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  1. The game has stopped working
    Owen White
    I would have given this 5 stars but the game loads up spiderman appears and there is no movement controls where there once was. Fix please
  2. Please help me play store
    Terrence Katipa
    I play the game story mode and then it just goes to home screen or it just says this game is unfortunately unavailable. please help I deleted all of my apps just to get some room on my phone for this game so please please help me.If u guys don't tell me why or if I can get a refund.I will report to you and I no that a lot more people are gonna contact play store to report you and then this game will be down.So fix it up gamesoft.
  3. PLZ FIX!
    Mehdi Hosseini
    I got the game and for a few days it was fine, then when i turned it on to play the stick to move with was gone and i couldnt move the camera. Plz fix and then will be 5 stars because i really like this games but that just spoiled my fun
  4. Great game, except...
    Cal Perry
    Whenever I get even somewhat close to the story mission marker (it's the one after following the Lizard to the gigantic skyscraper) my game keeps freezing. It has happened every time. I can free roam and do side missions but I cannot continue or beat the story mission because of this bug. Please fix this issue Gamesloft.
  5. Brooklyn Bridge Mission issue
    sameep anjaria
    I don't know what's wrong with this game. I downloaded it 3 days ago. It runs perfectly. As I have reached the Brooklyn bridge level where spider-man meets the lizard first time, as soon as I complete the chase after lizard the crashes and I have to that mission again again. I have done that mission 4 times and the same thing is happening again and again. Please fix thus issue Gameloft.
  6. It sucks
    tur les
    When ever I use It frezzi my tab and then n no thing works and I have to wait until its dead
  7. Good and Bad Game
    Arsh Gill
    It sucks on web slinging and other controls it is kinda cool but it is not worth six dollars. That is my opinion
  8. Won't work properly on nexus 10
    Maarten Bastet
    The game always crashes right before starting any other mission than the first one and also when getting near to the highest skyscraper
  9. Keeps closing
    Oscar Seaman
    It keeps closing, I am trying to do the end of the lizard mission thing and after a quest it says'spiderman has closed' fix it please
  10. Always crash, when swinging
    gesit ppgcrb
    Dear gameloft, i want refund. My tab is samsung galaxy tab s t705, if i can't refund please give solution. I have uninstall and install it oncemore but its always crash
  11. The graphics are good but
    Pranav Keerthan
    All the graphics were awesome and I loved the game. But I think after the update everything became small. The jump button and the web sling button and the attack button everything became small. After the update I hate it. Please fix this problem and I'll give 5 stars. Please give me a solution to this problem. I need a reply.
  12. Was good once upon a time.
    Derek Banholzer
    Was going great loved the game. But one I got so far the game stops. It says unfortunately it quit working. Then it made me restart the game, so I gave it another shot. And.... it stops working again! Please fix.
  13. WHAT
    Hasnain Shah
    I can cant see the flipping controld what has HAPPENED?!?!?!?
  14. Awesome
    Alberto Hernández
    This game is amazing great graphics awesome gameplay the voice isn't as the movie but other than that it's an amazing game really recomend this to everyone who likes Spiderman!!!!!
  15. This game cost me 6.99 and it is a complete rip off,
    Bryce Williams
    When I downloaded this game I really liked it! It really got my attention and I was hooked! The next thing I know, the game freezes up on and off! Then as I am playing the arrows to move the character disappeared and jow I cannot play the game! My advice to you is to save your money this game is not worth the trouble!
  16. Update killed it.
    Glenn Cagle
    The last updated erased all of my progress and awards. Then this newest update killed the game. I can't move or do anything. All I get to do is look at Spidey. NEW UP DATE: I had to uninstall the game and reinstall it to fix the problem. Game loft never did. But now today the game all of a sudden crashes every time I try and web swing. I remember playing this game for hours and loving it. I also remember when Gameloft used to make the best mobile games too.
  17. Bad voice
    Corn Chip
    The game is awesome but the voice acting is bad, n the game crashes a lot what up with that gameloft fix that n I'll give it 5 stars. Needs a update,!!
  18. A good game...
    Jasmine Jackson
    Its a great game but could you add peter parkers first costume? It used to be on the game but isnt now and could you add some extra missions and a few more suits? And please fix the problem with the disappearing controls its getting on my nerves and im not able to play the game.... :'(
  19. Ok but....
    Lucas Bowers
    Game worked fine to start with, when reloaded spiderman just stands there and cannot be controlled, map etc. can be accessed but no control of spiderman. Reset the save data and game worked, but once relloaded same problem again. Running on SM-T530 android 4.4.2. Will be 5 star if fixed as my son loves playing (when it worked) if not then a waste of a fiver.
  20. The amazing spider man
    Victor Iglesias Ruiz
    Awesome it better than GTA 3 and ganster Vegas best game lve ever played but why using there a fuking demo version


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