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Nil Vereshchagin | CFO at Game Insight

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Anatoly Ropotov | CEO at Game Insight

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Alexander Mustakerski | Deputy CEO on Legal matters, Head of Legal at Game Insight

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Anastasia Afonina | Marketing Manager at Game Insight

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Reviews 2,043,227

  1. But....
    Jennifer Robb
    Do not love that, my cell game doesn't connect to the FB version or my Kindle. Really, if you want us to connect to FB now I'm on 3 different levels. Boooo
  2. One of the best games I've ever played! :-)
    L Oll
    Great game!!! The only thing is that there's a new update and I can't wait to get it, but I go onto play-store a d it sez- "UNINSTALL OR OPEN" No update button! :-( I NEED A RELPY PLZ wait....... should I update or not because people have said that the new update has caused you to lose all of your progress???
  3. fallen angel
    Nooo It erased,my whole work I have to start over from lvl 1 just cause I,got. A new phone? Plzzz fix this I really liked it
  4. Wicked fun game!
    Joshua Turini
    I had previously lowered the rating of this game. I had made it to level 23 and my game reset. The game Admin. Posted a link for me to contact. I sent them a request to restore my game last night and today my game is back to level 23, thank you so much for bringing my game back and taking the time to listen!
  5. Why cant we get switch devices for our games
    Jordan Allen
    Everytime i get a new device i have to start all over again and when youve broken your phone its not only tragic you have to repair it but if it is dead. You have to restart from scratch! This is my 4th and i think last time because i am sick of doing the same stuff over again! Please do something to fix this problem! Please.
  6. Bored
    Kira Stormfire
    Sometimes I get a little bored with it, buuut sometimes when I'm bored its really Quite fun so I could'nt figure out how to rate it so is it okay if just put it in the middle? Oh, and fyi the reason why I always use an uppercase Q is because it just does'nt look right to me when its lowercase.
  7. Disappointed
    Jim Gorcz
    While the game is fun (and free), it keeps resetting itself. I have gotten as far as the 4th island a couple of times, but lose all my progress. I wrote to the company but they were unable to do anything except offer me freebies to keep playing (I turned them down but have kept playing). It sounds like I am not the only one having these issues. Please fix the bugs. UPDATE: Since the review the game has reset 3 times. Update 7/12/2015 - Another reset.
  8. Can't play game on WiFi or my own data
    Heather Taylor
    Ever since the last update for this game I haven't been already to play it online. Having a hard time downloading the other islands cause it freezes when its connected to a network. Please fix this
  9. Note 4
    Maggi yergin
    Love the game but weekend codes never work. Always tells me that its incorrect code. I have done everything they said but still does not work. Wont buy anything else til its fixed. I think yuo all owe me a whole lot of bonuses for each week ive played and wasnt able to use the promo code... please fix. Love the game...I have a new phone. Am starting over. We will see.
  10. Graphic update
    Stephanie Silhouette
    Coming back to this game after a while, I still love it! However the graphic download messed up my game because all my buildings changes into big black squares. Redownloading it now, to see if it does it again. Would be a pity if I had to stop just because some silly update!
  11. Tamara Harper
    I payed for gems and I made sure I didn't use them until I needed them. Just like that they all disappeared in a couple of days and I never tried to use them, 67 gems down to zero. Please give them back.
  12. Fun game
    Neil Dysart
    Graphics are good, town folk cracked me up. My only dislike is that it doesn't seem to sync game progress across devices, but that could easily be on my end too. Love it though.
  13. Why?
    Britanee Casias
    Why Wont It Let Me Download The Assets Needed To Get To The Next Island (Marble Fiord) It Stops At 4% And Says Download Failed So I Click Retry And Same Thing Please Fix This Because I Cant Even Move To The Next Stage
  14. About to uninstall!!!
    So now i have a new phone and i reinstalled this game just to start all over from being on level 56!!?? What happen to all my data being saved and being put back to where i was??? I can't use my hot air balloons to send resources to island to island. Please fix this and I will give a 5 star rating again. I need to move sand so I can move up in levels and complete quests.
  15. Yet another. ..
    Angel Gonzalez
    The G! Creator of this and many other games are the best all their games are fun and addictive no prob with any of then I love all their games
  16. Takes money then game won't download
    Frostine Hamilton
    I do like this game but when asked to update. I did. Then I was stuck at 9%. I also have the game on my other phone. I had just purchased a bunch of gems and have been unable to even open the game. I was going to see if I could transfer them to my new phone but now I can't even open it in this one either. Was a waste of money. Did you set it up to do that? To take people's money and then make it impossible to use them?
  17. Jim Gunn
    Be very careful, send in tickets and the answer is the update will fix it. After four updates, still not fixed, and answer is still that next update will fix it. Well stopped playing until it's fixed.
  18. Piedmont Lands have a big problem
    Michael Lo
    The Piedmont lands' quest where you must repair props to prevent further rockslides is broken. One of the small props you must finish, does not show up, even when you use the Find command. Please fix.
  19. Great game but...
    Pieter Hall
    Second time I've returned to this game. More features which is fantastic but they really need to add a way you can add people without adding Facebook friends. There are serious risks adding random people that play the same game. The alternative is only a handful of friends and no way of finishing certain missions without paying. Such a shame as you don't get the fullest experience.
  20. Addictive
    michele palermo
    Its great for people who like quest oriented games like me. Fun and addictive always have fun playing it I like how they give u gems for free as u leval up wish other games did that like my home story .update: After my new phone I lost my progress and found myself stealing my sisters to play I had no choice but to restart it and love it even more


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