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  1. Like it but....
    Josh Cannon
    Issue on Nvidia shield console(android TV). Screen is black during gameplay when trying to use the iron sight for aiming in the campaign mode. Unwilling to play game in current state. Last time I played on the Nexus Player I did not have any issues, so I'm guessing it must be an issue with Nvidia Shield specifically.
  2. Good game. issue on Nvidia shield console
    Isaac Ah-Loe
    On my shield console the screen turns black except for HUD stuff when aiming/zooming. Is this a known issue?
  3. Aaron Gaston
    Unplayable on Nvidia Shield TV due to bug that turns the screen black when using iron sights and quick time events. Please fix.
  4. Earick Bodden
    Not working properly on Nvidia shield android TV. Screen is black during gameplay when trying to aim
  5. Could not be downloaded
    jaden Sims
    I constantly got a error (905) telling me it couldn't be downloaded due to an unknown error. I either want a fix, or my money back asap.
  6. Its awesome...Kinda
    David Cartagena Montes
    Some hackers that made themselves run super fast and stuff but overall its a very Awesome game but do something about those hackers...they run super duper fast
  7. Love the game... But :/
    Carl Nessman
    Every time I die on multiplayer. The app freezes. It... Really is kind of a kill joy. Literally. If I could get some help for this... It would be helpful :o Oh... And gyroscope would be nice for my Nexus 5...
  8. Room for improvement
    Jonathan Quinn
    Only gripe I have is not being able to customize button layouts, other than that it's a pretty cool and flawlessly executed game.Almost forgot I was playing on a phone because of the great story and graphics, but PLEASE UPDATE WITH CUSTOMIZABLE BUTTON LAYOUTS!update: played thru again on my note 4 this time and still no customizeable controls! WTF Gameloft!UPDATE: Still need customization of buttons!I mean come on, really! An FPS and no customizing button layouts, docking a star for that this time around!!
  9. Good
    Brad Thornhill
    Game is great except for that multiplayer has to have wifi. It should be able to run off mobile network also. The cost of weapons should be a little lower. Also take away the nerfing of the ufia. Eliminate some of the recoil on the charb
  10. zero hour
    Paul Moragne
    works awesome on every Android device I have even the low powered ones flawless execution gameloft/havoc..well done!
  11. Wow!!! So the good☺
    Jedidiah Shum
    This the game very nice playing. Got gun to shooting peoples. So nice the graphics too. much impress. Very the good multiplay also. Must download this game!!! Very the fun to the play.
  12. Great game and story
    Joe Noordally
    Enjoying the game so far. My only issue is the slightly clunky controls. Lots of dragging around to move line of sight and then you accidentally fire or throw a grenade. Kill my accuracy score. Oh well
  13. False adversing by Nvidia - No controller support?
    Matt Statham-Lee
    First of all the Nvidia Shield Hub CLEARLY states this game has FULL controller support when in fact it does not.. at all. Secondly to have a game like this with no controller support is just completely and utterly stupid, does Gameloft know what they are doing????... I have already had to obtain a refund for Modern Combat 5 because of their anti-consumer always on DRM and now this? Gameloft need to wake up and think of the customer for once.... my advice is to stay away from anything from Gameloft until they fix their broken CRAP!!!
  14. Much improved lately
    jay baker
    I had previously given this one star but things have improved and THESE GAMES ARE THE BEST GAMES on a phone ... I hate the new console hud on mc5 (if you start with MC5 you won't know the difference so start there) so I hope this game lasts.
  15. Cant join any online
    shaun cary
    Cant join any online games with my gameloft live account but when I sign in with Google plus I find one right away pls fix all my data is on gl account
  16. AWESOME!
    Jakob S
    I say the graphics r better than Modern. Combat 5. This game is funner for kids. It longer. You also don't have to pick your character and gun, muzzle, handle, clip, or scope! You already have it in Modern Combat 4.
  17. Best FPS I've played, a few issues though...
    Dan France-Athayde
    The good - Great gameplay, full control system and HUD customisation, a good variety of challenges and mission styles.. The bad - sometimes a bug with turning, I can only turn 180 degrees, also very short gamw.. It remains better than MC5 though
  18. Excellent way to waste a day
    Kenneth Edwards
    For an app or even a gaming system this game works really well with very few glitches and lags. I play it on my nexus 6 and my nexus 9 tablet
  19. Pretty good
    Jeff rey
    It has PS3 controller support via OTG, although im not sure what imbecile designed the controls for it. Game itself is pretty good, only played the multiplayer for now. Unfortunately, I keep getting put against level 50s, which is kind of hard and frustrating. Some kind of matchmaking/balancing would be appreciated.
  20. Love it
    Jeremy Lagoa
    Best epic game for Android. I have part 5 for my tablet. It is awesome lags a little but worth the money. Technology is so great game console games are now playable for smaller devices. I can't wait for part six in the future. I can play this and never get bored


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