free version which is probably best way to play. drisk was a better name.
  6. I understand the frustration now.
    It is really fun up until the end. Just me and one AI left and all of a sudden it is deploying 25 troops to multiple territories all in the same attack. It went from only 3 territories to the entire map. This happened in 3 sperate games. Where I appreciate the developer giving feed back and tips, I would recommend running it and checking it again instead of just blaming the user for not knowing how to play. There might be some validity in these complaints if you have multiple users addressing the same issue
  7. Could Be Better
    Morgan Callero
    Decent enough Risk-like game. The A.I. consistently makes moves that defy logic (for example, not attacking a controlled continent despite facing single army border), which can be particularly irritating when screws up game play. What's worse than that is when the dice get stuck in a pattern of making a user lose rolls every time. I understand that one could theoretically go on a cold steak with dice, but consistently losing 7 on 2 battles and the AI never losing when attacking is BS. Tempted to delete
  8. Do you like games like this? Yes - Good
    Ross Corlies
    If you enjoy games like this then this is for you. I have had this app for a long time and it has been improved through more detailed settings and more maps. The AI isnt bad but even in Skynet mode I win the large majority of games. I crave greater challenge so if this game had a FREE online multiplayer function it would be above and beyond, possibly the next big thing (although this is a niche game).
  9. Great game
    Whoever is complaining about the game have no idea how to play it. Great game easy to play I would definitely buy the full version. FYI computer doesn't cheat.
  10. Best UI I've found so far.
    Cave Forwin
    This GUI is the best looking and easiest to use. Consistently, every other mobile app for Risk has horrible GUI. I'd like to know if the source code for this is anywhere to know for certain that the AI isn't cheating. Finally, there is a popular gameplay mode in which play order is not fixed, called freestyle. During each round, each player can use their one turn whenever they wish, unless they played last last round, even if another is going. Could this be implemented? Maybe with a timed AI?
  11. Best Risk on Android
    Torben Gundtofte-Bruun
    This is the only game ever that I didn't get bored with. It has lived on my phone since I got it, never uninstalled. If you like Risk, this is what you should get. This free version is just fine! No annoying ads, no serious limits to game play.
  12. Fun
    Steve Jones
    Great way to waste 10 minutes. Nice that you respond to problems . Yes change up to options if you don't like how the AI plays.
  13. Great game, but one question
    Douglas Stone jr
    How do you fortify two different countries and is it possible to customize so we can only fortify countries that you border instead of shipping them across the map?
  14. Cheating AI
    Daryl TJF
    How can you Warrant three games in a row where the computer had 5 less men yet when attacking only lost 2 men and beat me on two occasions and lost three on the third? You don't usually win when outnumbered especially three times in a row... Completely ruined the games I was playing
  15. Did not like it
    Austin Brimm
    The AI are to overpowered for example I had 12 go up against a 5 and I lost..this needs to be fixed
  16. Great with a few complaints
    Antoine Kanaan
    Make the AI better, it has 0 cunning in capital mode, and please add more maps to the free version. Otherwise well done
  17. Enemy too stupid
    Joey Lu
    Ai is so stupid that they want to kill you at any cost even their backyard is under attack.
  18. Len Mann
    Fun to play, but some times the dice seem fixed & not very random. Lol
  19. Almost, but terrible
    Don Gemus
    The most promise of all risk clones but still sucks so bad. The AI changed a year ago and is still terrible. 5-10 armies will lose to 1 ALL THE TIME. You can't even switch orientation, one line of code and the Dev can't even fix that.
  20. Great game!
    Emily Wood
    You can play on many different maps and by yourself or with others, you can also choose ai difficulty and other settings such as, fog of war. No ads. Great game


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