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  1. Best Risk on android
    Mike Ross
    By far the best risk clone on Android. Interface is sleek but unobtrusive, with a few styles to choose from. Lots of custom maps and settings for gameplay. Great multiplayer system as well, a must imo in a game where the ai will never outperform a decent player.
  2. Fun app
    Justin Smith
    This is a very fun app to play and it challenges you! There is an issue with the overall stutters of the game. The game likes to jut across the screen without smoothly traveling. Also it would be nice to have some extra maps like the muslim/ottoman turk empire, a world map with more territories in each continent ect. Other than that this is a super entertaining game!
  3. AI desperately needs an update
    Bobby Gaston
    I've been a big supporter of this game for several years now, but it's getting difficult to continue that. The AI is just so terribly poor, and after this long it really should be better. It acts with seemingly no strategy at all. But where it gets really bad is the "automatic" setting for game setups. In my opinion, these games are almost unplayable and don't simulate RISK at all, but unfortunately that's what most players choose. If only "manual" didn't take so long...
  4. Nicely Done!
    Stephen Chernenko
    Best Risk clone I've come across (and I've downloaded a bunch). Tons of customizable gameplay options, great AI variations and over 50 different maps!! Great game, alone or w/friends. For $2, buy the full game, it's top notch. If you wanna see more great games w/quality content, you gotta support the titles that hit the mark, and this one does. Gameplay controls take a few rounds to get used to, but if you grew up on Risk, as I did, you'll get a lot of fun out of Border Siege.
  5. Make the die rolls fair
    Micheal Andersen
    It's a fun game and I would rate it higher, but I just don't think it's that realistic when there is one guy and he can hold off 20. This happens so many times it makes it so it's not even fun at times.
  6. Best risk game so far
    Thomas Botyrius
    Never deviating from the blood curdling warmongering AI's of past, this risk game offers a variety of arenas to play out ones autism. The sounds of bullets ripping through young men enlisted to further the campaign of corrupt pedophilic politicians agendas make one think; why can't there be peace? 9/10 Skynet offers no mercy.
  7. It's ok
    Bryan Drzymalla
    Seems like it could be a great game, but controls are to hard to figure out. Can't seem to get past the attack phase lol... Oh well.
  8. Perfect Formula
    Dean Bowie
    It really is the best strategy game of this style currently out there, simple and streamlined with enough variety and control to ensure endless replayability. If EVER a game was worth purchasing (for Risk fans at least) it would be this one.
  9. Its... Alright I kinda guess. Unstable
    Daniel Tomaszewski
    I'm changing my opinion after about 10 games. All I will say about the dice is that it's somewhat normal to roll 3 x 1's while attacking. I don't care what you say- that's what's happening. Game still freezes my tablet at the end of every match. Controls take a while to get used to, poorly sized buttons. AI is pretty annoying. And after 10 games I feel I've had enough testing. Different maps are cool, but the deploy feature basically dictates who will win right from the opening turn. Its an OK game.
  10. Best multiplayer Risk clone for Android
    Jeremy Bryant
    Active online multiplayer with plenty of options and maps. Clean, functional interface. Reasonably frequent updates by a quality developer who actually cares and isn't just churning out flashy, money-grabbing garbage. What more could you want?
  11. Useless
    mark anderson
    The most basic form of risk you can possibly make. Boring and pointless.
  12. Awesome
    Devin Howard
    This works, hilarious & interesting maps, challenging AI, lots of options. I loved the free version so bought this and it's excellent
  13. Most Compelling Game on Android
    Rehan Malik
    Utterly addictive. Makes boring gym sessions a breeze. Bought paid version so can play with relatives worldwide who are addicted too. One suggestion, may be worth allowing more than one local player on the online version as cousins kids want to join in. Thank you developer
  14. The rolls on the dice are not random
    kellen whetstone
    The rolls on the dice are not random, I had 10 attacking 3 and I lost all me troops and they lost 1. This has been happening all the time, makes the other wise amazing game a wast off time.
  15. Only game I've ever kept
    Mane Fight
    Great game. I've been through several phones and I always re download this one
  16. Would have given 5
    Tad Imler
    The useful updates for this are once a year and the most recent update didn't include new maps attached. Im having difficulty getting the maps i download to load, only about half load. But that being said this is a great game, and it use's minimal resources such as battery, and ram to operate. Very entertaining also.
  17. Risk on my phone
    Erik Pounders
    If you like the board game risk, get this game. I found the computer to be too easy after a little while, which is what makes the online community of players so fantastic. Many setting options for the game. All it needs is a regular tournament and it would be perfect!
  18. Border siege
    Nathan Carlson
    A lot of people are complaining about the AI, but I've found if you have a solid strategy you have a good chance of winning. I consistently play against 5 AI players and win by not getting between opposing players and controlling the essential nodes that control access to continents. The AI will go out of it's way to break up a bonus. Massing armies won't win it for you, you have to think
  19. Love this game...
    Rob Western
    ...and a very helpful developer too! One slight bug with redeeming cards, sometimes won't allow it. Have to save, exit and load it back up to do it. Hope you can fix that for future versions.
  20. Fantastic!
    Geoffrey Scott
    One of the very best board game emulators for android! Many amazing maps, various different options, amazingly customizable.


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