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  1. Iffy
    cameron clark
    I would give more stars but it doesn't give enough apples & it irritates me that they expect you to purchase them so when you don't you have to wait and wait and wait until they regenerate that gets old FAST. It would surely get 5 stars other than that
  2. Marie Washington
    This game would be great for my 3year old except this waiting/resting for a horse to go again SUCKS! I shouldn't have to pay for Apple's just so he can play and I shouldn't have to download stuff to play either he gets because he has to wait to play. You should make it free for real I won't pay and will delete this as soon as he forgets this game.This SUCKS! We shouldn't have to wait hours to race a horse. It says free why do I have to pay for Apple's or download a bunch of crap so my 3 year old won't cry. Will delete as soon as he forgets about it.
  3. Lame Horse
    Miztrezz Melizza
    This would be a 5 star game but, I wish u could purchase apple's, horseshoes & carrots. Not just buy horses & u can only buy 2 at that. Also, the horses use up a lot of coins when u do want to purchase one. Resting Sux!!!
  4. Horse Frenzy
    Diane Price Prevost
    Nice and cool game but you need more items ok apples etc........
  5. Addicted
    jenna Duskey
    It isn't a game for people that need to best everyone in real life, but it passes time, and I enjoy skeeball, and not getting screwed at the fairs!!! I may not bring stupid stuff home when I play, but I still enjoy it!!!
  6. Great game
    Kelly Griffin-Seal
    I love the graphics the sounds and colours it makes it a great game to play. The only thing that lets it down is the lack of apples. Its not a game to pass time as chances are you wont have enough apples to last the time you have to kill. Other than that it is really fun
  7. Anne Tulifau
    Wat do u do wen im going thru my 2nd childhood n ive bin w8n 4 so long 4 sum kind of an update. Theres no more trophies 2 b got n no more levels. Wil give the full 5 stars 4 an update???????
  8. Jeff Egert
    Fun except for the waiting to race. You get to race 3 or 4 times then you have to wait an hour or so till you can race again.Fairly easy game but I still like it.
  9. Keeps crashing.
    Annalisa Hutcheson
    I was enjoying but after every race, I hit Done and it throws me out. Have to reload after every race and it's very annoying.
  10. Horse frenzy
    donna mcfadyen
    Love this game remember playin at fayre as a kid. Keep up these amazing games game circus. Got to level 40 and it freezes pls fix as a great game
  11. Cute fun free
    Tina Ewing-Wilson
    This game is cute, fun and free. It is lots of fun. Check out all the games this company has. I like them all.
  12. Great game
    Amanda Wilkerson
    Very entertaining good for passing time Easy to get hooked Horses are adorable
  13. Daniel Buckley
    I reached level 40 and i keep getting the running hole whenever i toss the ball....guess i beat the game? Level 40?!?! Come on!!! Come out with new horses or able to change the background or something.... Guess i gotta find a new game to play....any suggestions anyone?
  14. No blue ribbon here
    Jennifer Callarman
    Aside from the fact that the 'racing' is the same old thing, race after race, a person can't have more than 2 horses at one time. At the very least, we should be able to build more than that and choose from multiples....sad really from such a positive app provider. Disappointed to say the least.
  15. Hi, my name is ... and I'm an addict.
    Mike Watson
    I've been playing this game for years on an Ipod touch. When I got my tablet, it was the second app I downloaded (first was Coin Dozer). The games are simple but somehow relaxing. Despite the bugs on the Ipod version, I still enjoyed and now that the bugs aren't in the tablet version, I'm having a blast and winning more races. I'm so addicted. I only ask Game Circus LLC for one thing. Please make the other horses cost less, or make winning races worth more money. Even after playing for years, I never had enough money to buy beyond Shinobi. I really don't want to have to play for 5 years+ just to have enough to buy my favorite horses. But, you still get 5 stars.
  16. Samsung tab 2 amazing.
    mark lacey
    Very addictive fun game love it , im never of it, simple to play , would be better if you could buy food with your coins aswel as horse's .but still great game.
  17. Fun....but
    RobertZ Elliott
    Simple and fun to play. Update...was a solid game but now ads are popping up in the middle of a race. Not cool. Down to 3 stars instead of 5.
  18. Addicted
    T and K Contractors
    Love it. Fun and free. It's to bad the horses have to rest. Its a lot like skeeball but with horses brilliant.
  19. ALWAYS LAGS!!!
    Nick Barz
    I used to love playing this game...but recently it doesn't respond to both starting the game and once u get it to finally start, it doesnt respond when i try rolling the ball. SO ANNOYING! and then the game turns off automatically and u can still hear the background music playing without the game even on! PLEASE FIX THIS TERRIBLE LAG ISSUE!
  20. To exciting for me bah haha
    Kelly Ward
    Waiting time is to long nd only reason I'm playing this is because it's part of the coin dozer nd need to pass levels to open other parts of the circus game I'm playing nd other than that I wouldn't be bothered with this game as it's the worse game ever nd is only for a child but even at that it wouldn't keep a child happy for long because of the waiting nd having to pay for carrots nd apples


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