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Jason Gameon | IT Director of Operations EMEA and Americas at Hach Company

Windsor, Colorado |

Jonathan Beckman | Co-founder, EVNTLIVE (acquired by Yahoo!)

San Francisco Bay Area |

Reviews 29,946

  1. Great Game!!!
    debra Phillips
    I thought I wouldn't be able to find a bubble game that I like, out of all the thousands of bubble games out there, but I did when I found BUBBLE BUST! A really great game.
  2. Ripoff!!!
    Terri Taylor
    Why cant i get to the next level?do i seriuosly have to pirchase to move on?if i do i am unisalling.simple as that.
  3. As a fan of Bust-a-Move, this doesn't cut it
    Yalith Centuri
    I am a HUGE fan of Bust-a-Move (the SNES version) and was looking for something like that game for my phone. This game had a high rating and for the first world, it WAS very FUN! However, as things progressed, the various "powerups" and extras started to really detract from the game, being so numerous on the screen that they ended up getting in the way, adding an unnecessary layer of frustration. It's also difficult to judge when a marble will bounce off other marbles and when it will stick. Finally, I really do not like the mechanic of bonus marbles disappearing if you don't get to them fast enough. Again another unnecessary bit of frustration (and probably micro-transaction motivated). Coming from Bust-a-Move, this game was a disappointment.
  4. Trouble
    blessing samuel
    Am enjoying this app at a sudden it refuse to open again up till now it really make me sad (techno M3) phone
  5. Issues
    Chris Luptak
    About a month ago I was happy just playing the game. Then all the sudden will not open. Still not opening all I get is the ok or report button. I have reported it twice and nothing but crickets.... Please fix. Wouldn't mind if I didn't pay for it. The free version is running fine.
  6. Every level needs purchase..
    Derek Marsden
    Can't buy the game. Just levels that get progressively expensive. 89p then more than double for lvl2
  7. Rubbish!!!
    Doreen Obinna
    This game wasn't this way before..I passed through each level with 100% gold without any purchase. I never had to purchase any level but now its totally must purchase a new level...Why? This is not right...The game has lost its value
  8. Good time pass
    Sufi Sayed
    Game is great but graphics are very dull and boring. Please make it more visually attractive
  9. Perfect Game
    Chi Chi Osuagwu
    The controls are great and it is easy to play. I loved it:-)
  10. bubble burst hd
    David Newcombe
    Sometimes when you're trying to shoot it won't fire but the bubbles continue to descend. Very aggravating.
  11. Going back to the all free worlds version
    Rainpebble Waters
    I already finished the game countless times so I figured I would install the newer version but having to pay for the different worlds no thank you.
  12. Freaking Awesome.
    Raykal Gary
    This is one of those games I always re download when I get new phone, tab or whatever
  13. Bubble Boost
    Mohammad Shahjahan Kabir
    It's an awesome game. We can play it offline too.
  14. Bubble bust
    Rob Dolton
    A very addictive game which will waste time in a wonderful way, the graphics are great the power ups and bonuses keep you intreagued as you progress through the levels
  15. Pretty much addicted...
    Barbara Maggiani
    Like the game mostly because I'm addicted to it. "Bubble Shooter" with the squirrel on graphic is a lot better and totally free. Plus you can switch out your shooters. This game gets much much more difficult as it progresses. And yes I have purchased 3 more levels but that cause I'm addicted! LOL
  16. Linda Esau
    Not too bad. I found the bubbles did not always go where you tapped.
  17. Bubble bust
    Dorothy Astbury
    Very addictive, you just have to beat your score.
  18. Epic game
    Jeff Gagnon
    Been waiting for years and it is finally available in the play store. One of the best games when you try and beat scores.
    Cecil Mininger
    It a fun game it keeps your eyes on what u are doing
  20. Challenging enough with out being impossible
    B Ryan
    I d/l this game a couple years ago, and have been playing ever since. It's my go to game when I"m bored, waiting for an appointment or picking up my kids from anywhere. I've purchased the extra levels and enjoy it still. Until I reach gold on all levels, I won't open the next upgrade. The coin levels are almost always've been warned.


What`s new

* Several minor improvements and bug fixes
* Level difficulty optimization
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