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Reviews 218,587

  1. Once beloved game now unplayable
    When the Developers get off their a**es and make this game playable on Android 5, I will gladly change this to a 5 star review. Until then, know ye that this game has been abandoned. UPDATE: The recent update did not fix my problem
  2. Please fix
    Ck Ramcess
    It closes after showing the loading screen.. please fix
  3. it's really Good but...
    Kerl Tee
    I don't know how to control the flying helicopter guy! he just sits there and shot by the archer Cyclops and I need flight instructions.
  4. Won't even allow me to play
    Eduardo Almazan
    0 stars if I could, but unfortunately, like many others, I'm not even able to open the application. It always shows "please remove data converting program". Don't even know what that is :p. Hopefully devs will be able to fix these and many more issues.
  5. Great game
    terrence taylor
    But it keep crashing on me at the title screen. Plz fix and the the fifth star is your s ....Game .vil. Inc. Hold me down (HTC m8)
  6. Decent
    Samuel Gilchrease
    This game is decent, I wish u could upgrade the characters not buy others, I like buying new characters but I wish u could upgrade the character. Also the wizards are WAY TO overpowered...also make us earn more gold... This game still cheats quite a bit but this game is fun
  7. Can't go to next hero
    Angelo Espedido
    I leveled my first hero's to the ninja one when I try to buy the next hero it just force closes it self. My phone is a nexus. Please fix this and I'll give it 5 stars.
  8. Great BUT !
    Bogomil Mitkow
    I downloaded this game before 2 years it was SUPERB massive fun . But now it's all about money in the game they give you less and expecting from y to buy some . The game r not fun anymore a lot surveys and without paying no good progress
  9. Can't play since android 5.0 update
    Nick Geiger
    Not really sure why, but when i try to open up the app it shows the first two screens. After those two though it then attempts to load the loading screen and then once it finally begins to initialize it immediately crashes. I have a nexus 5 and could play it perfectly fine before I updated to android 5.0.
  10. Cool game
    Asael Luna
    Only problem is that it exits out when trying to buy another hero hopefully gamevil will fix this till then ill just rate 4 stars
  11. Boooo!
    Vania Agostinho
    I can't play any of these cartoon war games :( they crash immediately.
  12. Multiplayer/Online update pls.
    Fenady Co
    Can you add multiplayer/online update pls, and then I can choose good or evil side so I can battle the opposite of my side with friends or other people? And own account to save progress. P.S. Love the game
  13. Moving as hero is to difficult.
    Peyton Comer
    Its fun intill you have to play as the hero. Its hard to move him and whem i do he stops running and just stands there. Its really frustrating.
  14. CAN'T PLAY
    Aiden Landis
    Please fix this it won't even let me play right when I open the app it says in quote "sorry, cartoon wars has unfortunately stoped". So please I love the cartoon war franchise and I want to play it so fix as soon as you can thx
  15. Awesome game!!!
    Woo Zong Hua
    Although it was awesome,reason that I did not put 5 stars is that there are some bugs in the heroes menu,I can't scroll to the next hero,and whenever I was successful, my game crashes.I do not think it is because of my phone or its memory,can u guyz check if there is or not.P.S.Can u put multiplayers on future updates,like v.s. other players in heroes n armies
  16. Game is fun but
    Pablo Ls
    The game is cool but im having a problem on the htc one m8 everytime i go to upgrade hero it kicks me out of the app it says it forze closed its starting to get annoying please fix it!!!Also this game is abandoned
  17. Great
    Yovanny Hernandez
    It is a very fun game. However there are a few too many bugs. I can only use one hero because if I try to change it it just crashes, and the earned gold from download doesn't is not given to you. If this was not the issue I would say it deserve a 5 starts
  18. Force Quits
    Peyton Jimenez
    Whenever I open the game, it won't even go past the first loading screen. It shows the Gamevil screen, then it will immediately exit. I've tried uninstalling and re-installing it, but it won't work. I've played the game on an older phone, and would like to play it again. I currently have a Samsung Galaxy s5, please fix this issue!
  19. Bailey Brown
    Ik this is a awesome game but for some reason it keeps crashing on my new phone I click play but then it says cartoon wars 2 is not responding
  20. Stupid and useless
    Bradley Finney
    Can't play game without being online. Haha I can't even think of the logic in something that would make the game not work without it. Haha