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张晓晖 | 上海地奇网络科技有限公司 - 市场总监

Yangpu District, Shanghai, China |

郭新涛 | 上海地奇网络科技有限公司 - 市场经理

安徽 合肥 |

董可晨 | 上海地奇网络科技有限公司 — 城市经理

Hefei City, Anhui, China |

丁伟峰 (david ding) | 商务拓展总监 — 上海地奇网络科技有限公司

Zhabei District, Shanghai, China |

Reviews 33,791

  1. Dont like the new update..
    Fazila Razali
    Umm there's no more bleach hero to buy... so sad after the update i cant trade for Byakuya... pls bring it back :(
  2. Addicting
    Jovan Benenoso
    lots of things to do in this game and I love those anime characters and events you gave us... lots of freebies and I never get bored even playing this all night long... Updates are awesome... Keep up the good work...
  3. Not worth wasting time n money on it!
    WenDy Yann
    Hd efun is the most lousiest game wif the most louiest gm n management team! Hd efun system crop up having problem dun even bother at all! All they do is 'Dear, pls b more patience, the problem have bring to related department ' . A game which nv take players feedback n nv try to solve or satisfy the need of their players! Nv ever try on this game at all! Waste time n money only!!
  4. Fix this EFUN
    Kirigaya Kazuto
    When i log-in using facebook...It is force closed..You are always like this...Everytime i rate it and comment..You didnt reply..Youre ignoring the mistake of yours that we are encountering..FB Log-In(Extremege-S5 Wastelands)
  5. Why?
    KuRoSaKiii Ichigo
    After the latest update ... i login succesfully ... but when i enter the server it freezes at loading screen and then crashes :(( pls fix it :((
  6. Log in probs
    Elvin Johnson
    Unlike any other games i played, HD log in duration takes too long. Press this press that, and if ure lucky enough, u got logged in right away. This simple thing got me bored n i am now switched to a new faster-log-in game.
  7. Please fix it
    Richard Mou
    I can log in to the game... But, when it already give me to pick the server... After I click enter... It suddenly boots out from the game... =,=
  8. FC
    Dhava Gautama
    Arrgghh... FC on my Asus Zen4 after update
  9. Good, but.....
    Gilang Satria
    Pls increase the boss encounter at tower event.
  10. Good
    Aji Laa
    if u make easy to get gold ..i will give 5 star
  11. Pls Fix
    Carl Angelo Azarcon
    I have the newest Update but when I will sign in into the game it will freezes and going back to home
  12. Downgrade to 2 star
    Muhammad Raffiq
    The reason: it freaking stupid to put opp high power on the 1st stage of labyrith...
  13. Log in problem
    Ilham Yassar
    After select server then freeze and going back to homescreen
  14. Please fix
    Bagus Panglipur
    it's always freeze and go to the homescreen after I choose the server. It's happened after I updated the latest version. So please fix it
  15. Login Problem
    Adrianto Rifkiadi
    Just starting today, I can't get past the login screen. After i input my account and password, it says "Login Successful" but then i dont enter the loading screen but rather it goes back to the first screen with the company/dev's logo and it just stuck there. Please help with resolving this problem, thanks
  16. Very addictive
    SoneTaengoo Jjang
    S3 (magic forest ) [GL]Kurt wow I can't stop logging in all day and playing whole day!!!!!!
  17. Wont work
    Reise Matthews
    Cant get past the log in screen, says I have slow connection.... Kinna rude if you ask me since everything works on my phone apart from this game
  18. Never bored
    John Reinhart
    Fun game... a lot of things to do... many functions and weekly event! Join s -11 and use my id johnreinhart for freebies
  19. 6★ for the latest update !!!
    llyod jonathan blando
    I loved everything about the game - the graphocs , gameplay and the way the GM's reaches us players !
  20. I cant Login
    kyna diez
    I cant login if it says "Succesfully Login" and it starts loading and then it stops and starts again. Please fix it. Im a very addictive to this game.