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  1. Dropping the ball...
    Qwixand 56
    Honestly, I love the game - excellent time killer and more in depth than I anticipated, to a point. My only thoughts otherwise are having your multiplier actually have an increasing minimum as you level up - essentially you're not really making any progress where points are concerned, as is.
  2. Slimes appearing EVERY 15 seconds.
    George Hutchins
    A few months ago, slimes spawned every 5 minutes. Great! Now... Slimes are spawning every 15 SECONDS. It has become SO annoying that I practically quit for ages. I came back, oh, the people haven't updated it. So either decrease the amount, remove them all or lose a user to ALL your games.
  3. Paplinko
    Geraint Maybank
    Great game and all that, just seems to fuk you over soon as the slimes come out. And that's every time, not just now and again.
  4. Slime not good:(
    Oliver Dawkins
    Great game veryfing is fine just the slime it takes away my score and mumpylater.
  5. Bad Luck :^|
    Colleen Welch
    I'm not really good because i keep getting in the slime! Its SOO hard for me to get a good aim! HALP!!!! (Btw i am Colleen's daughter so I am not what it looks like in the picture :^| )
  6. Kinda confused
    austin kane
    Iv done hella surveys and downloaded games but iv only got the reward given to me 2/10 times iv gone to my email and confirmed them and it still dosent show? Whatx up with that?
  7. The game is addictive
    Andrew Koupparis
    This game has a great reward system, which means that stars build up quickly, so you don't reach a point where you can't play on without buying anything. I think I will collect games based on this level of gamesmanship from now on. Games loses a star because it is not as good as Hayday. Which I am 100% hooked on. But with Hay day I can play it for so long until the waiting time for things to progress are so lengthy that other games such as this are good to kill that waiting time.
  8. Love it!!!!
    Breanna Vanden Plas
    This game is so addicting and fun! The rewards system is awesome and builds up fast. Any age can play this game, its that easy. The only thing to watch out for is that green or purple slime. The green cuts your score in half and the purple takes away your score multiplier. Once you start playing a few rounds you learn how to avoid the slime.
  9. So-so
    Newton Holloway
    Unrealistic ball bounces and phantom peg contact. Great time waster, just don't get invested!
  10. Monster problem
    whats whats
    I would not say that I am bad at the game. My high score is 6.6 million. However the monsters spawn to much. If they want to have monsters spawn so often they need to have things that combat them spawn just as often if not more often. It frustrating to work really hard to get your score up to 5 million and then have to restart because you had no chance to defeat the monster. Because of this I can not recommended the game. If this changed the game would be super awesome, until then don't waste time.
  11. Haven for scams
    Robert Lee
    They try to give you free balls for signing up for things. And then when you sign up you don't get the balls, but you do get spammed. I'm not surprised that when I sent in a request to get the balls I am owed there was no response...probably due to the heavy influx of complaints. I gave it 2 stars because it is mildly entertaining the same way watching a mesmerizing screen saver can be. It doesn't last too long though.
  12. Awesome
    Harrison Velazquez
    This game is cool but what I hate about it that the slime eats your balls plus takes away points.
  13. Great but...
    David Hammer
    You should really add some more balls because I was cool until I ran out... # more balls
  14. Slime is annoying
    Emiley Gibbs
    I think the slime should go away after a certain amount of balls dropped. Not stay there until you land on it. I mean it literally makes you land on it every time it shows up. It makes you want to land on it when u see it just to get it over with because it won't leave until you do.
  15. A lot of fun
    Sarah Kenney
    This game is easy and easily played. I haven't made progress with points in quite some time, and so I guess I wish there were better goals to really feel like you were going somewhere. But with such goals, it would get more complicated and less fun I suppose. I'm pretty happy with it!
  16. Love it!
    Nicole Swanson
    This is a great game to play! Runs smoothly and no glitches. Only bad thing is running out of balls and waiting for time to past to get more lol. I'm so addicted to this game and play it multiple times throughout my day. I highly recommend it. It's a great way to waste time and you will get so caught up in it that time flies by so fast!
    Rachel Hogya
    This game IS addictive & fun, BUT, you need to be OK with the fact that about every 3 rounds a green monster sits @ the bottom of your board & when you inevitably land on him he eats HALF of your points! To have this happen THAT often is maddening & unfair. I understand you need protagonists in your game, but HALF? Too harsh! That should be changed. It's such a downer that I seriously consider quitting. There's also a purple slimer who wipes out your points multiplier just as often. Also super irritating.
  18. Loved it
    Bere Balderama
    I love this game but the puzzle thing did confused me a little. But aside from that is it fun and easy VERY EASY
  19. Free ball feature SCAM
    Julia Dagaza
    I tried two of the free ball offers. Never got the free balls, but I'm already getting SPAM from it.
  20. paplinko
    Rita Fox
    This game cheats! Still no difference in cheating but it sucks that the changed stuff from older version. Plus I couldn't get back my game at level 100 from old phone to new phone